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At Home in Dogwood Mudhole Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2013 #hsreviews #hsbooks #hsmommas

Pin It Now!  We make reading an important part of both our homeschool and family life so I jump at every opportunity to review books we have not read yet. We were recently sent a physical copy of At Home in Dogwood Mudhole from Franklin Sanders from At Home in Dogwood Mudhole, we were particularly excited about this book since it tells the story of a couple, Franklin and Susan Sanders, and their family. Now you may ask why we were so excited to read a story about this family, and what makes them so intriguing? Well the answer for us is really quite simple, they walked out of their comfort zone and into the life of farming, just like we long to do and hope to do sometime in 2014. This book is Volume One and it is called Nothing That Eats. Selling in paperback for $22.95 and e-book format, Kindle, E-pub or PDF for $16.95. Installment Two, Best Thing We Ever Did is out in PDF with Kindle and E-pub coming end of this month. The paperback version in December.
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   This book compiled from personal letters from over 17 years time taken from words Franklin shared with the readers of his newsletter, The Money Changer, readers are drawn into the families adventures of leaving the hub bub of modern city life to their life changing transition with their children and future grandchildren as they embark on life on the farm. One thing they agreed upon from the get go, Nothing That Eats, in other words no animals on their farm. Well that sure changed as they added a barrage of animals to their farm, dogs, chickens, horses, cows, sheep and ducks. Soon this family learns the ins and outs of farm life complete with livestock.

   Franklin writes every month for 17 years to the readers of his newsletter, of the ins and outs of living the simple life, and how God has his hands on their lives every step of the way. A true testament of a family's faith and as the years roll by their children bring their spouses and move right in and then the grandchildren come to Dogwood Mudhole and they all live the farm life together. They learn that farm life is not easy or for the faint of heart but it is honest work and it pays more than cash. Good Humor along with Scripture and a strong family bond holds this bunch together and through the ups and downs they keep God in the center of their family.

   I am a southern girl though and through, with family in the heart of Texas, I always feel at home there. My boys too, they would move in a heartbeat. We however will settle for a few acres a little north of where we are now. First will come our chickens, nothing beats farm fresh eggs, I am sure we will get a horse or two and only God knows what else we will add to our little farm. Reading this book gave my family and myself a glimpse into what our future may hold. The good, the bad and the ugly, but also showed us with Faith in God all will go according to his plan. My children especially loved the evenings when we would sit down and read the next couple chapters. We really truly got to know the Sanders Family and to experience their lives from the accounts of Franklins letters. I truly enjoy books where you feel immersed in the story, and feel as if you are living the life of the "characters" in the book. This is one of those books. I feel as if I have know the Sanders family for decades and cannot wait to read more. We will definitely be ordering the next book. I feel a family Christmas gift in the works.

    This has helped our family get a better understanding of what moving to the country and starting our own farm truly entails. Has it made us change our minds, definitely not, because we share the same Faith in our God that the Sanders Family has. We will be better prepared mentally after reading the trilogy of the At Home in Dogwood Mudhole books, and cannot thank Franklin Sanders and his family for sharing their story with us. One thing is for sure it has me longing for the simple life even more now than ever before. Conversations around the dinner table have been circling around the chapters we read the night before and the anticipation of the ones we are going to read that evening. It took us about 10 days to read the book based on a few chapters each night. If reading it on my own I could have easily gotten through it in about 4-5 days but I wanted this to be a family experience and wanted to take it a few chapters at a time so it would leave opportunities for discussion. There are some parts in the books that may upset the younger readers of your house, like discussions of animals dying and their burials. You always have to use your judgement when it comes to your kids. This book I feel is highly appropriate for Middle Schoolers and up to adults without question. Younger kids you would need to use your discretion.

    If you and/or your family like to read and you like to read true life stories, about the simple life of farming, whether you hope to become farmers yourself, or maybe already are, or simply enjoy a good Faith driven book of wholesome stories of a close knit family then this book should go to the top of your list of books to buy. This makes a wonderful family read aloud, making for dynamic family conversations. This has opened up some new dialogue around our family table and we are looking forward to the next book and then the next after that. Join Franklin Sanders and his family as they embark and continue on their farming adventure you will learn to love them as much as we do and get to know them as if they have been friends forever.

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