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VocabularySpellingCity Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2013 #hsmommas #hsreviews #homeschoolspelling

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 photo VSCLogo300x300_zpsa95c604b.jpg

     Are you looking to make your life a little easier when it comes to curriculum choices? I have the review for you! VocabularySpellingCity Premium Membership is my favorite spelling curriculum. I was fortunate enough to review it last year and feel blessed to have gotten the opportunity yet again this year. Before reviewing this program I used to have to spend hours coming up with activities for the kids to complete to accomplish our subject of Spelling and Vocabulary and even daily writing assignments to help build confidence in writing sentences and paragraphs.  Since using VocabularySpellingCity it is as easy as finding the words I want my kids to study that week and then assigning them activities that they will need to complete for the week.

          English has to be my kids least favorite subject and I find that hard because it is one of my favorites. We have ongoing battles when it is time to sit down and do anything related to English, this means grammar, vocabulary and spelling among other things. I was pleased to find an online program that puts some fun into these tasks that just have to be tackled. We were given a one year premium homeschool subscription to VocabularySpellingCity.com, this allows me to add up to 5 homeschooled children for only $29.99 a year. The subscription comes with so many benefits, it really surprised me, I was thinking it was just for spelling but offers so much more.
The benefits include...

   Premium Membership
With so many free uses, you probably wonder:
Why pay for Premium?
Individual Student Logins
Student assignments,
records for each student useful for IEPs & transcripts,
no paperwork saves time!
Premium Learning Activities
Engagement in learning
No Advertisements
No distractions
Grouping Students
& Lists
Simplified differentiated instruction

    Like I said it is not just spelling, this program uses fun and games to teach parts of speech, synonyms and antonyms, definitions and vocabulary as well as handwriting practice. We are using this to help build our writing skills as well. With the added benefit of sentence and paragraph writing this is a multi use curriculum. There are printable worksheets, tests and also interactive flashcards.  Before using VoacbularySpellingCity my kids would complain that their spelling work was boring and redundant.  My kids were dreading that part of school for this upcoming school year, because our subscription had expired from last year,  but now they are excited to be able to use this program again this year. They enjoy completing their work.This year is even better than last year because they each now have their own laptops for their online work and research. So now they can sit down together and accomplish their work at the same time.

    To prevent "cheating" since they often have majority of their words the same I assign them different tasks so they have to work independently.  They each have their favorite game, for Taylor it is speedy speller and for Alyx  it is word-o-rama. There is something for everyone with this program as it is geared for three different age ranges, elementary, middle school and high school so basically is works for all students K-12.  I love programs that I can use with all of my kids no matter what stage we are in school. Last year we were working on Middle School and High School for some subjects like Spelling and Math so their words were different for each of them. Now that the boys are both in High School many of their words are the same but I do add some words in their for their own individual grade levels.
 photo wordorama_zps693e47d4.jpg

     Using VocabularySpellingCity makes it easy for me to customize it in a flash. I do not spend hours like I used to in order to prepare for their Spelling and Grammar assignments. This has been a tremendous help saving me both time and energy to spend elsewhere. It also gives the boys another chance to work independently and to complete assignments on their own time. If they finish it all the first day then they are done for the week. They can choose to work at their own pace as long as the assignments and tests are completed by the due date that I set up in the account. They each then login in to their student accounts and look for their assignments for the week. On Sunday nights I just make sure it is all set up for them to login in on Mondays. I can login to the teacher account and see what they have accomplished at any given time. It is easy peasy for all of us.
 photo flashcard_zps3b3e1de7.jpg

     For $29.99 a year I feel that this program is a well rounded value and this will definitely be our mainstay curriculum for Spelling, Vocabulary and Grammar until the boys graduate. I am so glad to have found a program that took some weight off my shoulders and gives me a little less prep work, Now all I have to do is come up with the spelling lists click a few choices and set due dates and away we go. A New feature that was added since we used it last year is the ability to take our learning on the go with the new iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch App, Android and Kindle Apps. If has to do with technology my kids are all about that. In the car, in the Doctor's office, it doesn't matter where the kids can login and keep on learning even when away from home. They are Free Apps so no extra cost involved. I love that, my favorite phrase is "If it's Free, it's for Me!"
 photo letterfall_zps87fc7ce0.jpg

Here is a video that shows you more information on the premium membership features.

