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C is for College Bound... Blogging Through the Alphabet Letter C #benandme #hsmommas #abcblogging #mybabyisgoingtocollege

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Blogging Through the Alphabet

 Well better late than never, today is the last day to link up for the Letter C in Marcy over at Ben and Me's Blogging Through the Alphabet weekly link up.

  Why has it taken me so long to get this one linked up? Multiple reasons  excuses. My aunt has been in since last Saturday from Texas, it was a last minute visit and while it has been fun, it of course through us off our routine, flexible as it is. We visited her and the rest of the family last year and this year she came to us. Taylor and I have been sick part of this week, so much so that we missed our co-op this week. This crazy weather is not helping with our Allergies, Asthma and Sinuses. Last but not least, the topic I chose initially turned into a short book, and I finally scrapped it and started on this one, although it is no easier to write.

   Nick, my first born baby boy.... He will be turning 17 in just about 6 weeks. My oh My I can hardly believe it. What is even more hard to swallow? The fact that we are anxiously awaiting the answers to all of the College Applications he submitted a few weeks ago, there was a hiccup, as his school never sent the transcripts. Or their answer they ALL got lost. Seriously just another nail in the coffin of that School. I count the days until he is finished there(really I am not a hater of schools in general just his) that is a whole other post, I am sure when I get to a letter I am stuck on I will find a way to write it in. Anyway, we should be hearing from some of them anytime. The one he is really hoping for, I am almost certain he will get it in, it is about 3 hours away ;(

    I try to imagine life in this house without him, he is the constant voice of reason. He sticks up for what he believes in, even if I feel he is wrong. He is dependable and hard working. He is hardly ever home now, between school and work, and friends but at least I know at the end of the night he will be here, sleeping in his bed. I will miss those nights when I hear noises in the kitchen in the wee hours and I head down my stairs to find him cooking his 4th meal of the day, or it is the 5th or 6th. Man can that boy eat and stay skinny as a rail.

    Nick was honored with some of his classmates at an assembly the other day for his test scores on the ACT. I am so proud of all the hard work he puts into school and I know it will soon pay off. He wants to go to College to get his degree in Social Work or Psychology, he is undecided so far which. Maybe both. He is an over achiever after all.

   It all has really gotten me thinking lately. How he came to be in this world, if God had chosen another course for us? Would Nick be Nick? We lost a baby at 17 weeks right after we got married. If we had not lost that baby, Nick would not have come when he did. Would he then be Alyx? Do you see where this is going? Nick was also a twin, we did not know this until he was born, the other baby did not make it past several weeks into the pregnancy. What would it have been like if he had not been the only first born? God sure does have a plan. I cannot imagine my life without him, or any of my boys for that fact.

   I cannot picture him off at college. Not yet anyway. I know he is not into the party scene, thank God for that. He says he wants to room in a single dorm room, I would never had thought that, he is very social. He may change his mind,we shall see.

   I hope he comes home to visit often. My heart aches just thinking about not being able to wrap my arms around him and squeeze him. Or to hear his laughter or music blaring. I then think what will happen after college, will he meet a girl while at school that will steal his heart and make him want to settle down. Will he not return home to live and venture out onto his own. Will he move close by us or farther away. I am so not good at dealing with all of life's uncertainties. One thing I know for sure is... God has a PLAN! I might not know it yet, but he already knows where life is going to lead my son. He has big things in store for him this I know for sure. I am excited to see what lays ahead for all of my boys,  but with Nickalas being the first to set off on this adventure it is going to be both a learning curve for him and training for my heart as his Mother. In 4 years my home has the potential to become very empty... I am both excited and apprehensive at the thought. I look forward to the future but also find myself wanting to slow or stop time, I want to savor every minute I have with them before they set forth in this world to become adults themselves.

  As I find myself rushing to the mailbox each day both filled with excitement and dread wondering if those acceptance letters will be there. I often find myself filled with worry that it may not be the answer he is hoping and praying for. How would I tell my son this heartbreaking news. All I know is I will tell him it is all Part of God's Plan. I will be sure to update as soon as those answers come in. I am hoping it is soon as my plan is to order the family sweatshirts from the college he chooses for Christmas. I will be sure to post the family pic as that will be our announcement photo. In the meantime will you pray with us that all goes well  and in the way Nick hopes it to, and also that we accept any outcome as God's Plan for Nick, even if it is not what we hoped it to be.

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