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Is your family Captivated? Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2014 #mainstreammedia #hsreviews #mobsociety

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Captivated Movie Review

   In a society where the focus seems to be on all types of media, we as parents have a duty to protect our children from the harmful effects of certain influences from the mainstream.  I know in my house full of teenage boys this is always on my mind and my heart! Especially with one of my boys in public high school and going off to college soon. I do not have as much control over what he is exposed to.
Captivated Movie Review

  I was recently sent a copy of  the Captivated DVD from Media Talk 101. Now I will start off by saying that while this movie is intended for adults( but approved for all ages) I did sit down and watch it the first time through with just my husband and I too see if we wanted to just sit down and talk about it with our boys or to re-watch it as a family with our boys. Our decision was to let the boys watch it for themselves along with us so we could have answers ready if they had questions. I did watch it again all by myself after watching it with my hubby so I could make notes and have answers ready for my kids. My boys were skeptical as they thought we were trying to tell them we were pulling the plug on all media! While I think Captivated the Movie gives an impression of sorts that all mainstream media is bad for you and your family, as with anything you have to make those judgement calls for you and your family for yourselves, I do think there were many valid points made in this movie. Definitely enough to warrant the purchase and time for you and your family to put into. I do think many things in the movie would be a little over younger children's capabilities of grasping. My teens who are 14, 15, and 17 had no problems understanding the message, which we took as Focusing more of our attention to Christ, who should be number 1 in our lives and giving less attention to the media influences of today's society. I know we have been a little lax in that area this past year and this has definitely helped us realize we need to refocus and put stricter limits on what our family is exposed to, and that does not just mean the kids.

   Since watching this movie as a family we have implemented small steps each week to cut down on the amount we spend on media, and being way more choosy when making choices of what we are watching or playing or listening to. Some of this has been easy and others not so much. We just have to keep plugging along until our life is as balanced as we need it to be for us! Each family is unique and not everyone's plan is going to look the same. This is especially true when it comes to the ages of your children. Since my boys are all teenagers our rules for our house are not going to be the same for say my friend Olivia who has a couple teenagers and two little ones as well. Same applies to the fact that my house and Olivia's house will not look the same as my friend Charity that has all younger girls. Like I said you have to decide what is best for your family's unique personality and make up.

   It is definitely helpful to make these changes with the help of influences like the Captivated DVD, but you need to also make only the choices you are comfortable with and for your personal beliefs. You do have to admit even if  you do not think there is a problem in your house with being Captivated by media in today's society it happens without you even knowing it! I was surprised when some of the points in the movie caught me by surprise by me thinking " I did not even realize that could be a problem".  Society today has a knack for creeping into our thoughts and processes without us even knowing it. For instance I do not make a point of listening to much secular music, especially today's Pop! Yet I find myself recognizing more and more music when I am out and about shopping in stores, being at a ball game, or even a movie, and I cannot even remember where I first heard that music. Without even realizing it here I am being exposed to media that I otherwise would feel is unacceptable. Now is that to say you should not go to these places or events because you will be exposed? I do not think so at all, but we need to be more conscientious about letting it seep into our minds and push Christ further from the center of our lives without even realizing it is happening.
Captivated Movie Review

  So be the change you want to see happen in this world and buy the Captivated DVD today for $16.95 (free shipping) to share with your family and learn to be more careful of what you are letting influence not only your children but yourself. You will be glad you did and then buy a copy for a friends and bless their family with putting Christ first. There is also a companion study guide available for $4.95 plus shipping. This would be a useful tool for use in small groups at church or maybe your homeschool co-op. There are also bundle packs with a DVD and Study Guide for $19.95 as well as group packs. So there are options to fit everyone's circumstance.   As always check out the other reviews from the Crew by clicking the banner below.  You can also visit the Social Media Sites for Media Talk 101 by clicking the links below.

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