Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Family Hope Center Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2013 #hsreviews #hsmommas #mobsociety

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   I have often wondered how my two youngest children ended up with a form of Autism and not the  oldest. How their brains function differently.  How I can help my Grandma with Alzheimer's to have a little higher function at this point in her life. I learned some of these things and so much more while watching my review copy of the DVD Understanding Child Brain Development from the folks at Family Hope Center.

   Let me first start off by saying I wish I had gotten my hands on a copy of this when my kids were small and going through so much more than they are now, I wish I would have had this before I had kids for that fact. I think every potential parent should watch this DVD and not just once but multiple times. There is more information packed into this DVD than I could soak into my brain with just one viewing. I watched it once and then again and then again. The third time I watched it I took notes. I just was amazed by all of the information packed into it.

    Understanding Child Brain Development walks you through the How and Why and What that makes up the Who your child becomes. All while giving all the praise to the great Maker, God himself. The DVD explains how the brain begins and then walks you through the developmental process and explains why children go through the phases. For instance why they should be on their tummy. Did you know that tummy time aids in the digestion process? I surely did not! 
The floor should be the number one toy for your children from the beginning. This time spent on the floor helps them gain independence and explore and move from one developmental phase to the next. 

   Parent often think they need all those new fangled gadgets like exersaucers and bouncy seats and lets not forget the Johnny jump up. In reality all they need is a clean floor and a few toys and time to explore their surroundings. All of this time on the floor leads to the building of motor skills, and speech and all of these things lend to helping the child speak and read and communicate. 

    I have often wondered if the surgeries I had while pregnant with my 2 younger boys lent a hand in their developing Asperger's Syndrome? Now while this video does not help diagnose your child with any disorder or disease it does help you understand the process and where it may have been interrupted that may have led your child to being diagnosed. 

    The Family Hope Center believes that every child is a unique individual and should be treated as such.  They work with parents of a child diagnosed as special needs or exhibiting developmental delays to develop a customized approach which targets the brain rather than the symptoms.  After evaluating current skills and abilities, the Family Hope Center presents the family with an effective, integrated therapy system that includes parents as therapists for their child.

Now while the primary focus of Understanding Child Brain Development is on Special Needs children, it is not solely for special needs kids and their families. Like I said in the beginning I think every potential parent should view this video. I am certain this would be a shower gift that will not be sent back. This video should be viewed over and over and can be such a helpful tool in dealing with and understanding all children, as well as adults with disabilities.  Just like my Grandma who has Alzheimer's, understanding truly how the brain works, helps me to understand how she is truly functioning.

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I am so glad I was given this opportunity to review this DVD and I cannot wait to share it with friends and family. I know I will be purchasing some copies to give as gifts for some upcoming baby showers. 

To order the DVD ($19 plus shipping), please call 610-397-1737 or you can order Understanding Child Brain Development from IEW.

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