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A Bible just for Homeschool Moms like me! from Zondervan Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2013 #biblestudy #hsmommas #hsreviews

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   I have been really enjoying reading the Bible everyday over the last few months, but I really wanted to get a special Bible that was truly just for me. One that reflected my personality and more of who I am. So when the review opportunity presented itself for the chance to receive the Homeschool Mom's Bible (NIV) from Zondervan, I knew it was an answer to my prayers.

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First thing I noticed and it may not be important to some, but was that it is vibrantly colored, the book jacket is fun and inviting and a bonus, it has lots of pink, the cover of the actual Bible is identical to the jacket.  I truly think this was a GOD thing, I had been praying for a Bible for just me and this has my name written all over it. Now whether you want just a Bible or you want a topic Bible such as this one is for Homeschool Moms, this Bible has it all. It is a harcovered Bible, with the dust jacket like I stated above, 1507 numbered pages and a few pages in the back that are note pages, now if you are like me, I have a hard time writing in actual books, so I purchased a pink journal for me to take notes in at the dollar store. 

The Beginning of the Bible has a Table of Contents, then there is the Alphabetical list of Books of the Bible. The Foreward was written by Vickie Farris, who is also the Author of A Mom Like You. She is also the wife of HSLDA Founder, Dr. Michael Farris. So needless to say she is surrounded by all things homeschooling. She is also and foremost the Homeschooling Mom of ten children. She talks of how difficult it is for us Homeschool Mom's to get uninterrupted time with God's word each day, but that it is important to make the time to do so. Her words rang so true in my head. 
The Devotions throughout the book are written by veteran Homeschool Mom of 4 Janet Tatman, after 25 years of homeschooling shewent to work as a copywriter for Alpha Omega Publication's Homeschool Division. She focused on writing the Daily Focus. you can also get the Daily Focus as a year-long print devotional as well as by email or e-book or as part of this Homeschool Mom's Bible. 

Within the Homeschool Mom's Bible there are parts of the Bible and a daily Devotional that are dated. For me this was helpful and I kept track of what day I was on by checking the dates, because I received this not in the beginning of the year I flipped to where the date was that I wanted to start it, for me this was September 4th, the starting day my oldest went to School for his Senior year in public school, we did not officially begin our school year until the following Monday but I did not want to wait to start reading. This just means I will read through until the end and then flip back to the beginning to finish. I just use a book mark or page flag to keep my place. The only thing missing from this book is some sort of movable page marker, whether it be a ribbon or what not to help keep your place, but it doesn't make me love the Bible any less that is for sure. Just a minor inconvenience. One of my favorite aspects of this Bible was the Topical Index found in the back of the book, this helped find devotionals throughout the book based on topics or keywords.  When feeling defeated in my lack of OOMPH to start school this year I came across the School Spirit Devotional while flipping through the book, funny thing was that it was March 17th in the book and I am part Irish, coincidence I think not. In the Index I could always search for things that popped into my head like conflict, Birth Order, Family, Forgiveness, Independence, Job, all things that are going on in our lives there are page numbers to point you in the direction of a Bible Verse or Devotional to help you lean towards God for the answers. This Bible has truly been the answer to many of my prayers.

Another Handy thing in the back of the book was a Guide of Weights and Measures, this came in handy for Math, Bible reading and Science. You never know when you are going to need to convert measurements purely to gain knowledge or solve a problem or to simply put something into perspective. 
My goal is to read though each daily section of the Bible and the Devotional to go along with it, and then I will have read the entire Bible in a year. This has been a goal of mine for a while and after attending a Homeschool Mom's retreat and reading through the Homeschool Mom's Bible I have been smacked in the head by God, that I need to make time for me and for God's word without fail each day. I am important too and I need to sometimes put me on the top of the list so that I can accomplish everything else on my list. 
After I finish my year of reading my Homeschool Mom's Bible I am thinking I may gift it to a Homeschool Mom I know who will benefit from this Bible, and then ask that when she is done she gifts it to another Homeschool Mom, maybe keep it within our Homeschool Co-op. Kind of like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but in this case Sisterhood of the Homeschool Mom's Bible, where the blessings will just keep traveling from Homeschool Mom to Homeschool Mom. 
If you would like your very own Homeschool Mom's Bible click on over to Zondervan and buy yours today for $34.99. If you would like to learn more about the Homeschool Mom's Bible click the banner below to read all of the other Crew Reviews. See how each unique individual has been blessed by owning this Bible. 

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Sara @ Embracing Destiny said...

Great review. I also love this Bible! I like your idea of passing it on to other homeschool moms. That would be so encouraging to share it with others.