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PeopleKeys Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2013 #hsreviews #hsmommas #learningstyles

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  My boys are so different in personality and many differences in their learning styles as well. I do my best to meet both their needs but sometimes I feel I am falling short when it comes to Taylor. So imagine my interest when PeopleKeys popped up for me to review and one of my choices was their StudentKeys Student Binder. Full of 6 workbooks that would help me figure out who my son is inside and how he ticks. Selling for $49.00 this is an invaluable tool to help you unlock the mystery within your children. Geared for High School and College folks, I thought Taylor would be the best candidate since he is just beginning High School as a Freshmen this Fall. He will be turning 14 in less than 2 months.  Each book except for the goal setting one, has a suggested time frame so as to not overthink the answers, these are meant to be first thing that pops into your head kind of thing, The goal setting one did not have a time frame and also did not have a personality trait to go with the answers. This is meant to put the personality traits learned in the other areas to paper and create a plan to go forth and improve. 

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Now you may be wondering what I am babbling about?? How on Earth can a few workbooks tell me all about my child? Well they use the DISC assessment method and it critiques each area of a person, Cognitive Thinking, Goal Setting, Personality Styles, Career Choice, Values and Perceptual Learning styles. Each component in it's own workbook with it's own scoring because after all we can be different in different areas. 

The Cognitive Thinking Style Workbook, was the one that we pretty much knew what the outcome was going to be, we had already figured out that Taylor is a hands on learner. Yet we learned so much more. The book answered questions such as how he works alone or in groups and what kind of thinker he really is verses how he learns and how we can use this information to help him be a better student and really help him excel. I was surprised to learn that Taylor is not just one kind of Cognitive thinker but a myriad of two evenly based traits. He came in a little higher in one than the other but still I feel he is a little of both. His personality traits for this book were Literal and Experiential. I found this all fascinating. 

The Career Choice workbook was the one Taylor was the most excited about, both his brother's have already pegged what they want to do in life and Taylor is feeling left behind because he just really is not sure where he is headed. I try to tell him he is still young and that many people do not know what they are going to do even when they are in college. I tell him constantly that GOD has a plan he just has to be patient and wait. Taylor is a lot of things but patient is not one of them. Anyway he was excited to see what type of work he is geared for.  Taylor is struggling with his results in this category, it came up with results that say he would be a good candidate for a department head or retail sales, and Taylor is not a people person but the other ones did kind of fit him as he is a great detective, such as forensic expert or researcher. I could see him finding a cure for MS, wouldn't that be cool. If my son could be on the research team that finds a cure for the disease I battle each day. Only God truly knows the plan for Taylor but this may help him get on the right path. 

The Values book was interesting, it explored several areas of Values, Loyalty, Equality, Personal Freedom and Justice. Taylor's scores indicate his values are in the Personal Freedom and Justice areas. I was surprised at how this described him to a T. These were very accurate and surprisingly truthful. 

Perceptual learning, this is where we knew the results before he even took the test. Taylor is a Visual and Kinesthetic Learner. So there were no surprises and we did not gain much insight from this particular book. It just reaffirmed what we already knew. It is not to say it was not helpful, it was fun to see that we actually knew something about Taylor. Just kidding. I think I know my son more than I actually was giving myself credit for. 

The Goal Setting workbook, this is the book that I talked about earlier in the review. There were no time constraints and it was meant to help you take the information you learned from all of the timed tests and put them into practice by setting goals and to put into motion ways to help you use the information from  your scores and make a plan to improve in all areas. Goal setting has never been one of Taylor's strengths so I am interested to see if he follows his plans he made. 

The Personality Style book was the most fun in my opinion. We were pretty sure we had Taylor's Personality pegged but this led to some helpful insight of why Taylor has the personality he does and how we can help him use it to his full potential. Taylor is prominently Dominance personality, he is a Risk -Taker, very Direct, even if it is socially inappropriate, we often wondered if that was all his Asperger's but after taking this test I feel it is just his personality. He can be very argumentative but usually only when he is feeling wronged or standing up for something he believes in. 
Here is what PeopleKeys has to say about the DISC Personality Assessment...

What does the DISC Personality Assessment measure?

The DISC Personality Assessment measures the four quadrants of personality, as created by William Marston. Each person has a unique combination of four personality traits (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness). 
•Dominance (also known as Drive)- As one's DISC Personality Type relates to power, control, and assertiveness Personality Traits: Direct, Decisive, Risk-Taker, Problem Solver, Argumentative 
•Influence (also known as Inducement)- As one's DISC Personality Type relates to communication and social situations Personality Traits: Outgoing, Enthusiastic, Optimistic, Persuasive, Impulsive, Emotional 
•Steadiness (also known as Submission) - As one's DISC Personality Type relates to patience, thoughtfulness, and stability Personality Traits: Good listener, Predictable, Understanding, Supportive, Friendly, Generous 
•Conscientiousness (also known as Compliance)- As one's DISC Personality Type relates to structure and organization Personality Traits: Accurate, Precise, Careful, Correct, Systematic, Analytical, High-standards 

So there you have it, what DISC is and how it tells you about your personality as a well rounded individual or that of your child. I think I was much more excited for Taylor to get started then he was, I mean what kid wants to take a binder full of quizzes? Shortly after he began though he realized the tests were easy to take with multiple choice, not requiring lengthy written out answers. He was also interested to learn about himself and maybe it would help him in areas where he is struggling. 
In conclusion, I feel this was a fun way to really get to know Taylor, he enjoyed taking the tests, even though he was apprehensive at the beginning. I am looking forward to getting both my other boys their own StudentKeys Binder. I feel it is a helpful tool as they edge towards adulthood. Especially with Nick leaving for College next Fall. This is a valuable coarse that I am using for  partial credit in Psychology for the boys for a High School credit. Learning about yourself is helpful before you begin to learn about others. This was a great first step into our Psychology unit beginning in a few weeks.  PeopleKeys offers the opportunity for not only the Binder full of workbooks in the StudentKeys Student Binder but you can purchase the books individually for $13 each if you are only interested in a few. I think the Binder is a great value and all books are more helpful than I expected. There are also other products available some online and offering other learning opportunities.   Please visit the other crew review to find out about all that PeopleKeys has to offer. Just simply click the banner below. 

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