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Not Back to School Celebrations: Our Back to homeschool traditions. #hsreviews #hsmommas #notbacktoschool

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               This week on the Schoolhouse Crew's Blog Cruise we are talking about Back to Homeschool traditions.
  When many people thing of Fall they think of Back to School time. Not us here at Fresh Start Academy, nope we celebrate NOT Back to School time. I try to make it special each year and we take the first 3 days, which end the week of Labor Day and while the Public School kids, including Nick our oldest, return back to school, we do fun things and then begin the Monday after.

    Traditionally we usually do lunch and a movie the very first day which for us this year will be Wednesday September 4. This day starts with Back to school photos on the front lawn of our house. Nick does this as well. Then I make my homeschooled boys a nice breakfast and then we pick our movie. We usually go to the first movie of the day and then go to lunch afterwards. Depending on the weather we may go a little farther for our movie to the large outdoor mall. If it is not too hot out.

  Thursday of Not Back to School week for us we generally head back to camp for one of our last two camping sessions before the water is turned off for the Winter which here is Mid October as the temps can get below freezing or close to it.

    This means taking extra items back up to camp like school books and such. The good news is I got smart last year and made duplicate supply carts for the boys and I to leave up at camp as well as extra filler paper and notebooks just in case we need them. This cut down on the amount of things I need to haul up there. We love sitting out by the lake at our picnic table to do our school work first thing in the morning. Then in the afternoon it is off to swim or go on boats. Hey that counts as Gym class, right?

   That Friday we end our Not back to School Week with a trip to a zoo or museum that was otherwise crowded during the Summer. We love it when it is less crowded. We may venture up to Lansing for a change this year to see some attractions we have not yet visited.

   Then on the following Monday we officially kick off our year of homeschooling. This year the boys are starting 9th and 10th grades. I always make a special breakfast that morning and have a special treat at their spots. It makes it fun and special. It is hard to believe we only have 4 more years of homeschooling memories ahead of us.

    What do you all do for Not Back to School time in your homeschool?? I would love to hear your homeschool traditions for getting the new year officially kicked off.

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