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George Washington: True Patriot Book and Study Guide from YWAM Publishing Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2013 #hsreviews #hsmommas

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When I get the opportunity to incorporate add on curriculum into our studies we are already working on I get so excited. Probably way more excited than my kids, but they like anything to do with History. So when we were offered an e-book from YWAM Publishing about George Washington: True Patriot it could not have fit more perfectly with our American History studies we are working on this year. 
Geared for kids 10 and up we not only received the Kindle version of the book George Washington:True Patriot but we were also sent the pdf file George Washington: Unit Study Curriculum Guide for us to not only read the book but dive deeper and learn more by completing the unit study. 

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My boys being in 9th and 10th grade did well with this and it was not too young at all. They both enjoy anything to do with History and although their favorite past president is Abraham Lincoln, George Washington is a close second. The book is 224 pages and is available in the Kindle version like we received, and there is also a nook version and an audio book version as well. Any of these can be purchased for $6.99. This book can be used as a family read aloud or as an independent read for older children or proficient readers. My boys each read the book independently, they took turns and they read it pretty quickly. It took each of them about a week to read the book from cover to cover. Once they finished the book we moved onto the unit study and they worked on that at the same time. 

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The unit study is 64 pages in total, and came to me in a 2 part download. This unit study is designed to add thematic elements and learning tools to what the reader has already soaked up from the book. For my boys they seem to retain so much more from a book when we complete an accompanying unit study. For them they need to see what they are learning and not just words on a book. For them to be able to read and answer questions on paper and then be able to flip back through the answers to refresh their memory.

  This particular unit study includes...
•Chapter questions/Key quotes 
•Student explorations 
•Community links 
•Social studies 
•Related themes 
•Culminating event 
•Books & resources 

  This unit study is very thorough, and took my boys 2 weeks working 3-4 days per week. We printed them out and 3-hole punched them and put them into a pocket folder. They now can flip through them and use it to help study for our tests and quizzes that pertain to the Era of George Washington in our American History studies.

  The book of George Washington: True Patriot and the correlating unit study take you through the life of George Washington, even in his early years of being a child and giving his mother much angst and causing havoc and being strong willed. Then you continue on through his journey of life when he was a young Militant soldier, and then on through the rest of this life as he served as President of the United States. You not only study History with this book and Unit Study but you touch on Geography, Government and even Science. This book and unit study kept my boys engaged and they had a hard time putting the book down until they could finish it.

  YWAM not only offers George Washington:True Patriot but a whole series of Heroes in History, such figures as Abraham Lincoln, and William Penn along with several others. I know I will be ordering the Abraham Lincoln one soon. They even have a 5 book gift set. This would make a wonderful Christmas gift for the upcoming Holiday season.

    In Closing, YWAM offers comprehensive Unit Studies to go along with books that are written in true detail with a Christian tone. There is no worry about content in the books, although there is nothing sugar coated, all details are portrayed both good and bad. This is perfect for kids ages 10 and up and goes along well with American History or just as a unit study stand alone. It is worth every penny and I love that it is available in several formats, we enjoy using technology in our homeschool, and welcome any opportunity to use our Kindle or iPad(which has a Kindle app as well). So head on over to purchase your copy of George Washington: True Patriot and the matching unit study, George Washington: Unit Study Curriculum Guide. As always you can check out the rest of the crew reviews by clicking on the banner below.

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