Saturday, October 5, 2013

A is for Adventures Beginning...Blogging Through the Alphabet Letter A #abcblogging #benandme #hsmommas

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                                            Blogging Through the Alphabet

   Well I am finally getting my life organized from the Lazy Days of Summer and I am feeling excited to join in Marcy's fun from over at her Blog Ben and Me. Marcy hosts a cool blog hop called Blogging through the Alphabet. Each week we blog the next letter, today is the first day of the new round, so of course we are starting with the letter A. I am blogging today about my Adventurous Boys. It is never to late to join in the alphabet blogging fun, but it is a perfect time to join in this week, since she is starting all over from A to Z.

   It has been exciting to watch the boys new interests and new adventures begin this year. Sometimes I feel as though they are leaving me in their dust. We will begin with Nick, turning 17 in a couple short months, he is taking his last segment of Driver's Training in a week or so and is saving up for a car. He has begun his Senior year of High School and has been busily completing College applications and is anxiously awaiting his first response. He received a letter from one of his top contenders letting him know he should expect a decision in 2-3 weeks. I am not sure I am ready for this at all. He skipped Homecoming to attend a concert that had 4 bands he listens to all at the same concert. He even paid for it with his own money from his job. Yes he hasa job, he has been working for a couple months now at ACO. He likes having his own money, as do I. I felt bad having to tell him many times there was no extra money to give him to go do things with his friends. Now he can do at his will and I he appreciates things so much more. He recently went to the Mall to purchase an Vinyl record he wanted and he did not have to ask me, he just got to go and get it. I am sure he feels refreshed just to get things he wants without feeling guilty about asking me for money.

       Next is Alyx, he is continuing to work on cars with Eric, but he too is joining the driving world soon, EGADS!! 2 of my boys driving, I cannot possibly be old enough to be the Mom of two drivers. Gone are the days of the Little Tykes Cozy Coupe now we are driving real gas guzzling vehicles. Alyx starts Segment 1 on the 28th of this Month. He is so excited. He too is starting to think about saving up for a car, he wants to find one to work on though, he wants to have the pride to say he restored an ugly piece of junk into a beautiful automobile. I have faith that he will accomplish that. Alyx is a Sophomore this year and is leaning towards going to the Hot Rod Institute in North Dakota... I am definitely not ready to think of any of my boys flying that far away from the nest. It makes my heart hurt, truly.

    Taylor is a Freshmen this year, my last baby is now a High Schooler like his older brothers, making me the mother of 3 High School boys. Me oh My!!
He is starting a Minecraft class for Homeschoolers in a couple weeks. He is very excited. Who knew you could learn so much playing video games. Certainly not I. He is really blossoming into a Young man and has lost all signs of my little boy that he seemed to be just a few short months ago.

   Both Alyx and Taylor have joined 4-H this year as well. This is a new adventure for all of us. I think we are going to like it a lot, we attended our first meeting a couple weeks ago. Alyx signed up for Rabbits and Shooting Sports, we will get to talking about that in a minute. Taylor signed up for Art and Shooting Sports. Do you see where this is headed??

   For as long as I can remember I would not even allow the boys to have play guns, now I am talking about purchasing .22 Rifles, really? Me?? I have put some BB guns in layaway for Christmas and guess what I even got myself one, a pink one of course. The boys keep reminding me how I never allowed them to have guns. Yep keep reminding me and I just may change my mind. Shooting sports starts in December with Archery. Taylor already had a Bow from when we went to Texas last year, but Alyx is getting to use my Dad's Compound Bow. He is super excited to get started but we need to get it restrung.

   We have recently been on the hunt for .22 ammo and let me tell you it has been an adventure in itself. There is a major shortage. We finally scored a box of 525 a couple days ago after days of driving around and calling around. I am seriously going to start stock piling this stuff. My Dad took Alyx to the DNR gun range last week, Alyx had so much fun and he cannot wait to go again. He had not shot a real gun in years, since he was a Young Marine. He did pretty well, even got a couple of Bulls-eyes.

   The boys are going to join a sportsmen club, they are so excited, they have junior memberships for $25 and they have shooting clubs and Archery clubs for their age groups. with competitions and just for practice shooting. They are also going to be taking their Hunter's Safety Class soon. They want to go hunting next year, anyone want to volunteer to take them?? That is where I draw the line. Dead animals and I are not used in the same sentence. YUCK!!

      So as you can tell this year is shaping up to be full of many new adventures and hobbies. I will be sure to update you all on Nick's College journey as he starts to get answers back from the colleges he has applied to, the hardest part there is making the final decision as he likes them all for different reasons.

    I am planning another road trip next year after Nick leaves for School. Hoping it will take all of our minds off of missing him. It is definitely going to be a huge adjustment. I don't know who it will affect most, but I can say I am definitely not looking forward to it.

   Until Next week when we move along to Blogging the letter B.... Join in the fun by clicking the graphic at the top of this post.

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Diana Bartch said...

3 high school boys? I can't even imagine! Sounds like you are going to have a busy and adventure-filled year!

Marcy Crabtree said...

3 boys in high school and yet, you're still just a baby :)

soounds like your house truly is full of adventure.

of to google "pink bb gun" cause I think I might need one of those!

thanks for linking up with me!

Amy S said...

Beautiful Blog!!!! :) and Good luck on new adventures!

Susan Evans said...

It sounds like your boys are really busy living their lives to the fullest!

Tara Mitchell said...

Sounds like big adventures for your family this year! How exciting!

Stacie said...

3 High School boys all at one time. Hats off to you! My oldest is a senior in high school. He had two classes to finish and has to take a state test and he is finished. He also had a job and has saved up for his first car. I think your right they appreciate things more when they can buy it themselves. It also teaches them responsibility of saving. I did 4H with my boys. We did dairy for 2 years. Definitely a adventure for us city folk. I had to chuckle at the pink BB gun. My daughter wants a pink bb gun. Obviously at this point she is not old enough. Good Luck in your new adventures.