  Just because we use it like I described above,  you can use it however fits best with your homeschool. That is the best thing about homeschooling, the freedom to do things the ways that work best for our family. What works best for us may not work good for you. Many programs like VocabularySpellingCity are adaptable to help fit everyone's style of homeschooling.  So if you want to learn more then head over to the Schoolhouse Review Crew's Reviews by clicking on the banner below or if you are on the fence try their basic edition for Free or if you are ready to join spelling city and get all the benefits of a premium membership you can click on this link and get signed up so you are all ready for your first day of school, don't delay sign up today.


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Marine Biology with Bridgeway Academy Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2013 #hsmommas #homeschoolmarinebiology #hsreviews

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Bridgeway Logo photo bridgewayacademylogo_zps8c2d62cc.jpg

    As the boys are getting older they are showing interest in topics that may not appeal to the other, this was the case with Marine Biology. Alyx was super excited when I told him we had the opportunity to review an online class from Bridgeway Academy that focused on Fun with Science: Marine Biology, This class falls under their Learning Labs. Taylor shows very little interest in this so the way this worked out is perfect for our family. Taylor could focus on another subject that appealed more towards him, while Alyx took to completing this online course.

   Every Monday at 1:15pm EST Alyx logged on, usually a few minutes early so he was ready and waiting and for an hour he would learn all about the Ocean and the creatures that live within its depths. The class is generally geared for 5th to 8th graders, but Alyx being in 10th grade felt the class was paced nicely and offered a bit of a challenge even at his age, so I feel it is fit for a wider range than what is recommended. There are a few weeks where you need to print some materials so your child can follow along with the class.

   The process for this class was different than others Alyx had taken online, in the past his classes have been one on one, this class however is not. The login process was a bit confusing for us as there are two different sites you need to keep track of, one that holds the actual class, and one that holds all of the information about the class and the homework assignments and grades. Once we got it all figured out we were good to go. We could not make the set appointment for the class orientation as this was not explained ahead of time and it was not on a regular class day. In my opinion it would be easier to lengthen the classes and make the first week the orientation week. This way people already have the time slots scheduled into their calenders. On the bright side, because we were unable to attend the orientation as it conflicted with our co-op the teacher, Carla Berg set up an alternate orientation for us that better fit our schedule as well as recorded it if we missed anything. So I felt that she was very accommodating.

   The first week we had to print out a diagram for Alyx to have on hand for his first class, also we had learned during the orientation that our laptop Microphone and speakers were not going to be sufficient so we ran out and bought a headset with Microphone, this was fairly inexpensive (under $20) and we have used it for other things as well, so it is not something that was bought and once the class is over we will never use again. Alyx is finishing his last class today, so I don't know how he did for his final grade, but all in all he has done exceptionally well, each week he has put much effort into his homework, which ranged from simply filling in a worksheet online or doing a research project or hands on lab. So sometimes the homework took 20-30 minutes and sometimes several hours. This however did not need to be done the night of the class, they were given a whole week to complete their assignments. They just needed to be sure they were sent in through the website by 9 am every Monday. This allowed her time to grade the assignments before class got started. Alyx always looked forward to getting his graded work back, because Carla always made comments about each answer and they were always very positive, this helped keep Alyx motivated as he works well with feedback given. He was delighted I believe the 3 rd week, when after they had to do a project for the previous week's homework she used Alyx's as one of the examples during the class for everyone to see. This made Alyx extremely proud and boosted his self confidence so much. I was delighted with the way all the work and classes were handled.

