Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Simple Woman's Daybook November 26th 2013 #simplewomansdaybook #hsmommas

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Outside my window... it is cloudy and cold, I am afraid Winter is here early and here to stay.

I am thinking...of all the things that need to be done before Thanksgiving Thursday.

I am thankful...For all of my blessings in my life, there are truly too many to count.

In the kitchen...Nothing is happening at the moment but dinner will be prepped soon.

I am wearing...my PJs still.

I am creating...a new craft area. Alyx is working on my craft supplies cabinet and I am weeding through all of my supplies to downsize and get organized.

I am going...to have coffee tonight with a TOS Crewmate that lives close by while Alyx is at his CAP meeting. It is funny how we both are on the crew and did not know we lived so close until just a few days ago. I am excited.

I am wondering...where this year has gone too. I cannot believe January is creeping up so quickly.

I am reading...nothing in particular

I am hoping...Nickalas makes a definite decision on his future soon, prayers appreciated.

I am looking forward to... getting the house all decked out for Christmas

I am learning.... to take time for myself and to say NO to others when my plate is full and I am feeling overhwelmed.

Around the house...there is 31 Gifts orders waiting to be picked up.

I am pondering...what to get the boys for Christmas this year. I am pretty proud of myself as I have checked many people off my list this year already, and have picked up 1 or 2 items for each of the boys, I still need to get them each a clothing article and their big gift, and a few more stocking stuffers. 

A favorite quote for today...“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” 
― Albert Einstein

One of my favorite things...is celebrating the holidays with family and friends.

A few plans for the rest of the week:CAP tonight, tomorrow taking a friend to the DR., Thursday Dinner at my parents, Friday Shopping, Shopping, Shopping, Saturday crafting with a friend and Sunday a whole lotta nothing. It is after all the day of Rest. 

A peek into my day... We have a new driver in the house, that makes 2 out of 3. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

New Project in the works

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We are working on a new craft cabinet to help organize all of our craft supplies, there are so many....
We found this cabinet at Salvation Army for $21. It is a well built piece, Alyx is going to add some shelves and I'm going to add some baskets and bins to keep everything organized. It is going to be awesome when it's all done. Alyx is a little upset that I wanted him to paint real wood but I want yo keep it bright since it's in the basement. Plus you can still see the wood grain through the paint. I will be sure to post pictures when it's all done.  

Thursday, November 14, 2013

At Home in Dogwood Mudhole Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2013 #hsreviews #hsbooks #hsmommas

Pin It Now!  We make reading an important part of both our homeschool and family life so I jump at every opportunity to review books we have not read yet. We were recently sent a physical copy of At Home in Dogwood Mudhole from Franklin Sanders from At Home in Dogwood Mudhole, we were particularly excited about this book since it tells the story of a couple, Franklin and Susan Sanders, and their family. Now you may ask why we were so excited to read a story about this family, and what makes them so intriguing? Well the answer for us is really quite simple, they walked out of their comfort zone and into the life of farming, just like we long to do and hope to do sometime in 2014. This book is Volume One and it is called Nothing That Eats. Selling in paperback for $22.95 and e-book format, Kindle, E-pub or PDF for $16.95. Installment Two, Best Thing We Ever Did is out in PDF with Kindle and E-pub coming end of this month. The paperback version in December.
 photo athomeindogwoodmudhole_zps737c60fa.jpg
   This book compiled from personal letters from over 17 years time taken from words Franklin shared with the readers of his newsletter, The Money Changer, readers are drawn into the families adventures of leaving the hub bub of modern city life to their life changing transition with their children and future grandchildren as they embark on life on the farm. One thing they agreed upon from the get go, Nothing That Eats, in other words no animals on their farm. Well that sure changed as they added a barrage of animals to their farm, dogs, chickens, horses, cows, sheep and ducks. Soon this family learns the ins and outs of farm life complete with livestock.

   Franklin writes every month for 17 years to the readers of his newsletter, of the ins and outs of living the simple life, and how God has his hands on their lives every step of the way. A true testament of a family's faith and as the years roll by their children bring their spouses and move right in and then the grandchildren come to Dogwood Mudhole and they all live the farm life together. They learn that farm life is not easy or for the faint of heart but it is honest work and it pays more than cash. Good Humor along with Scripture and a strong family bond holds this bunch together and through the ups and downs they keep God in the center of their family.

