Friday, January 31, 2014

Chaos and Life, or should I say Life as We Know It? #mobsociety #chaosandlife #thisismylife

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    I honestly do not know where to begin or even where I have left off! The last few months are nothing but a blur, I feel like I have been on a never ending roller coaster ride that I was hoping would end last year but simply hasn't.

  I will travel back to November, life seemed to be heading in the right direction, we were busy getting ready for Christmas, we were on break from co-op and doing very little school. We then celebrated Nick's 17th Birthday, and then traveled through the beginning of December, the week before Christmas the bottom fell out and Dave ended up back in the hospital for a week, he was not able to be home for Christmas and the whole Holiday was quite depressing. He came home finally on the 27th, we celebrated Christmas with the kids that night, we had opened my parents gifts Christmas eve, as well as the boys handed out their gifts to each other and myself on Christmas, but they chose to wait until Dave was home to get their gifts from us. It was quiet and low key and all in all the week just did not feel like it was really Christmas.

   He was off work a total of 3 weeks, which meant 3 weeks with no money coming in, to say it was hard is putting it mildly. He finally went back to work 3 weeks ago and we just got our 2nd check since this whole thing started but guess what?? We cannot get to the money! Here is where we dip again in this roller coaster we call our life. Things were finally looking up, Dave was feeling better, the kids are doing well and he was back to work. Tuesday I noticed a funny charge on our debit card, someone had gotten gas in Brazil on Monday. I called the bank and they reversed the charges after they posted on Wednesday. Dave got paid yesterday and I went to pay a bill and my card was declined. They had canceled our cards and issued us new ones, even after the lady on the phone said they were not going to do that.

  So we have to wait until the new cards get here before we can get the money and use it to pay our bills, we did have an angel pay our electric bill for us, with the help of her church. I am truly blessed in the midst of our chaos we call life. We have the best friends anyone could ever have and we belong to the most loving and caring homeschool co-op. I have learned to trust in God more over the last couple months as we have been given many opportunities to have to. Now we could have chosen to turn the other direction, but instead we have turned closer to him and I believe this is why we are still going strong even in the midst of our storm. So if you could just pray for our family we would appreciate it.

    Some other things that have been going Alyx is still in CAP and he is doing so well, he is promoting on Tuesday since he passed all his tests with flying colors. I am so proud of him. He also is going to the Military Ball and has even asked a fellow CAP to be his date! Where on Earth has the time gone.

   Taylor is loving his classes in co-op he is taking a Korean Cooking class that he loves and he is also taking Sign Language which he is learning to like. He is starting to make more friends too, which is a Huge step.

Nick is working at Aco still and he is now attending college on Wednesday Nights as well as finishing up his Senior year. It is starting to get exciting and also causing me a little more apprehension as we get closer to Graduation.

  There has been more canceled school for Nick since Christmas than I think he has had the whole time he has been in school and looks to be like there may be more soon. We have had the snowiest and coldest Winter in History.
    I am ready for Spring and camping, I am also looking forward to the GHC in Cincinnati in April and spending a few days with one of my best friends in the world!! We live 4 hours apart and only see other at convention time, so it is something we both look forward to all year long.

  Well I think we have caught up and I am hoping to keep caught up and that life will be settling down, we have picked up some review items from the TOS Crew so look for those soon.

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