  One of the fun aspects of the class is that there is a map in the lower corner that shows where everyone in the class is from. Alyx found it very fascinating and always commented to me about the location of some of his classmates. For this particular class the students were all TOS Crew member's children. So he found it entertaining to put names of those belonging to some of my online friends. It made him feel especially connected.

   Some of the projects for homework were corrected right online, others were sent via a rubric in an email to me. I enjoyed reading the scale and seeing Alyx's scores. He did very well except for one week, where he felt the words and names of the species were just too overwhelming, I cannot make up my mind if that was the case or if his processing just wasn't up to par that day, he may have just been having an off day. I was so happy that the week that he felt was hard did not deter him from putting forth effort for the remaining weeks of his class. He shrugged it off and moved onto the next week. This made me so proud of how far he has come, in the past that one week he struggled would have just made him want to throw in the towel. Shows how some positive reinforcement from a teacher can make such a big impact on a student's outlook on the class as a whole.  Kudos to Carla Berg for that.

    The Marine Biology class which runs normally 9 weeks(we did it in 8) has a cost of $145. I think this is well priced for the amount of instruction and depth of the classes. There is homework involved, but much care goes into grading the assignments and offering written feedback.  Bridgeway Academy offers a variety of homeschool classes to fit the needs of your children. They focus on making homeschooling easier on families by offering instruction from certified teachers in an online classroom setting. Many of their classes qualify for credits upon receiving the completion certification. There are classes available from Kindergarten through the end of High School. There is sure to be something to fit your homeschooling needs.  Some of the crew had a chance to review the other classes offered so please click on the banner below to read those.


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C is for College Bound... Blogging Through the Alphabet Letter C #benandme #hsmommas #abcblogging #mybabyisgoingtocollege

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Blogging Through the Alphabet

 Well better late than never, today is the last day to link up for the Letter C in Marcy over at Ben and Me's Blogging Through the Alphabet weekly link up.

  Why has it taken me so long to get this one linked up? Multiple reasons  excuses. My aunt has been in since last Saturday from Texas, it was a last minute visit and while it has been fun, it of course through us off our routine, flexible as it is. We visited her and the rest of the family last year and this year she came to us. Taylor and I have been sick part of this week, so much so that we missed our co-op this week. This crazy weather is not helping with our Allergies, Asthma and Sinuses. Last but not least, the topic I chose initially turned into a short book, and I finally scrapped it and started on this one, although it is no easier to write.

   Nick, my first born baby boy.... He will be turning 17 in just about 6 weeks. My oh My I can hardly believe it. What is even more hard to swallow? The fact that we are anxiously awaiting the answers to all of the College Applications he submitted a few weeks ago, there was a hiccup, as his school never sent the transcripts. Or their answer they ALL got lost. Seriously just another nail in the coffin of that School. I count the days until he is finished there(really I am not a hater of schools in general just his) that is a whole other post, I am sure when I get to a letter I am stuck on I will find a way to write it in. Anyway, we should be hearing from some of them anytime. The one he is really hoping for, I am almost certain he will get it in, it is about 3 hours away ;(

    I try to imagine life in this house without him, he is the constant voice of reason. He sticks up for what he believes in, even if I feel he is wrong. He is dependable and hard working. He is hardly ever home now, between school and work, and friends but at least I know at the end of the night he will be here, sleeping in his bed. I will miss those nights when I hear noises in the kitchen in the wee hours and I head down my stairs to find him cooking his 4th meal of the day, or it is the 5th or 6th. Man can that boy eat and stay skinny as a rail.

    Nick was honored with some of his classmates at an assembly the other day for his test scores on the ACT. I am so proud of all the hard work he puts into school and I know it will soon pay off. He wants to go to College to get his degree in Social Work or Psychology, he is undecided so far which. Maybe both. He is an over achiever after all.

