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Motivated Moms to the rescue! TOS Crew Review 2014 #chorecharts #springcleaning #homemanagement

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Motivated Moms Review

 Are you struggling to keep your house in order? Do you need a straightforward chore charting system without all the cuteness? If you answered yes to any of these, then this is the review for you! Motivated Moms is all that and so much more! We have been struggling with finding a chore system that was good for our whole family, my kids have long outgrown the reward systems that go along with chore time we needed something that brought technology with it, the answer? Motivated Moms iOS App (with full year server access) was the answer for us!

Motivated Moms Review

    My family is brimming with visual learners the Motivated Moms iOS App is perfect for us and anyone like us. You can color code the chart, there are so many colors that everyone is sure to get their favorite, which helps us remember. We can easily glance at the list of chores at hand and know which ones are on our list. The App was easily downloaded from the itunes store, and for an affordable price of $1.99, which includes 2 months of server access but you can easily add more time by doing an in App purchase of $.99 a month or $7.99 a year. There are free updates available as they add them like my favorite one of being able to sync all your info from device to device so with a simple login of our family's account my teens can now get the same list that is on the iPad on their own personal iPod Touch. This has been a huge help and personally is one of my biggest beefs with other companies. Being an Apple family we all have a personal Apple device and like myself I have an Iphone as well as the Ipad and I get so frustrated when I have an App on both devices and cannot get the same info on them all. So I was super excited when I saw this added feature. Now if I have the iPad with me and I am not home the kids can not use the excuse that they did not know what they were supposed to do! That earns an A+ in my book right off the bat. This is simple to use that even your youngest family member(well maybe not youngest) but you get the idea and oldest can use it. Kids and technology these days I know 2 yr olds that can use the iPad better than their parents, and on the flip side I know elderly folks in their 80's that use an Ipad with no difficulty. So this truly is for everyone.

    After downloading the App it was quite easy to navigate and get set up. There are many pre-loaded chores already for you to assign or you can easily add in your own. I also loved the fact that you can add detailed info for each chore assigned, such as the steps to get the job done correctly. The fun part was assigning colors to the family, I let them all pick their own, this way it helps them remember. Once you have assigned colors you can then move onto adding those colors to the chores that need to be completed.  You also have the option if you choose to list the daily tasks in groups by people. I found for our family it is just as easy to list them all together and then we can just see our color associated with the tasks.

   There are daily tasks, weekly and all tasks. You can chose how you assign the tasks and how often they need to be done, when you assign them to a person you can pick if it is their job all the time or just a one time deal and you can also decide how often to repeat the list. This way if your family has a set chore list you can just set it and forget it and every morning the appropriate list is ready and waiting. I was so happy to see that it was not just standard chore tasks in the list, there is even an opportunity to add a daily Bible verse for help with Bible Verse Memorization, it is a set verse each day no need for you to have to figure out which verse to learn next. This has helped with our Bible time in our homeschool as well as my personal devotion time with God each morning, I don't know about you but sometimes life gets in the way of my time alone with God and this has helped make sure that does not happen.

  There are other fun tasks such as exercising which is great for Alyx since he is trying to get in better shape for his CAP PT, this is also good for me as it helps keep me on my toes about my weight loss efforts, I even set a reminder to weigh in each week. There are also tasks that would have never occurred to me like changing the furnace filter or taking vitamins and medication. All of these choices make the App all the more valuable to my family and I. When the weather changes for the warmer months I can then unhide tasks such as lawn mowing, weeding and picking up the yard as well as washing the car and picking up after the dogs and even taking the dogs for a walk, the possibilities are truly endless. If you have to do it, add it to the list.

   Then as things are accomplished they can be checked off very easily by just touching the box, this helps as you see your list of tasks get shorter and shorter and it is fun to see who finishes their assigned jobs the quickest. After all the boxes have been checked it is time to kick back and relax.

   The Motivated Moms App can be as easy as you want it or use the customization options as you choose. It is all up to you and how Motivated you want to be. This House Routine can be the answer you have been looking for and with a glance you can get organized and on your way to a happy house once again.

  If you are not an Apple family like us there is now an Android version available as well. If neither of these techy options appeal to you feel free to download one of many printable Ebook options, that can be printed or simply viewed on your computer, these sell for $8 per choice. I honestly do not know what I ever did without this App for our family, it has decreased the stress and also the children's not knowing what needs to be accomplished. Things are running much more smoothly in our home and I am so thankful for that. I highly recommend Motivated Moms and I cannot say enough about it. You really just need to give it a try and see for yourself.

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Motivated Moms Review
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This looks Awesome! I can't wait to try it! Thx for the review!

Karen said...

Looks AWESOME! I can't wait to set it up! Thx for the review!