Sunday, December 1, 2013

F and G are for FIELD Trips and GROUP Activities... Blogging Through the Alphabet Letters F and G #ABCBlogging #BenandMe

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Blogging Through the Alphabet

   Ok so Big Surprise I fell behind in Ben and Me's Blogging through the Alphabet once again, but I am determined to catch up and stay on track and finish this round. So you all have to keep me accountable I have just elected you my blogging conscience. So in order to catch up I am going to group Letters F and G together. Late October and November were big months for us for Field Trips and Group Activities.
     We ended October with a field trip to see Disney On Ice, it was pretty cool as it was there huge 100th Anniversary Edition and so pretty much a highlight on all things Disney, this is getting to the point where the boys go to appease me and not as much for them anymore, I am pretty safe to say this was probably our last one, at least until I have grandchildren who will actually enjoy it.
   Here are some pics from Disney On Ice.

Then a Short couple weeks later, just after Taylor's 14th Birthday we attended a showing of Ringling Brothers Circus for the first time together, a couple of my boys had seen the circus when they were very young with a field trip while they were in public school. I had not been since I was a child either, so it was fun to all go together, Nick even stayed home to go with us. My Mom went too, it was by far my favorite field trip this far. The theme for this year's Circus was year of the Dragon, this of course had Taylor's full attention. He loves anything to do with China or Japan. It was far more intriguing than I remember as a kid, I cannot wait until next year. 
Here are some pics of the highlights of the Circus.

Then the very next day we had the Awards Banquet for our 4-H club. Even though we are new the boys still were recognized. They each received a ribbon and a button. They also got in the group shot.

We have also added Civil Air Patrol to Alyx's Group Activities. Those pictures are coming soon, he is getting one of the uniforms this week and will be turning in his paperwork to make it official this Tuesday. He is super excited and I am sure you all will get tired of me posting pictures of that. I cannot wait to get his pictures done with him in his uniforms, I remember doing that when he was in Young Marines back in the 5th grade. He has changed so much. 
This year is just full of changes and opportunities and I cannot wait to see where this wild ride takes us. Nicky is turning 17 yrs old this Wednesday, hard to believe Next year at this time he will be in College. This is his last year as a child. It is really Mind Blowing. I am taking every opportunity to enjoy him this year before it is too late. I want to include him in our field trips as much as possible, it has been hard because of the choice we made to keep him in Public School while homeschooling the other boys. I know the rest of this school year will flash by in a blink of an eye. I want to just pause life sometimes. 
I hope you have enjoyed my post about our latest field trips. I will be sure to post Letter H soon so I can get caught back up. Have a great week. 

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