   It all has really gotten me thinking lately. How he came to be in this world, if God had chosen another course for us? Would Nick be Nick? We lost a baby at 17 weeks right after we got married. If we had not lost that baby, Nick would not have come when he did. Would he then be Alyx? Do you see where this is going? Nick was also a twin, we did not know this until he was born, the other baby did not make it past several weeks into the pregnancy. What would it have been like if he had not been the only first born? God sure does have a plan. I cannot imagine my life without him, or any of my boys for that fact.

   I cannot picture him off at college. Not yet anyway. I know he is not into the party scene, thank God for that. He says he wants to room in a single dorm room, I would never had thought that, he is very social. He may change his mind,we shall see.

   I hope he comes home to visit often. My heart aches just thinking about not being able to wrap my arms around him and squeeze him. Or to hear his laughter or music blaring. I then think what will happen after college, will he meet a girl while at school that will steal his heart and make him want to settle down. Will he not return home to live and venture out onto his own. Will he move close by us or farther away. I am so not good at dealing with all of life's uncertainties. One thing I know for sure is... God has a PLAN! I might not know it yet, but he already knows where life is going to lead my son. He has big things in store for him this I know for sure. I am excited to see what lays ahead for all of my boys,  but with Nickalas being the first to set off on this adventure it is going to be both a learning curve for him and training for my heart as his Mother. In 4 years my home has the potential to become very empty... I am both excited and apprehensive at the thought. I look forward to the future but also find myself wanting to slow or stop time, I want to savor every minute I have with them before they set forth in this world to become adults themselves.

  As I find myself rushing to the mailbox each day both filled with excitement and dread wondering if those acceptance letters will be there. I often find myself filled with worry that it may not be the answer he is hoping and praying for. How would I tell my son this heartbreaking news. All I know is I will tell him it is all Part of God's Plan. I will be sure to update as soon as those answers come in. I am hoping it is soon as my plan is to order the family sweatshirts from the college he chooses for Christmas. I will be sure to post the family pic as that will be our announcement photo. In the meantime will you pray with us that all goes well  and in the way Nick hopes it to, and also that we accept any outcome as God's Plan for Nick, even if it is not what we hoped it to be.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Calling all Homeschool Bloggers, Schoolhouse Review Crew is now taking Applications for 2014!!! #hsreviews #hsmommas #curriculumjunkies #applyhere

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 photo 2014Applications_zps30afe543.png
Schoolhouse Review Crew Now Taking Applications for 2014

   When I think of the Schoolhouse Review Crew I think of all the blessings that my family has been given over the last couple of years. Now if you read my blog, which obviously you do, you have seen the countless curriculum items my family has been given to review over the last almost 3 years. Now free curriculum is always fun, but keep in mind it is also hard work. It is not always fun and games, sometimes I have been sent things my kids were not as happy about as I thought they would be, but we had to use them anyway so that I could do my work. Most often than not though they have been fun  and educational items that we may not have otherwise been able to use due to finances or just plain not knowing about the company or product.
    Here is where the most influential blessing came from the crew, not curriculum, but new friends who share similar interests, most online only but some I have had the opportunity to meet here and there over the last couple of years. The Crew is like a special family, that no words could truly describe. We pray for each other and cry for those struggling, we laugh with each other or sometimes even at someone(because of something they have shared). We have rejoiced when a new baby has arrived for a crew member and we have grieved when one of our own has passed away to be with our Lord. We share ideas and inspiration and recipes and just good old support. Some of us even joined together to go on a weightloss journey as a team and let me tell you I would not have had the weightloss success I did this past year if it was not for my buddies on the crew.

   We have meetups at homeschool conventions and many of us have made friends that we talk to in person or on the phone, like my good friend Sarah. Without the Crew I would be lost. I believe all things happen for a reason and the Crew is no exception. One day while surfing through the blogs I follow I came upon a post just like this one, proclaiming that bloggers were being asked to apply for the new crew year. Little did I know that I was soon to become one, and what an impact it was going to make on my life and that of my family.

