Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Alyx is soaring to new Heights with CAP! #civilairpatrol #mobsociety #proudmommoment

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  As I have shared recently, Alyx joined Civil Air Patrol. He is loving the opportunities and the friends he has made, he has also been working hard and it shows. He officially joined in December and by the end of January had officially promoted to his first rank. They do promotions on the 1st Tuesday of the month, so last week was his special day. The Michigan Wing Commander was at our meeting for a special promotion of one of the cadets, she also earned a milestone award that is earned by only a small percentage of cadets. So because of this he also was there to promote Alyx, this made it extra special. I was so proud to be able to see this achievement and also be there to participate in the ceremony. Alyx was promoted from  Cadet Airman Basic, to Cadet Airman. Here are some of the photos from the special event.

All dressed and ready to go.

                              Removing the old insignias and replacing them with his new rank.

One Proud Mamma.

 The Colonel congratulating him, Alyx looks puzzled because the Colonel put something in his hand. 
                                         Class time with his flight
 Showing off his new grade insignia, he has his first strip and is already working towards his second one.

                                            Here is the challenge coin that the Colonel slapped into his hand when he shook it to congratulate him, it has started a new collecting hobby for sure.

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