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VocabularySpellingCity Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2013 #hsmommas #hsreviews #homeschoolspelling

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     Are you looking to make your life a little easier when it comes to curriculum choices? I have the review for you! VocabularySpellingCity Premium Membership is my favorite spelling curriculum. I was fortunate enough to review it last year and feel blessed to have gotten the opportunity yet again this year. Before reviewing this program I used to have to spend hours coming up with activities for the kids to complete to accomplish our subject of Spelling and Vocabulary and even daily writing assignments to help build confidence in writing sentences and paragraphs.  Since using VocabularySpellingCity it is as easy as finding the words I want my kids to study that week and then assigning them activities that they will need to complete for the week.

          English has to be my kids least favorite subject and I find that hard because it is one of my favorites. We have ongoing battles when it is time to sit down and do anything related to English, this means grammar, vocabulary and spelling among other things. I was pleased to find an online program that puts some fun into these tasks that just have to be tackled. We were given a one year premium homeschool subscription to VocabularySpellingCity.com, this allows me to add up to 5 homeschooled children for only $29.99 a year. The subscription comes with so many benefits, it really surprised me, I was thinking it was just for spelling but offers so much more.
The benefits include...

   Premium Membership
With so many free uses, you probably wonder:
Why pay for Premium?
Individual Student Logins
Student assignments,
records for each student useful for IEPs & transcripts,
no paperwork saves time!
Premium Learning Activities
Engagement in learning
No Advertisements
No distractions
Grouping Students
& Lists
Simplified differentiated instruction

    Like I said it is not just spelling, this program uses fun and games to teach parts of speech, synonyms and antonyms, definitions and vocabulary as well as handwriting practice. We are using this to help build our writing skills as well. With the added benefit of sentence and paragraph writing this is a multi use curriculum. There are printable worksheets, tests and also interactive flashcards.  Before using VoacbularySpellingCity my kids would complain that their spelling work was boring and redundant.  My kids were dreading that part of school for this upcoming school year, because our subscription had expired from last year,  but now they are excited to be able to use this program again this year. They enjoy completing their work.This year is even better than last year because they each now have their own laptops for their online work and research. So now they can sit down together and accomplish their work at the same time.

    To prevent "cheating" since they often have majority of their words the same I assign them different tasks so they have to work independently.  They each have their favorite game, for Taylor it is speedy speller and for Alyx  it is word-o-rama. There is something for everyone with this program as it is geared for three different age ranges, elementary, middle school and high school so basically is works for all students K-12.  I love programs that I can use with all of my kids no matter what stage we are in school. Last year we were working on Middle School and High School for some subjects like Spelling and Math so their words were different for each of them. Now that the boys are both in High School many of their words are the same but I do add some words in their for their own individual grade levels.
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     Using VocabularySpellingCity makes it easy for me to customize it in a flash. I do not spend hours like I used to in order to prepare for their Spelling and Grammar assignments. This has been a tremendous help saving me both time and energy to spend elsewhere. It also gives the boys another chance to work independently and to complete assignments on their own time. If they finish it all the first day then they are done for the week. They can choose to work at their own pace as long as the assignments and tests are completed by the due date that I set up in the account. They each then login in to their student accounts and look for their assignments for the week. On Sunday nights I just make sure it is all set up for them to login in on Mondays. I can login to the teacher account and see what they have accomplished at any given time. It is easy peasy for all of us.
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     For $29.99 a year I feel that this program is a well rounded value and this will definitely be our mainstay curriculum for Spelling, Vocabulary and Grammar until the boys graduate. I am so glad to have found a program that took some weight off my shoulders and gives me a little less prep work, Now all I have to do is come up with the spelling lists click a few choices and set due dates and away we go. A New feature that was added since we used it last year is the ability to take our learning on the go with the new iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch App, Android and Kindle Apps. If has to do with technology my kids are all about that. In the car, in the Doctor's office, it doesn't matter where the kids can login and keep on learning even when away from home. They are Free Apps so no extra cost involved. I love that, my favorite phrase is "If it's Free, it's for Me!"
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Here is a video that shows you more information on the premium membership features.

  Just because we use it like I described above,  you can use it however fits best with your homeschool. That is the best thing about homeschooling, the freedom to do things the ways that work best for our family. What works best for us may not work good for you. Many programs like VocabularySpellingCity are adaptable to help fit everyone's style of homeschooling.  So if you want to learn more then head over to the Schoolhouse Review Crew's Reviews by clicking on the banner below or if you are on the fence try their basic edition for Free or if you are ready to join spelling city and get all the benefits of a premium membership you can click on this link and get signed up so you are all ready for your first day of school, don't delay sign up today.


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