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Logic of English Rhythm of Handwriting Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2013 #hshandwriting #hsreviews #hsmommas

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I have been worried about my children not learning Cursive writing, our public schools here do not teach it anymore, but I feel it is an essential part of becoming a functioning adult. The problem was finding a stress free way to teach it. Not just me telling them how to do it. To my rescue came the opportunity to review Logic of English and their Rhythm of Handwriting Cursive curriculum. 

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Now I was torn in which one to pick as my boys struggle with Manuscript writing as well due to their lack of good fine motor skills because of their Asperger's Syndrome. Sometimes people do better writing in cursive and their writing is far more legible than their printing. So I figured why not give it a try, we honestly cannot do any worse than we already were. My boys to say the least were not thrilled. They HATE writing so why would this be any different. Well boy were they wrong. 

This has to be the easiest, most relaxed way to teach handwriting. You need very little to get started and it is easy to dive right in as soon as it arrives. This curriculum is geared for ages 7 and up, I was worried it may be too childish for my boys 13 and 15 but my fear subsided as soon as I opened the book. The one thing that stood out to me immediately was that it did not teach letters in alphabetical order, which to me would be the natural way to begin. A to Z right?? Wrong!! The way Rhythm of Handwriting teaches is by grouping letters by strokes, I completely had a DUH! Moment when I saw this. For children ages 7 and up it is recommended to work on 2 letters per day which is the pattern we followed and worked well. This teaches that all lower case letters begin at the baseline and move upwards. This helps to teach fluid motion in writing.Included in our curriculum set was the Rhythm of Handwriting workbook sells for $18 for the physical copy and $15 for the PDF version. There is also some helpful add ons to go along with the workbook, such as student white boards for $12 each, which we received as well and then my favorite tool the Rhythm of Handwriting Quick Reference guide for $10. This makes it easy to see each letter and an explanation of how it is written. It is laminated so it is easy to wipe off and keep clean.  There is also a pack of Sandpaper Letters flash cards for $32 that allow the child to not only see how the letter is formed but feel it and trace it with their finger. This would have been great when the kids were younger and much more tactile. There are also desk strips and wall charts, you can see all of the components when visiting the Logic of English website as well as the Rhythm of Handwriting product pages. You will see all of the choices for both Cursive and Manuscript.

One of the things I noticed was that a letter than I know I have always struggled with has been changed to adapt more to the Manuscript form and that is the letter Q. To me and I am sure many the old school Capital Q never quite made sense to me. Maybe I need to learn how to write cursive the right way with Logic of English as well. It has been quite a few years since I was taught to write. I will not say how many but it is quite a few. With my MS I have noticed my writing is not as neat as it used to be and maybe this would help me out as well. You can teach an old dog new tricks!! This new way makes it much easier to transition from Manuscript to Cursive. I am seriously considering ordering the Manuscript set and going back and relearning the correct way to print for all of us. Maybe then the boys printing will be legible as well as their cursive. I am looking forward to reading the boys papers this year in cursive. I am proud of the progress they have been making, and I am happy to report that they do not dread writing class like they used to. I owe this in large part to Logic of English and their Rhythm of Handwriting. My boys may be behind in some areas especially when it comes to fine motor activities but with the help of companies like Logic of English they will catch up to their peers in no time and we can do so at their own pace. 
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