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In the Hands of A Child Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2013 #hsmommas #hsreviews #lapbook

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  One of our first experiences of homeschooling was led by the suggestion of a friend of mine. This was to not overwhelm the kids or I and start with doing a lapbook that dealt with one subject. We just so happened to begin homeschooling right at the start of the Winter Olympics. My kids and I were immediately hooked. A short time after that I attended my first ever homeschool Curriculum fair, at a local church, it was small but a great start. One of the vendors that I found exciting there was In the Hands of A Child. I even attended one of their workshops, to really learn what this lapbooking was all about and why it is so beneficial. Also so to make sure we had actually done ours correctly. I was astounded at all there was to offer us "lapbooking" families from this vendor in particular.  So imagine our delight when we were chosen for this Schoolhouse Review in particular.

 We were sent the Attack on Pearl Harbor Lapbook Project Pack from In the Hands of A Child for our review. There was something unique about the Pack we chose to review. This choice had the additional option of choosing a Type It In format. My boys struggle with fine motor skills so this appealed to me greatly. The boys were so excited to get started. Pearl Harbor is a big interest to them so this added to the intrigue. Now some people think lapbooking is for little kids, in fact I have had friends ask me how I get my boys to still do lapbook style learning. For us the answer is simple, it is very hands on and that is the way they learn best. The next answer is there are lapbook packs for all age groups, for example the Pearl Harbor one we chose is for grades 5-10 so suitable for 10-15 year olds but could be adapted for all ages.

   Now you are probably wondering what you get with this Project Pack? Well here is what you get: First off you get the Teacher's Guide which is the actual curriculum, 60 pages of the how to's of creating a lapbook, this is especially helpful if this is your first one. You get all of the reproducible content, this is all of the fill in the blank components that you will print out, let your child fill in then they will cut them out and attach them into their lapbook project. If you get fancy, like we do sometimes, you can print them on colored paper and it adds eye catching color to their lapbook, or if you have kids that like to color, you can print them on white paper and have them color the images in. My boys like to color sometimes and other times not so much so we switch on and off.
    In the Attack on Pearl Harbor Project Pack your children will learn all about Pearl Harbor from the initial attack on December 7, 1941 which happened to be just after my Grandparents were married. All through the beginnings of WWII.

This unit includes a 6-day Planning Guide, Related Reading List, 20 Hands-On Activities PLUS 1 Fun Extension Activity, 10-page Research Guide, and Answer Key.  Students will learn a brief history of World War II, the events of the attack on Pearl Harbor, damages and casualties of the attack, the aftermath, memorials, and more.

  Now like I said we chose the option of adding in the Type It In format. So my boys actually typed in their answers on the computer and we printed them out with the answers already written. This made this go so much faster and smoother for us. You need the full version of Adobe to save their work, but for us we just printed them as they finished them. We worked on this every day and completed it in just over a week. The boys did the required reading and then answered and filled in the corresponding sheets. Then after they were all finished we took and afternoon to assemble it all at once. Sometimes we do it this way and other times we assemble as we go. You can use brads to attach the little stacks of information into your labooks that are made with file folders or you can use glue sticks. My boys will tell you we go through a lot of glue sticks because of how much we lapbook and that is one school supply I will not share because it seems like no matter how many I buy during the Summer sales we never have enough.

     Now if you are wondering if this is an expensive project the answer for me is NO! If you know how to bargain shop it is even better. I buy our file folders in bulk at the office supply store or Costco. Brads can be found at the office supply store or even the dollar store and the rest if items you should already have, scissors, glue or glue sticks and crayons, colored pencils or markers, and pens and pencils for filling in the answer. The ink could get costly but we invested in a laser printer a couple years ago and it has helped cut down on that expense so much.

  The neat thing about lapbooks is they make a wonderful study guide for unit tests and they are also a great show piece to show off their work to family and friends. It is truly something for them to be proud of. It is so amazing to see the difference in their lapbooks from the first one we did to how they turn out now. The put so much effort into these and enjoy doing them. They especially liked the Type It In function of this one  and we are definitely going to be checking the In the Hands of A Child website for some more lapbook project packs that have the Type It In ability.

   Now normally the price for the actual project pack is $12.00 but there is a sale going on at the time this review is being written, where you can get it for the sale price of just $5 as well as many of their packs. The type it is feature is an additional $2. Now this price is for the e-book version I received as my review. There are many options like a CD or printed version, you can check them all out by visiting the links throughout my review. They vary in prices and you can find the one that would best suit your family and budget. I prefer the e-books myself, very cost efficient and if you know me at all, you know I detest paying for shipping, so this is a win-win in my book. You can also view a SAMPLE of this project pack. Even better you can check out all of the reviews from the crew by clicking the banner below. There were many options for us to all choose from so are sure to get a feel for the vast variety In the Hands of A Child has to offer, from Elementary to High School there is something for everyone. Easily adapted to children as young as Pre-K. Start lapbooking as early as today with the ability to instantly download your purchase and get started right away, your kids will thank you for it, I am almost certain.


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