   I am a southern girl though and through, with family in the heart of Texas, I always feel at home there. My boys too, they would move in a heartbeat. We however will settle for a few acres a little north of where we are now. First will come our chickens, nothing beats farm fresh eggs, I am sure we will get a horse or two and only God knows what else we will add to our little farm. Reading this book gave my family and myself a glimpse into what our future may hold. The good, the bad and the ugly, but also showed us with Faith in God all will go according to his plan. My children especially loved the evenings when we would sit down and read the next couple chapters. We really truly got to know the Sanders Family and to experience their lives from the accounts of Franklins letters. I truly enjoy books where you feel immersed in the story, and feel as if you are living the life of the "characters" in the book. This is one of those books. I feel as if I have know the Sanders family for decades and cannot wait to read more. We will definitely be ordering the next book. I feel a family Christmas gift in the works.

    This has helped our family get a better understanding of what moving to the country and starting our own farm truly entails. Has it made us change our minds, definitely not, because we share the same Faith in our God that the Sanders Family has. We will be better prepared mentally after reading the trilogy of the At Home in Dogwood Mudhole books, and cannot thank Franklin Sanders and his family for sharing their story with us. One thing is for sure it has me longing for the simple life even more now than ever before. Conversations around the dinner table have been circling around the chapters we read the night before and the anticipation of the ones we are going to read that evening. It took us about 10 days to read the book based on a few chapters each night. If reading it on my own I could have easily gotten through it in about 4-5 days but I wanted this to be a family experience and wanted to take it a few chapters at a time so it would leave opportunities for discussion. There are some parts in the books that may upset the younger readers of your house, like discussions of animals dying and their burials. You always have to use your judgement when it comes to your kids. This book I feel is highly appropriate for Middle Schoolers and up to adults without question. Younger kids you would need to use your discretion.

    If you and/or your family like to read and you like to read true life stories, about the simple life of farming, whether you hope to become farmers yourself, or maybe already are, or simply enjoy a good Faith driven book of wholesome stories of a close knit family then this book should go to the top of your list of books to buy. This makes a wonderful family read aloud, making for dynamic family conversations. This has opened up some new dialogue around our family table and we are looking forward to the next book and then the next after that. Join Franklin Sanders and his family as they embark and continue on their farming adventure you will learn to love them as much as we do and get to know them as if they have been friends forever.

 photo Franklin_Deal-300x451_zpsb3f59745.jpg
Please click the banner below to read all of the crew reviews of At Home in Dogwood Mudhole.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

E is for Excited,Exhausted and Everything Else.... Blogging Through the Alphabet Letter E... #abcblogging #benandme #hsmommas

Pin It Now!    I love this time of year, there is so much to do but you have so much fun doing it. I just wish sometimes there were a few more hours in the day. You know what I mean?  The Good news relief is on the way. things will be winding down some in time for the Holiday Season. I have just two reviews for the crew due this week and then our Crew year is officially over. I just submitted my application for the New 2014 Crew Year Cruise this past week and should get an answer of whether I am returning or not come January in the next couple of weeks. Can you say Stressful, nerve-wracking, nail biting?? Please pray.... Our Homeschool co-op only has 2 more classes left until January 9th. This semester turned out to be way more work than I had planned, I have enjoyed it but looking forward to the long break. We just submitted our new class selections this past week and the boys were super excited for the new offerings coming their way for Winter Session and I am stepping it up a bit by teaching not one but two classes this coming semester.

   Alyx will be finishing up his last couple days of Driver's Training this week and then we will be off to get his Level 1 Driver's License. OH MY!! Taylor just had his 14th Birthday this past week on Friday and we celebrated by going out to breakfast just him and I with my parents and then went with Alyx to Lunch at Taylor's Favorite Restaurant. Thank GOD! For Groupon. Taylor said he had the best Birthday Ever! And to end the day off right a Peanut Butter Cup Achatz pie... Sinful to say the least.

   Alyx decided he could wait no longer and took advantage of a 55 degree day and put up our Christmas Lights. Good Grief our neighbors must think we are nuts. I drew the line when it came to putting up the giant yard inflatable, he must wait until after Thanksgiving for that.

