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GOD'S WORLD NEWS Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2013 #hsmommas #hsreviews #christiankidsnews

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      I want my children to be kept up on today's current events and top news stories, but the way it is portrayed in the mainstream media turns me off. I do not enjoy watching the news or reading the newspaper because all that is highlighted is the bad news. So when I was offered the opportunity to review GOD'S WORLD NEWS I was intrigued. World News from a Christian perspective? This may be just what I was looking for. I was able to pick the level I wanted for the boys, I naturally chose the High School version called Trak.

   We received a one year subscription, this is 10 magazine style "newspapers", they send one each month except for December and May. You also gain access to their online site, World Community which has up to date news stories written from a Biblical standpoint just as the monthly print version, but there is so much more. There are additional activities and games, as well as I could get the answer keys for the different editions of the God's World News. I also loved that I gained access to their adults version simply called World Magazine. This one year subscription runs $28 and is the same price for any age version. They also offer a discount for multiple subscriptions sent to the same house. So if you have kids in different age brackets you could order the subscriptions that are appropriate for each. This way you are not overwhelming your younger kids or boring your older kids trying to buy one level for the whole house. For me this was not an issue as I now have all High School students in our homeschool.

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In the Trak editions topics covered are economics,religious stories, current events, important people, and technology. All written with a Biblical approach so you know it is safe for your students to read without you having to sensor it all before they get their hands on it. There are editorials and fun things too, comics, and activities to keep them engaged. All of the articles are written to appeal to the young adult, they are not childish or goofy. They are however perfect in length to keep all levels of readers engaged. My boys loved the fact that we could go online and check in with more up to date news. Especially during the Government shutdown. 

Our goal is to begin our homeschool family newspaper, to publish articles about current events and about our daily life of homeschooling so that our friends and family can keep up with what is going on in our lives. I thought this was a great way for my kids to get some ideas to start getting in the mindset of being reporters for our own newspaper. I let them each read through the month's magazine and also surf the website for anything new in newsland that caught their eye. Then they had to write an "article" about what they learned from reading the God's World News. This helped them get ready to be journalists. How to write an effective news article, investigate the facts and improve their writing mechanics all while enjoying what they were writing about.  The students are encouraged to also write to the editor in response to the news articles and editorials. I loved this, and it lends itself perfectly with our Write with World curriculum.

I was excited when I was informed we would also be getting a print version of World News, the adult news magazine I mentioned above. I myself like to be kept apprised of current events but I do not like the way the mainstream media spins their stories. So instead I just choose to stay somewhat oblivious. With World News I can now be kept updated but with a Biblical approach. I find myself logging in every morning to see what is up around the world without worrying that I am going to be offended or misguided. I find this a refreshing opportunity to stay up on the latest happenings in my world. 

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I truly wish I had know about this when my kids were younger, I feel they would have benefited from it greatly. Some say homeschool kids  are sheltered I just choose to look at it as being selective on what our kids are exposed to. It is our right as parents to be selective. It is our responsibility to guide them in the right direction, God's Direction! I want my kids to be knowledgeable about what is happening in today's society but I wan them to know about it with the right perspective.  

I look forward to reading the articles with my children each month when the print version comes to our mailbox, in between we can keep up with the World by logging in each day and seeing what is new. My boys are now more excited than ever to begin our very own newspaper after the upcoming holidays. Alyx is even thinking of starting his own blog, where he will report Biblical  based news on a weekly basis. I love how my kids are now interested in the news, but how I can have comfort in knowing I do not have to sensor what they are reading about the news. This has given them many ideas on how they want to format and present our own newspaper. Taylor says there definitely needs to have comics. Alyx wants to write the editorials and has hopes that people will write a Letter to the Editor(him) so that he can answer them back in the following print. I love to see my kids get excited about learning and this has helped do just that.  We also enjoy listening to their weekly podcast online, it is called  The World and Everything in it...  Listen as a family, I am sure you will like it as much as we do. 
  If you want your kids to get interested in today's News, but want to be certain it is safe content then be sure to head over to God's World News today and order your subscription for just $28, choose Trak for your High School kids or one of the other levels for your younger kids. Be sure to check out World Magazine for yourself and hubby as well. You cannot have informed kids without informed parents. Be sure to login to their online World as soon as you get your login information, it truly opened up a whole new world for us as I am sure it will do the same for your family as well. Be sure to click on the banner below to read all of the crew's reviews, we all got to pick the level of God's World News that fit for our family, so if you have younger kids you will definitely want to hear from the crew that reviewed the level perfect for your family. 


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