Monday, October 14, 2013

B is for Bitten By the Book Bug...Blogging Through the Alphabet Letter B #abcblogging #benandme #hsmommas #littlefreelibrary

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Blogging Through the Alphabet

  The boys and I found something neat while surfing the web one day... Little Free Library. We had the opportunity to visit a couple while we were away on our last camping trip last week and that was all it took, Alyx wanted to build one and for us to have our very own Little Free Library.
These are the LFL we visited up at camp...
  My boys love books and want to share that passion with children and adults alike in our neighborhood. So all day Friday and all day and evening Saturday and again Sunday morning Alyx worked and worked, he borrowed tools from his friend Eric, we gathered books, some from our own book shelves  and some that were donated by friends. He is continuing to ask for donations of books so we can be sure to keep the library stocked. He is hoping to spread the news and hoping and praying to see other LFL pop up in our city. Right now we are the first but his hope is not to remain the only. We contacted our local Patch news and are praying they will help spread the news of the our new project. We have had a ton of interest the last couple days as we finished it up, right out front of our house.


  Now all we can do is sit and pray for people to come and accept this new little library. Many people have stopped and looked out their car window and read the signs but so far nobody has attempted to open the door.... I think he may need to camp out there this afternoon when school lets out to engage people and show them what it is all about. This could prove to be very interesting. I hope it catches on soon or Alyx will be heartbroken...

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Anonymous said...

What an excellent idea!!! I pray you get lots of donations, what a great way to encourage reading. I frequent the salvation army on Gratiot at 15 Mile and they have books 5 for $1, my next visit I will be picking up a few and dropping them off for you.

North Laurel said...

That is SO AWESOME!! I want to make one now! I'm sharing this with my kiddos- they love reading and sharing (well, the first part more than the second lol).

Anonymous said...

Ohh how cool!!! I love the idea and that your kids were so into starting their own!!

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

I'm just missing where / how we find you??