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Brinkman Adventures Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2014 #hsmommas #missionarywork #christianmedia

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Brinkman Adventures Review

   Are you as worried about the influence of mainstream media on your children as I am? I have been really vigilant about bringing more Christian media into the home, you know wholesome programming the whole family can enjoy together! Whether it be radio, TV, DVD or computer. One of the things we have been enjoying as a family for years is radio dramas. You know the ones like they used to listen in the good ole days. We loved to sit and close our eyes and picture the story taking place as we listen. The ones I bought when we first started homeschooling, even though we love them, the kids have really outgrown them. So imagine my excitement when we were offered the opportunity to review the MP3 version of the Brinkman Adventures, we were sent The Brinkman Adventures Season 2: Episodes 13-24. Here is what was included for our listening enjoyment.

Episodes include:

1. The Mystery Ring

2. Blue Hat & T-Shirt Bible

3. How Big is Your God, part 1

4. How Big is Your God, part 2

5. Mexico by Bus

6. Treehouse Academy

7. Pirates of Mayan Island

8. Sapphire Slaves, part 1

9. Sapphire Slaves, part 2

10. Hadi’s Choice

11. Castle of Secrets

12. On the Run
Brinkman Adventures Review
These stories are set from real life events of the Brinkman Family, on their website you can learn about the actual events that took place that led to the making of these Seasons on CD or MP3. A missionary family with 8 kids, you can imagine the adventures they have endeavored over the years, now we were sent Season 2, and even though each episode flows into the next and builds the adventure, it was not confusing for us to have started with Season 2, although listening to all 12 stories just made us want to hear where the story began in Season 1. I searched high and low at the homeschool convention I attended last week and they did not have any for sale anywhere. I was disappointed as I wanted to surprise my kids when I came home. That was one of the first things they asked me when I got home. "Did you buy the 1st Season of Brinkman Adeventures?" I was sorry to say I hadn't. What this did do was cement the fact that my boys 14,15, and 17 really, truly were enjoying listening to the stories of the missionary family. They were not begging for me to let them play video games, or watch TV they truly were enjoying these engaging, adventure radio shows.

So I will be ordering Season 1 this week and we are waiting anxiously for Season 3 to get completed so we can scoop that up as well. 
One of the things the kids liked the most is that it was not just narrated stories but instead each character being acted out. They were clear broadcasts, so there was nobody asking "What did they say?" It was so enjoyable to sit in the living room at night with the lights down low, a snack in hand and the family gathered to listen. Each episode varies in length but they are roughly about a half hour, in all you get over 5 hrs of listening enjoyment for each Season. We also took them to the car for days when we had errands to run, the boys would choose to sit and the car and listen, I was a little bummed because that meant I was missing out. ( I just went and listened to them later on) They don't need to know that. My son Alyx has a heart to be a missionary so this especially is interesting as he got to hear first hand of some of the work involved and what it is like to take your whole family into the mission fields. 

Listening to these stories not only helped him envision life as a missionary when he gets older, but let them all know and realize that mission work truly begins right in your own neighborhood. I told Alyx that his Little Free Library he built in the Fall, is in essence a form of Mission work. His vision for that was to get Quality books into the hand of everyone, especially children, and those that cannot get to the library at the north end of our city. There are always Christian books mixed in with other quality appropriate books, and that you never know how a book can change someone's life. I want my kids to be givers and doers, whether that is going across the world to do mission work or just helping folks in our community. I think the Brinkman Adventures helped cement that into my kids while listening to their awesome adventures. If you have younger kids there are coloring pages that can be printed off the website as well, and they could color as they listen. While these are suitable for the whole family there are a few episodes that have some content that may not be suitable for children under 10, such as topics of child abuse and miscarriage to name a couple. Please always use your judgement when it comes to your kids sensitivity and maturity. Maybe listen to them before you let the younger kids so that you can have the answers to their questions handy ahead of time. 

Listening to the Brinkman Adventures opened the door to a lot of discussion on many topics in our home and I was so thankful for that. In the days of busy teens we don't get as much time to just sit and openly chat about things. This helped open that conversational doorway. 

If radio adventures, mission stories or adventures are something your family is interested in, please order your copies of Brinkman Adventures, he discs sell for a suggested donation of $25.00 or you can purchase an MP3 download version like the one we received for a suggested donation of $17.00. If you feel led you can give a little more, or if you are hurting in today's tough economy a little bit less. The lord knows your situation and will guide your donation. Pray about it as a family before you make your purchase. Your donations help the Brinkmans continue their Mission Work. 
 As always please follow the Brinkmans on their Social Media sites to keep updated on both their adventures and future releases like Season 3. 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Brinkman-Adventures/152895116079

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