   Nick has decided to take a couple of College classes come January to gain some college experience and some credits. This sparked interest in Alyx to do the same so we are looking into early college for him as well. Taylor make take an art class at the college as well. Things are about to get a whole lot busier but in a good way. Life is definitely evolving for us and everyday is a new adventure. It is so exciting to see them growing into men and leaving boyhood behind.
   This week we are all going to the Circus on Friday, I have not been in years and the kids have not been since they were in Elementary School as a field trip. We have gone to the Shrine Circus but this is the BIG Ringling Bros. Circus and this year the theme is Dragons, Taylor is giddy with excitement. I will be sure to share pictures as I am certain it is going to be spectacular. We have homeschool friends joining us and we have a total of 14 going together, sure to be a great time.

The next day we are going to our next 4-H meeting which happens to be the yearly banquet, this year's theme is a  Country Western Jamboree. The boys are both nervous since they have not gotten to really know anyone yet and excited to see what it is all about.

   I am exhausted just thinking about all that has been done and needs to be done and what is coming in the future, but it is a fun ride so all I can do is jump on, hold on tight and enjoy it.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics from Apologia Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2013 #hsreviews #hsmommas #hsscience

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 What is the favorite subject in your homeschool?? For my boys it is hands down Science! There is one company that seems to stand out to us for homeschool Science curriculum and that company is Apologia Educational Ministries. We have been blessed to review most of their homeschool Science curriculum and this time it is Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics. How many ways can you spell FUN?
 photo chemistry2_zpsf5580e2f.png

     We received the Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics  text book ($39.00)and also the Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics Notebooking Journal. ($24.00). One of the things I love about Apologia and their curriculum is that there are only two main components to purchase. A notebooking journal for each child and a textbook.  Most of the lab supplies are common household items that you probably already have or are rather inexpensive and easy to obtain. This makes Science time less stressful for both the students and the homeschool teacher. 
 photo notebookingjournal_zpsaa83790f.png

   It is important for us to teach Science from a Creation standpoint and Apologia never lets us down in that respect. I can trust everything that is in those books to be God's truth. Apologia's Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics is recommended for ages k-6 but, I feel it is appropriate for older students like my boys who are in 9th and 10th, who struggle with writing. There is also a Junior notebooking journal for students who have not yet mastered writing.($24.00)
 photo juniornotebookingjournal_zpsa179a078.png

The standout point for Apologia is that the text is written so that it can be taught to multiple age students at the same time, they just need the appropriate notebooking journal. The parents can dive right into the experiments and labs with the children and have good interactive learning. Then the students can work on the notebooking journal on their own if they are age and ability ready, this is the case with my boys. We covered labs and experiments on topics such as simple machines, molecules, atoms and electricity as well as many more. The boys favorite experiment was studying the surface tension and also making lava lamps. There were other experiments that stood out too like where we used eggs to study buoyancy. Any excuse to play with our food, ranks high in my boys books. Now we did not do every single experiment in the Try This sections of the books, but we did do the majority of them.

I love how colorful and beautiful all of the pictures are in the text book, truly showing God's amazing creatures and their beauty. I enjoy going through the book as much as my boys, if not more. After we completed each lesson and Try This that corresponds with it, my boys had to do the matching lessons in the notebooking journals. Here there is reinforcement on  what they had learned in the book and lab and also vocabulary lessons, reviews and quizzes and activities like a flap book. My boys particularly like the set up of Apologia's Science as there is a wonderful balance between hands on and writing and other activities, there is a quite a bit of reading but we take turns reading so as not to wear out one person. We take breaks in the reading by doing the hands on activities and this helps break the monotony. 

My boys never seem to complain when it comes to Science and I owe that to Apologia. Truthful, Godly Science instruction with hands on family fun. Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics is the newest offerings from Apologia but they have so many more options like, zoology, Astronomy and Botany as well as Anatomy and Physiology. I know I will be using the Astronomy to get information for my upcoming class I am teaching for our homeschool co-op that is for 4-6th graders. You can engage even the lax student into engaging in hands on learning fun with Science with any of the Apologia curriculum. I will admit Science is not my personal favorite subject, when I was young I dreaded Science class, but as the mom of all boys I had to quickly change my tune when it came to Science as low and behold that is their favorite. Law of average I would say. I found out quickly that even I who detested the thoughts of Science class could quickly overcome that with the help of Apologia. Now I find myself looking forward to Science class just as much as my boys. I love learning right along with them. I no longer cringe at the thought of learning and teaching Science. Thanks Apologia. I owe you one. 

