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The Presidential Game Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2013 #hsreviews #hsmommas #iwanttobepresident

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If your homeschool family is anything like ours I am fairly certain that you like to incorporate fun learning games into your homeschool day. I definitely enjoy them most when they coincide with what we are learning at the moment. Our review opportunity for The Presidential Game came just in time for us to begin our semester on Government and our full swing curriculum of American History. What is more American than the dream of becoming President of the United States.  Geared for ages 11 and up, including adults and selling for $35 this is a wonderful asset to any homeschool classroom.

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One thing I noticed immediately upon opening our package.... The vibrant colors and art work. Screams Patriotic doesn't it?? I love it!! 
Whether you sit on the Democratic or Republican side in real life, it is fun to play this game. You and your family will learn all of the ins and outs of what it takes to win the votes of the people and become President of the United States. As you campaign across the US, you will have to choose to campaign or fundraise, and earn the votes of the people. How do you win? Well just like in real life you need to gain minimum of 270 electoral votes to become president. Now it is almost impossible to do this all in one day, so to help keep track of who or which team is in the running, you will gain access to a website that displays the standings just like on TV during the elections. On your board you will keep track by placing red or blue playing pieces on the states that have been "won". On the website it will keep count of the electoral votes by color as well. Giving the points to each side as earned. 
                     This game opened up for some interesting dialogue between my children and myself. I have taught my children to have an opinion and stand up for that opinion, not that I always agree but it is important for them to find themselves. I have always explained the process of the elections and have always taken them with me to vote. I think it is important for them to see their parents voting and we always talk about why I am voting the way that I am. I have never once swayed them to follow my voting beliefs and it certainly showed in this game. They made their choices quite clear. Now do I think this will be the way they vote when it comes time for their first election to vote in. Let me just say I hope not, "wink". Either way I love my children no matter which side of the political fence they sit on. Maybe we just need to keep playing this game.
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My boys have enjoyed picking their "side" and racing against each other to see which one of them will be voted the New US President. There is no living with the winner that is for sure. The status surely goes to their head. When we completed one round and had a winner, we started all over again and switched sides. There were 4 people playing our game so we did it in teams, 2 against 2 and then pulled straws the first time we played to see who would be the President and who would be the Vice President and then when we switched sides we flip flopped the roles so everyone would have a chance. My boys were surprised how much they enjoyed this game and how much they learned from playing. It certainly helped brush up on some knowledge they had already obtained and also gave them some new insight. 

In closing, I highly recommend all homeschool families add this to their library of educational games, it is fun and insightful and an invaluable teaching tool. I think children younger than 11 could play if placed on a team with older siblings. My boys were all in the older than 11 category so I could not test this theory but you can always click on the link below and see what the other crew members had to say about their experience with The Presidential Game, many have younger children than I and may have a stronger opinion on the age ranges. This would make a wonderful family Christmas gift. I know in our house their is always a stack of board games for one of our family gifts. We make family game night a priority for bonding in our home and I think this would be a fun game even if you do not homeschool. Head over the website and order your copy of The Presidential Game today. 

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