Wednesday, November 13, 2013

E is for Excited,Exhausted and Everything Else.... Blogging Through the Alphabet Letter E... #abcblogging #benandme #hsmommas

Pin It Now!    I love this time of year, there is so much to do but you have so much fun doing it. I just wish sometimes there were a few more hours in the day. You know what I mean?  The Good news relief is on the way. things will be winding down some in time for the Holiday Season. I have just two reviews for the crew due this week and then our Crew year is officially over. I just submitted my application for the New 2014 Crew Year Cruise this past week and should get an answer of whether I am returning or not come January in the next couple of weeks. Can you say Stressful, nerve-wracking, nail biting?? Please pray.... Our Homeschool co-op only has 2 more classes left until January 9th. This semester turned out to be way more work than I had planned, I have enjoyed it but looking forward to the long break. We just submitted our new class selections this past week and the boys were super excited for the new offerings coming their way for Winter Session and I am stepping it up a bit by teaching not one but two classes this coming semester.

   Alyx will be finishing up his last couple days of Driver's Training this week and then we will be off to get his Level 1 Driver's License. OH MY!! Taylor just had his 14th Birthday this past week on Friday and we celebrated by going out to breakfast just him and I with my parents and then went with Alyx to Lunch at Taylor's Favorite Restaurant. Thank GOD! For Groupon. Taylor said he had the best Birthday Ever! And to end the day off right a Peanut Butter Cup Achatz pie... Sinful to say the least.

   Alyx decided he could wait no longer and took advantage of a 55 degree day and put up our Christmas Lights. Good Grief our neighbors must think we are nuts. I drew the line when it came to putting up the giant yard inflatable, he must wait until after Thanksgiving for that.

   Nick has decided to take a couple of College classes come January to gain some college experience and some credits. This sparked interest in Alyx to do the same so we are looking into early college for him as well. Taylor make take an art class at the college as well. Things are about to get a whole lot busier but in a good way. Life is definitely evolving for us and everyday is a new adventure. It is so exciting to see them growing into men and leaving boyhood behind.
   This week we are all going to the Circus on Friday, I have not been in years and the kids have not been since they were in Elementary School as a field trip. We have gone to the Shrine Circus but this is the BIG Ringling Bros. Circus and this year the theme is Dragons, Taylor is giddy with excitement. I will be sure to share pictures as I am certain it is going to be spectacular. We have homeschool friends joining us and we have a total of 14 going together, sure to be a great time.

The next day we are going to our next 4-H meeting which happens to be the yearly banquet, this year's theme is a  Country Western Jamboree. The boys are both nervous since they have not gotten to really know anyone yet and excited to see what it is all about.

   I am exhausted just thinking about all that has been done and needs to be done and what is coming in the future, but it is a fun ride so all I can do is jump on, hold on tight and enjoy it.

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