   If you are not afraid of hard work, and your homeschool is flexible about curriculum and you like to try new things then I encourage you to apply now, because you never know what God has in store for you. Coming in November you just may be on the blogroll of Crewmates.
Click the banner above to find out all you need to know. there are some prequalifications that need to be met before applying, but if you are a blogger who keeps up with their posts I am sure you have already passed step one.  I look forward to seeing some of my blogging friends in the Crew forum soon, God Willing.

Diary of a Real Payne Book 1: True Story Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2013 #hsmommas #hsreviews #childrensbooks

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 photo hdr_logo_zps1a1dd930.jpg

      We love books, so much so we started our very own Little Free Library right out in front of our house. So when we get the opportunity to review any book, we are beyond excited. Not only do we get to read it ourselves we then get to share it with others so they can catch the bug of reading. It's the only bug we like to share... We were recently sent a book by Barbour PublishingDiary of a Real Payne Book 1: True Story.   Geared for kids 8-12, in our house we read books for almost all age ranges, we just truly love to read. 

So what is this book about? Well for starters it is a True Story and the first in a series to come, written by Annie Tipton. On sale now(at the time this review was written) for $4.49 regularly priced at $5.99.

 photo ProductImageHandlerashx_zpsdee6635f.png

The story follows the life of Emma Jean Payne, EJ for short, a 10 year who is most often misunderstood and always up to something that is bound to get her into trouble, Living in the small town of Spooner, Wisconsin. She wants to explore the great Big! world when she grows up. Her little town is suffocating her personality, but she is only 10 and has a long while to wait before she can set off on her giant adventure. In the meanwhile she has to participate in things like a Christmas Pageant where she starts as the lead Angel. Boy oh Boy she was not happy about this at all. Think, pre-teenager rolling their eyes...
E.J. always seems to have her head up in the clouds, off on a great adventure. Some of her adventures include being a race car driver, starring in her very own circus, or opening a Salon. Where does she get all of these ideas from? Books of course. EJ Loves to read and often becomes the character when her mind wanders off. 

192 pages of her escapades are bound within the book of Diary of a Real Payne Book 1: True Story, but through her trials and tribulations of small town living she learns some very valuable lessons about Big things happening even in her little town of Spooner. 
This book teaches some very valuable insight through much laughter, keeping children and adults of all ages engaged and wanting to know what happens next. 
You can be certain this book is safe in content written from a Christian perspective. I love being able to hand my kids a book and not have to proof through it first, but we did choose to make this a family read aloud and I have to say I think I enjoyed it as much as my kids if not more. After all I am a big kid trapped in an Adult's  body, as we are all a child of God. Right? 

I love the aspect of this book of a child getting "lost" in the characters and plots of their books. There is so much adventure to absorb from books no matter if you are in a small town like EJ or a large city. You can go anywhere with a book. Sometimes I think with all of the hype of technology today that children are missing out on true adventure by simply curling up with a good book, and a cup of cocoa on a chilly day, or on the hammock under the tree on a hot Summer's day. You do not need electricity and cords or batteries to enjoy adventure and a book can go almost anywhere with you. If you want to get your kids excited about reading, or want to jumpstart that fire within them why not start with Diary of a Real Payne Book 1: True Story. 

 I am almost certain it will leave them wanting to know what happens next, and there is not long to wait as book 2 is coming in March of 2014, I know my kids are excited to keep on reading about EJ's adventures. The book 2 is called Church Camp Chaos in March 2014! My boys have spent countless Summer's heading off to Church Camp so they are already imagining what antics EJ doles out in the next book. 
This would make a great stocking stuffer as it is the perfect sized book for young kids to manage. I love rewarding my kids with new books, I am sure you could make this book even more special by picking it up and using to recognize an extra special someone in your life. 

 As always click on the banner below to read all of the other reviews by the Schoolhouse Crew.