I am looking forward to purchasing some of the Jr. High and Sr. High Apologia Science for the upcoming Semester and for next Fall as well. There really is something for everyone. You can also check out all the crew reviews by clicking the banner below. Our crew year is coming to an end but be on the lookout for more reviews starting up in January. 

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

IXL.COM Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2013 #hsreviews #hsmommas

Pin It Now! IXL Logo photo ixllogofixed.png
   Do you have more than one child that you homeschool? Does a child in your homeschool struggle with Math or strive to work harder with small, fun, positive reinforcements? If you have answered yes to any of these questions then this may be the review for you. Schoolhouse Review Crew members were given a one year subscription for a parent and up to 3 children for IXL.COM. This is an online Math membership program that is a great subsidy to any core Math curriculum. IXL  is designed to offer state standards and common core aligned math practice skills for grades K-12  and comes packed full of practice drills and gives positive reinforcement to children with virtual rewards that you can print out and save for your child. They have also added an online Language Arts membership for grades 2-4th grades and additional grades coming soon. A subscription to IXL is $9.95 for math only, $9.95 for language arts only, or $15.95 a month for both. If you purchase a yearly subscription it is $79.00 for either math or language arts, and $129.00 a year for both subjects. Each additional child is only $2 per month, or $20 per year.

         Taylor has always struggled with Math, while Math comes somewhat easy to his older siblings. We are always changing things up for Taylor to keep him motivated and so he does not get bored. I think this is why he struggled more with Math in public school, everything was always the same. Changing things for him has helped tremendously. We have found his core Math curriculum that is working and I always say if it is not broke don't fix it. However we are always looking for add on programs to help with drills and memorization. Taylor has trouble conquering core concepts and we need to be constantly working on keeping the facts fresh in his mind but at the same time we try to keep it light and fun. IXL.COM does just that with fun graphics and virtual rewards that I can print out and put in Taylor's portfolio. He just beams with pride when given small rewards for his efforts and a program that can aid in making learning stress free and fun earns an A+ in my book.

 photo 280956_362445090496975_1685320066_o_zpse8620420.jpg

 I love that even during the Summer Taylor can take learning on the go with his laptop and keep refreshed in Math without boring book work. There are even iPad apps for IXL now. So you can definitely make learning as portable as possible. We school somewhat year round but from May to September we try to keep it light after all it is Summer vacation. Programs like IXL are just the kind of Math that helps build on concepts that the kids learn with their core curriculum. Most kids who do not practice their Math throughout the Summer lose much of what they learned throughout the previous school year. This is why most teachers have to spend the beginning of every school year refreshing and the kids relearning. The option is to take the time to set aside some learning during the Summer. This is also a great time to introduce something new like IXL and carry it on through the school year as your child is already familiar with it. This is what we plan to do as we continue through this school year and into next Summer.

  We started with 8th grade Math for Taylor and hope to bring him closer to grade level by the Middle of the school year. He is an 9th grader this Fall, but in Math he is still only an 8th grader in some areas and beginning 9th grade in others, such as Algebra I IXL.COM feels out where your child is and once the student masters that area it slowly increases the difficulty and moves on. Taylor found this way of learning helpful as he was not rushed through and did not feel as though he was behind. He enjoyed getting his virtual rewards and I was pleased with being able to log on and see at any point how his progress was improving and with weekly emails I felt I was always in the know with how he was doing.
   Alyx is blessed to have Math come pretty easy to him and as a 10th grader is working at or above grade level in his Math. I was pleased to see that IXL had stepped up their programming to reach into 12th grade, where they used to stop at Algebra they now include Geometry and Algebra II. This made it enjoyable for Alyx not to work below his capabilities but to push himself a little farther. He likes to be challenged opposite of Taylor who likes it as stressfree as possible. Alyx is not as hard to motivate so the things that Taylor likes about IXL do not really impress Alyx. He however does like how he can move through the system at his own pace and his work continual gets harder as he masters sections. This is motivation enough for him. IXL is working to being Pre Calculus to their Online Math Membership and Alyx was pretty impressed with that, as was I.

