Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Simple Woman"s Daybook Tuesday February 11,2014 #simplewomansdaybook #mobsociety

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Outside my window... All I see is white, and some dirty SNOW!, This has been the snowiest, coldest winter, breaking record after record and quite frankly I am over it!! The forecast posted a teaser for next week and low and behold the temps for higher 30's and low to mid 40's. I dream of that and hope it was no joke. The only worry now is flooding since we have so much snow piled up everywhere.

I am thinking... I need a break away, life is just a tad overwhelming these days and while it is on the upswing once again, I just need some time to regroup. Do you ever feel that way? Sometimes I feel as if I am the only one. The weather is certainly not helping in that department.

I am thankful... that after having our debit account hacked, everything seems to be straightened out and we got our federal tax return, I am thankful for good friends, and anonymous angels and our New Used Car that is paid for and no car payments and lower insurance. I am thankful for more than I can possible type here but most of all I am thankful for God's unending Grace.

In the kitchen...not much is going on, I do need to desperately grocery shop today, and I am thankful the boys are home to help with that.

I am wearing... My PJS

I am creating...projects for my upcoming classes I am teaching for Spring session at our co-op.

I am going...stir crazy with all this bad weather.

I am wondering...If Spring is coming SOON!

I am reading...My Beloved &My Friend  How to Be Married to Your Best Friend Without Changing Spouses by Hal and Melanie Young
Coming out Valentine's Day 2014

I am hoping... that the warm weather is on it's way, more poor body is not handling the cold weather anymore.

I am looking forward to...Seeing Alyx all dressed up with his date for the Military Ball this coming Saturday.

I am learning... To trust God as he does provide.

Around the house... It is very quiet everyone is still sleeping, I truly love this time of day.

I am pondering... what we are going to do for Nick's Graduation party coming up in June.

A favorite quote for today...
Dreams come big
One of my favorite things... Is watching my kids growing from boys to Men right before my very eyes.

A few plans for the rest of the week: CAP for Alyx tonight, coffee and conversation with some homeschool friends while he is at the meeting, tomorrow Dr. Appts. with Dave in the morning and afternoon and then taking a friend for a test in between the two. Thursday is Co-op and Friday is Valentine's Day, not sure if we have anything planned or not, and Saturday is the Ball for Alyx and his Date Brenda. Taylor is still only able to go out minimally due to all the cold we have been having, he too is longing for Spring so he can get out and live life...

A peek into my day... Morning cuddles with the dogs, Taylor loves curling up with the dogs on the couch.

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