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Wordless Wednesday He's A Pretty Good Shot for not having shot an actual gun in a few years. 150 yds out

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Monday, October 21, 2013

GOD'S WORLD NEWS Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2013 #hsmommas #hsreviews #christiankidsnews

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 photo godsworldnewslogo_zpsbc5c7163.png

      I want my children to be kept up on today's current events and top news stories, but the way it is portrayed in the mainstream media turns me off. I do not enjoy watching the news or reading the newspaper because all that is highlighted is the bad news. So when I was offered the opportunity to review GOD'S WORLD NEWS I was intrigued. World News from a Christian perspective? This may be just what I was looking for. I was able to pick the level I wanted for the boys, I naturally chose the High School version called Trak.

   We received a one year subscription, this is 10 magazine style "newspapers", they send one each month except for December and May. You also gain access to their online site, World Community which has up to date news stories written from a Biblical standpoint just as the monthly print version, but there is so much more. There are additional activities and games, as well as I could get the answer keys for the different editions of the God's World News. I also loved that I gained access to their adults version simply called World Magazine. This one year subscription runs $28 and is the same price for any age version. They also offer a discount for multiple subscriptions sent to the same house. So if you have kids in different age brackets you could order the subscriptions that are appropriate for each. This way you are not overwhelming your younger kids or boring your older kids trying to buy one level for the whole house. For me this was not an issue as I now have all High School students in our homeschool.

 photo trak36_zps526c150f.jpg

In the Trak editions topics covered are economics,religious stories, current events, important people, and technology. All written with a Biblical approach so you know it is safe for your students to read without you having to sensor it all before they get their hands on it. There are editorials and fun things too, comics, and activities to keep them engaged. All of the articles are written to appeal to the young adult, they are not childish or goofy. They are however perfect in length to keep all levels of readers engaged. My boys loved the fact that we could go online and check in with more up to date news. Especially during the Government shutdown. 

Our goal is to begin our homeschool family newspaper, to publish articles about current events and about our daily life of homeschooling so that our friends and family can keep up with what is going on in our lives. I thought this was a great way for my kids to get some ideas to start getting in the mindset of being reporters for our own newspaper. I let them each read through the month's magazine and also surf the website for anything new in newsland that caught their eye. Then they had to write an "article" about what they learned from reading the God's World News. This helped them get ready to be journalists. How to write an effective news article, investigate the facts and improve their writing mechanics all while enjoying what they were writing about.  The students are encouraged to also write to the editor in response to the news articles and editorials. I loved this, and it lends itself perfectly with our Write with World curriculum.

I was excited when I was informed we would also be getting a print version of World News, the adult news magazine I mentioned above. I myself like to be kept apprised of current events but I do not like the way the mainstream media spins their stories. So instead I just choose to stay somewhat oblivious. With World News I can now be kept updated but with a Biblical approach. I find myself logging in every morning to see what is up around the world without worrying that I am going to be offended or misguided. I find this a refreshing opportunity to stay up on the latest happenings in my world. 

 photo trak36_zps526c150f.jpg
I truly wish I had know about this when my kids were younger, I feel they would have benefited from it greatly. Some say homeschool kids  are sheltered I just choose to look at it as being selective on what our kids are exposed to. It is our right as parents to be selective. It is our responsibility to guide them in the right direction, God's Direction! I want my kids to be knowledgeable about what is happening in today's society but I wan them to know about it with the right perspective.  

I look forward to reading the articles with my children each month when the print version comes to our mailbox, in between we can keep up with the World by logging in each day and seeing what is new. My boys are now more excited than ever to begin our very own newspaper after the upcoming holidays. Alyx is even thinking of starting his own blog, where he will report Biblical  based news on a weekly basis. I love how my kids are now interested in the news, but how I can have comfort in knowing I do not have to sensor what they are reading about the news. This has given them many ideas on how they want to format and present our own newspaper. Taylor says there definitely needs to have comics. Alyx wants to write the editorials and has hopes that people will write a Letter to the Editor(him) so that he can answer them back in the following print. I love to see my kids get excited about learning and this has helped do just that.  We also enjoy listening to their weekly podcast online, it is called  The World and Everything in it...  Listen as a family, I am sure you will like it as much as we do. 
  If you want your kids to get interested in today's News, but want to be certain it is safe content then be sure to head over to God's World News today and order your subscription for just $28, choose Trak for your High School kids or one of the other levels for your younger kids. Be sure to check out World Magazine for yourself and hubby as well. You cannot have informed kids without informed parents. Be sure to login to their online World as soon as you get your login information, it truly opened up a whole new world for us as I am sure it will do the same for your family as well. Be sure to click on the banner below to read all of the crew's reviews, we all got to pick the level of God's World News that fit for our family, so if you have younger kids you will definitely want to hear from the crew that reviewed the level perfect for your family. 