   So you see IXL is great for students on all skill levels whether they need to drill the skills their core curriculum has taught them or if they want to push themselves to learn more there is something for every skill level.

 IXL makes it easy to be in the know at all times for both the student and the parent by always keeping up with the progress of the student. I also thought that not having to pinpoint ahead of time the level that your child is on and being able to try out all levels to find the prefect fit for them. Most companies make you pick the level upon signing up and IXL does not do that all levels Pre-K through 12th are available to you at all times. You can chose 2 different subscription options at sign up. You can pay by the month, for instance if you just want to use it for the Summer as a refresher course or a whole year, like we received.  While we are using the higher Middle School areas and beginning High School and Algebra of IXL many of the crew members have kids at all different levels, be sure to check out their reviews to see what they thought and how they used IXL in their homeschool.
  Check out the Schoolhouse Review Crew's reviews of IXL by clicking on the banner below...
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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

(not so)Wordless Wednesday A Homemade Gift for a Baby Shower #mustachecrazy #minibragbook #notso #wordlesswednesday

Pin It Now! I made this over the weekend while I was away on a craft retreat. Isn't it too stinkin cute. My cousin and  his wife are expecting a baby boy this coming February. His whole room is themed around Mustaches. I found this too cute paper and embellishments at Hobby Lobby and could not resist. I am only showing the cover as to not blow the hole surprise. I am sticking it in with the rest of their gift from my Mom and I and we will be shipping it off to Texas for their special day. Wish we could be there with them. :(

D is for Driver's Training... Blogging Through the Alphabet Letter D #benandme #abcblogging #teendrivers #hsmommas

Pin It Now!    I knew this day would come, but how did it get here so stinkin' soon? As of  last Monday at 5:30 pm I  am the mother of not one but two children driving. Alyx started driver's training Segment I Monday, Nick just finished Segement II 2 weeks ago and is practicing up a storm for his Road Test.  Alyx already went out driving with the teacher the very next morning after just going to class one evening, he has gone twice since then and is going again this afternoon. Nick will be officially allowed to drive on his own, as soon as he takes the road test and passes, which I have every confidence he will do on the first try.  Shudder!! Am I really that old? Good Grief, Some days I feel it and others it seems like I just had 3 toddlers all roaming about. Taylor is eligible to take Driver's training in August, but in this house that does not mean the minute you are age eligible you sign up.

  Nope in this house it is an earned privilege, Maturity is looked at first and foremost, responsibility, and then grades and attitude. At this rate Taylor may be a while. He is a little behind in the maturity area. I have seen him make huge gains this past year so you never know, come next Summer many things could change by then. He turns 14 this coming Friday. Wow we have a lot of changes and things happening around here. My youngest will be 14, and for 3 weeks I will have a 14, 15 and 16 yr olds. Then Nick will turn 17 on Dec. 4, and then it will be 14,15 and 17. We are waiting on College Apps for Nick, and he is currently doing a Senior All Night Party Fundraiser. Alyx is looking to get a Job. Nick is still working. I added a 3rd business to my already chaotic schedule to help pay for all of this. SO not only am I still selling Thirty One Gifts, but in August added Lilla Rose and this week just added Origami Owl.

   People wonder why I never have time to sit and relax.
Here is a photo of Alyx getting ready to go driving Monday.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Rosie"s Doll Clothes Patterns Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2013 #hsreviews #learntosew #hsmommas

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 photo rosies2_zpse8168139.jpg

     Do you have daughters or even sons that want to learn to sew? How about yourself? I know I taught myself to sew, so I am pretty basic when it comes to what I can do, nothing fancy but I yearn to learn more. I want to teach my future (hoping and praying) granddaughters in years to come how to make their own doll clothes and other fun things. I have tons of projects pinned to Pinterest but really needed more teaching and training. Alyx has shown an interest to learn as well, as he wants to be able to sew his own car upholstery down the road. So I was super excited to be chosen to review Rosie's Doll Clothes Patterns and her online Learn How to Make Doll Clothes Video Course with 8 Free Doll Clothes Patterns

   I was excited for this for many reasons, and for the opportunities it would open up for myself and my family. First off I Alyx and I have been searching for a craft we can make and sell at our outdoor craft fair that is held each month during the Spring to Fall at our campground. Something we could afford to buy supplies for and make up enough ahead of time without breaking the bank. Secondly I have been wanting to get a couple 18" Dolls to use on my display tables for my Hair Jewelry business to showcase some of the hair clips in different styles, and I would love to make them clothes to match my display table for the different seasons.  Lastly and in my book the most important I want to be able to make doll clothes for my grandchildren(praying for future granddaughters) and then when they get old enough teach them to make their own. It is never too early to start preparing.

