Wednesday, November 6, 2013

D is for Driver's Training... Blogging Through the Alphabet Letter D #benandme #abcblogging #teendrivers #hsmommas

Pin It Now!    I knew this day would come, but how did it get here so stinkin' soon? As of  last Monday at 5:30 pm I  am the mother of not one but two children driving. Alyx started driver's training Segment I Monday, Nick just finished Segement II 2 weeks ago and is practicing up a storm for his Road Test.  Alyx already went out driving with the teacher the very next morning after just going to class one evening, he has gone twice since then and is going again this afternoon. Nick will be officially allowed to drive on his own, as soon as he takes the road test and passes, which I have every confidence he will do on the first try.  Shudder!! Am I really that old? Good Grief, Some days I feel it and others it seems like I just had 3 toddlers all roaming about. Taylor is eligible to take Driver's training in August, but in this house that does not mean the minute you are age eligible you sign up.

  Nope in this house it is an earned privilege, Maturity is looked at first and foremost, responsibility, and then grades and attitude. At this rate Taylor may be a while. He is a little behind in the maturity area. I have seen him make huge gains this past year so you never know, come next Summer many things could change by then. He turns 14 this coming Friday. Wow we have a lot of changes and things happening around here. My youngest will be 14, and for 3 weeks I will have a 14, 15 and 16 yr olds. Then Nick will turn 17 on Dec. 4, and then it will be 14,15 and 17. We are waiting on College Apps for Nick, and he is currently doing a Senior All Night Party Fundraiser. Alyx is looking to get a Job. Nick is still working. I added a 3rd business to my already chaotic schedule to help pay for all of this. SO not only am I still selling Thirty One Gifts, but in August added Lilla Rose and this week just added Origami Owl.

   People wonder why I never have time to sit and relax.
Here is a photo of Alyx getting ready to go driving Monday.

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