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Doorposts: Because You Are Strong Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2013 #hsBible #hsreviews #mobsociety

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     Do want your sons to grow up to be Godly men?? I know I do, and I could honestly use all the help I can get. I was relieved to when I was chosen to review the Bible study by Doorposts Because You Are Strong: A Study of Godly Strength for Young Men by  Author: Daniel Forster.
A Bible study for young men ages 10-12 and up. Perfect for my boys 13,15 and 16.

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    You can choose from a soft covered book or a PDF e-book , the soft cover book is $14.00 and the e-book $10 but right now you can get the soft cover for the SALE price of just $12.00. This would make a great way to start the new school year and add to your Bible time with your boys. They also have a girl's version Beauty in the Heart: A Study of Godly Beauty for Young Women
by Author: Pam Forster for the same age range if this better suits you. You will have to read the crew reviews to learn about that book, because as you know I was blessed with a house full of boys not girls. I guess I will have to wait and see if I am blessed with Granddaughters down the road to see if we will need that book.

   Around here it is no big secret that my husband has some health issues that do not allow him to be the Godly Male Role Model we would like to see. This has led me to be creative and look for help outside of our family unit. Such as books and unit studies and other male influences, like Alyx's friend Eric and my Dad. I want my sons to be the men God put them on this Earth to be, even if it requires more guidance from their Mom than planned to be. I want to instill Godly character and a serving, giving heart. I am pretty sure we are on the right path but no need to stop guiding yet, we still have a whole lot of work to do.

    We have been having Circle Time for a while in our house and sometimes that is games, sometimes it is reading but it always includes and starts with Bible time. We also start our school day with Bible as our first lesson. So I thought why not make Bible time when it comes to our family Circle a Bible study instead of just reading and memory verses from the Bible. Let's really learn from the Bible and help the boys continue to become those Godly men God so purposed them to be.

   This Bible study is intended to be worked through in 74 days with an additional 40 days of study suggested. Giving you plenty of study for just over a year. What I loved about this was that it was a modern day Bible study intended for youth so it encouraged them to seek technological resources. For instance APPS for Bible study, my boys now have several on their phones. I love seeing them embrace God's word even on the go. No excuses, "I forgot my Bible".

     This book was not just about reading and memorizing Scripture, we learned how to use a concordance, there was Greek and Hebrew words that we will definitely be adding to our spelling lists this coming school year. There were character studies for Men in the Bible like David and Samson. You can choose to study just a verse, chapters or the entire Bible. We have made a conscious effort to get through the entire Bible from cover to cover by the end of this coming school year so this was helpful in pushing us to complete that task. You can take a topic out of the Bible and study it and put it to events that our current in your life. This is particularly helpful to my boys to see how God is truly working in their lives even when they sometimes feel he is not there listening.
  There are daily lessons that were perfect in length lasting only 5-20 minutes each to complete. This was a hit in my house as anything that is drawn out and lengthy tends to get a groan and they do not truly appreciate what they are doing because they are too focused on how long it is taking. The boys were receptive to these tasks and did not balk at completing them, this was a positive sign to me that this was a good fit for them.

  The boys favorite character trait that we studied was the one about Valor and what it is to be Valiant. It was fun to hear their explanation and definition before we began and then again when we finished. They were all quite different both times. I love how they are each unique and God made them who they are for a reason.

  Their second favorite was the study of Meditation and the book of Hebrews. They have never really considered meditation until they finished that section. So now they are all setting aside a time to meditate and draw closer to God.

  Now just because this is geared for boys you could make it work if you have a family that has a couple boys and say one girl because in the back of the book there are some alternate questions that are for girls. The same I suppose goes in reverse for the other book but I am not sure since I did not receive that one. You will have to read the other crew reviews to find out that answer.

  Here is what Doorposts has to say about Because You Are Strong: A Study of Godly Strength for Young Men by  Author: Daniel Forster...

Learn how to study the Bible while you discover what God says about true strength! This new Bible study will help young men gain a biblical view of strength and use that strength wisely, for God’s glory.

This book also teaches practical Bible study skills. Learn how to:
• Use a concordance.
• Study the original Greek & Hebrew words used in a passage.
• Perform a character study.
• Study a specific topic in the Bible.
• Understand and use marginal notes in your Bible.
• Study a verse, passage, chapter, or entire book of the Bible.
• Use free Bible study tools on computers and mobile devices.

Ten in-depth studies focus on biblical heroes like David, Samson and the “mighty men of valor”. You’ll also study the power of God, the service of Jesus, and wisdom from Proverbs regarding strength.

Each study teaches a different study method and is divided into daily assignments (5 to 20 minutes each day). Because You Are Strong contains 74 days of study, plus 40 more suggested studies—enough to fuel serious Bible study for more than a year.

The book delves into 10 studies which are....

Ten studies include:
  1. Strength for the Race: Meditating on Hebrews 11-12
  2. Strength with no Limits A Topical Study on the Omnipotence of God
  3. Strength and Wisdom: A Topical Study in Proverbs
  4. Strength and Temptation: A Character Study of Samson
  5. Strength to be Valiant: A Word Study on "Valor"
  6. Strength in Our Weakness: A Verse Study on 2 Corinthians 12:9-10
  7. Strength in the Battle: A Chapter Study of 1 Samuel 17
  8. Strength Serving Others: A Study of Jesus' Actions in the Gospel of Mark
  9. Strength and Gray Heads: A Verse Study of Proverbs 20:29
  10. Strength in the Faith: A Book Study of 1 John
Scripture quotations are from the KJV and ESV translations of the Bible.

   Now normally we use the NIV Bible translation but when that is not an option we are typically ok with it. My boys tend to struggle understanding the KJV translation so it was nice they included the ESV version as well throughout the book. My boys have enjoyed that this book is geared toward boys their age verses one that is just for teens in general. The lessons to be learned are intended for boys their age, some who may be going through similar family or personal struggles. My boys are looking forward to finishing this Bible study and completing our reading of the Bible this year. It is exciting for me to see the love my children have for God's word and watching it grow as they use this Bible study. I am excited to see where God takes each of my children and what purpose he has in store for each of them especially as they each leave our nest and venture out into the world to share his word. Starting with Nick next year leaving for college, and then in the next 4 years all of them will be out among their peers and I cannot wait to see their story unfold. I can thank Doorposts for their help in their journey, and I encourage parents to purchase this Bible study for your boys, or the Beauty in the Heart version for girls.

   In closing, as a parent in today's society I feel we cannot afford to pass opportunities such as these to help us corral our children to the path of God. He gave us these children so we could train them up to serve him, he needs our help and we cannot be shy in looking for help to complete this task. So why not buy Because You Are Strong: A Study of Godly Strength for Young Men and help make our job a little easier with the help of the folks at Doorposts. Please be sure to click the crew banner below and read all of the reviews that are for young Men and young Women. 


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