    So what do you get when you order the Learn How to Make Doll Clothes Video Course with 8 Free Doll Clothes Patterns...
 photo doll-collage-large_zpscbbc4c2d.jpg

The Course has just over 130 videos that take you through everything you will need to know about sewing doll clothes.  The course is designed to give you everything you need, including Cool Tips and Troubleshooting videos.

The patterns available are the 8 free patterns in the menu below.  They are:

Sport Shorts
Crop Top
Halter Top
Summer Nightie

All come with PDF pattern pieces and basic written instructions and step by step videos on how to make the outfits as well.

   You get all of the above for the price of $47.23 USD, Now the standard pricing is in AUD so the price fluctuates a but from time to time based on current currency exchange rates. You can choose to get them all at once or to get one course and bonus pattern every 6 weeks so as not to get overwhelmed. These are geared to those 8 and up, some may need more help and supervision than others, you are the only one that can decide what your child's levels are. You can then go back and view them again anytime in the year you have access.  There is also a special going on Now through December 24th, 2013 Rosie is offering an additional pattern free with her online tutorials or DVD tutorials, so that gives you a total of 9 patterns, and each pattern comes with additional step by step tutorials for you to make the perfect doll clothes. Now when you purchase the Online Video Course that gives you access to all of the videos for 1 year, as well as the PDF files for the patterns listed above. You can also order the DVD version which gives you a lifetime of watching them over and over and passing them down. I am seriously considering this as I would like to have them for down the road. You know for those Granddaughters I pray for. The DVD set is 3 complete DVD's and they run currently $66.14 so not much more in price to have them forever.

 photo Rosies_zpsc853bd7c.jpg

   Wouldn't this make a fantastic Christmas or Birthday gift for that crafty girl in your life, or how about yourself. Think of all of the possibilities, and if you are anything like me, imagine hitting those clearance tables at the local fabric store, and how much you can get for $1 and how many little clothing articles you could get out of a yard. I had so much fun going through my stack of fabric scraps and am excited to make some clothes and get my dolls for my upcoming Holiday open house. I will be sure to post some pictures when I get them all done. My first attempts were not the greatest, so I am a wee bit embarrassed to share, but it is not the fault of the tutorials at all, they very easy to follow and the volume and teaching are very well done.  I am just bad at following patterns, which is why I am such a basic seamstress. I am enjoying them however as they are very easy to print (there are step by step instructions for printing the patterns as well as assembling them to get started, and if you have done patterns before you will have no problems, or if you are good at following directions. I am not sure if it is because my house is so chaotic but I have a terrible time concentrating sometimes. I am hoping over the Holiday Break coming up I will have more time to "play" and create some adorable clothes to give as Christmas gifts to my nieces. The possibilities truly are endless as the fabric choices are adorable that are out on the market. Way cuter than anything you could buy premade in the stores and think of how much those outfits cost, Oh MY Word... So you will save money, have fun, and learn something too.
  Who is Rosie?

Hi, I’m Rosanne…but all my friends call me Rosie.  I’m a stay-at-home mom and have been sewing since I was 8 or 9 years old (I can’t quite remember as it was a long time ago).

    There are other patterns you can purchase as well as the ones you get for free, I am leaning into purchasing the Winter Clothing Bundle for $15.24 USD and it comes with some fun fur trimmed outfits. It is getting chilly here and I think they would look amazing on my display table. There are many other money saving bundles available as well. These additional patterns would be perfect when your daughter accomplishes the whole course and would serve as a wonderful reward and keep her motivated to learn more. Maybe you and your daughter could start a little craft business as well. Selling to friends and family and maybe even setting up a little online shop. What a wonderful way to bring in some extra money all while having a bonding time learning and creating together. If you need more convincing click on the banner below and read all of the other crew reviews, but if you have heard enough and are ready to buy head over to Rosie's Doll Clothes Patterns website and purchase your videos and patterns and begin your sewing adventures today.

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