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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wordless Wednesday God's creations are everywhere!

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Simple Woman's Daybook October 15, 2013 #Simplewomansdaybook #easyblogging #sharingourday

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Outside my window... It is a little cloudy, supposed to rain later tonight.

I am thinking...When is life going to settle into a routine... Oh wait the answer to that is not anytime in the near future.

I am thankful... for the mild weather we have been having so far

In the kitchen... there is a roast in the crockpot, smelling delicious already

I am wearing...Jeans and a hoody

I am creating...the samples for my next class at co-op, I am might be needing a sub so I want to be prepared.

I am going...to be going to a movie premiere tomorrow night with Alyx for a blogging gig, we are seeing The Fifth Estate

I am wondering...where I can grab a few extra hours in my days, they are seeming to go way to fast. 

I am reading...nothing at the moment

I am hoping...the weather will be nice next week to go to the zoo

I am looking forward to...my Favorite Aunt coming to visit this coming weekend. 

I am learning... to say NO!! to people when I already have a full plate. 

Around the house...there are books everywhere, thanks to the people donating them for Alyx's Little Free Library.

I am pondering... about the interview Alyx has with the local paper today, I hope he doesn't get too nervous. He is so proud of his Little Free Library though, so it is easy for him to talk about. 

A favorite quote for today...
At the end of the day, the only questions I will ask myself are... Did I love enough ?Did I laugh enough ? Did I make a difference ?
One of my favorite things...Is watching my kids get excited about learning about that things that interest them, currently Taylor is getting ready for a Minecraft Homeschool class and Alyx is finishing the last couple weeks of his Marine Biology class. 

A few plans for the rest of the week:We are going to see Disney on Ice on Friday and then my Aunt is coming in town for a week. 

A peek into my day...

Monday, October 14, 2013

B is for Bitten By the Book Bug...Blogging Through the Alphabet Letter B #abcblogging #benandme #hsmommas #littlefreelibrary

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Back again this week with Ben and Me and their Blogging through the Alphabet weekly MeMe. Please join us....by clicking the box below.

Blogging Through the Alphabet

  The boys and I found something neat while surfing the web one day... Little Free Library. We had the opportunity to visit a couple while we were away on our last camping trip last week and that was all it took, Alyx wanted to build one and for us to have our very own Little Free Library.
These are the LFL we visited up at camp...
  My boys love books and want to share that passion with children and adults alike in our neighborhood. So all day Friday and all day and evening Saturday and again Sunday morning Alyx worked and worked, he borrowed tools from his friend Eric, we gathered books, some from our own book shelves  and some that were donated by friends. He is continuing to ask for donations of books so we can be sure to keep the library stocked. He is hoping to spread the news and hoping and praying to see other LFL pop up in our city. Right now we are the first but his hope is not to remain the only. We contacted our local Patch news and are praying they will help spread the news of the our new project. We have had a ton of interest the last couple days as we finished it up, right out front of our house.


  Now all we can do is sit and pray for people to come and accept this new little library. Many people have stopped and looked out their car window and read the signs but so far nobody has attempted to open the door.... I think he may need to camp out there this afternoon when school lets out to engage people and show them what it is all about. This could prove to be very interesting. I hope it catches on soon or Alyx will be heartbroken...