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   Has it really been 5 days already? This week has sure flown by. The old saying does go " Time flies when you are having fun."  I guess it is true. We have been camping since Tuesday and ths week seems to be flying by, which means this trip will be over be for we know it and it is the last campout of our Summer Vacation. The next time we will be back school will have officially started. Then that means only 2 more campouts and it will be time to Winterize our trailer and put it away for the Winter.

   This Blog Hop has been so much fun, I love being part of the TOS Crew it has blessed me in so many ways and this is just one more to add to my list. My family and I have enjoyed reading all of your comments this week. It is such a pleasure to hear about other's camping experiences and to know we have inspired some of you to take your family on a camping trip this Summer. I accomplished the goal I set for myself. Please be sure to join my blog through GFC or to subscribe via email, so you can continue to hear about all the exciting adventures the Summer takes us on.

      We had a very laid back day yesterday, and while we were sitting by the lake the geese came for a snack and we got to see how big their babies had gotten up close and personal.  We never get tired of seeing these little guys and have been enjoying studying the behavior of the geese both parents and children. It is not much different than a typical parent. There are two families of geese one has 6 babies and one has 7. We watched them nest on the eggs about a month ago and waited patiently for them to hatch while we were here but that did not happen. Upon our next visit just a week later we searched and searched for the babies but did not find them, we were worried as we thought maybe the eggs did not hatch due to our unseasonably cold weather we had been having. A few days after returning to camp we spotted them and then much to our surprise found not one but two sets of goslings. So we have been keeping close tabs on them, charting different things we learn about them like certain times of days where the babies are no where to be found.

   Do the parents put them down for a nap? The live on our small lake so usually they are easy to spot. All lined up in a row between there Mom and Dad so obediently. Well except for one! We have nicknamed him  sneaky. He likes to go off on his own and he gets yelled at by his Daddy! Or does he, we were watching both sets on the opposite side of the lake the other night and sneaky darted off into the water while everyone  else was sunbathing on the shore. Well in swoops what we thought was his Daddy honking and squawking at him trying to get him to come back. Boy was he in trouble. Well in the mean time the rest of the geese had returned to the water. As the "Dad" was honking at the baby he finally reversed his direction, but wait he is not getting in line? Well you know why? It was not that "Dad's baby but the baby of the other family. Now this got us thinking are the parents related somehow maybe siblings of some sort or do they all just naturally watch over each other's children like we as human's do with our good friends. I know I have a friend with 7 kids and when we are out with them I find myself watching and counting heads just as my friends do. I just naturally help look out for my friend's kids. I am sure we are all like this in some way. My other side of brain flips switches and reprimands the lax geese  parents for not being more observant of their own children, I know I have HAD friends who do not watch their own children but expect everyone else to do it for them. Do you know parents like that??
   It just struck us as odd how similar the behavior of these beautiful God's creatures are to us as humans. God is so wonderful and he has made such different creatures yet so similar in behavior. We are now studying other animals to see if we notice similar patterns in them as well. We are looking forward to learning more about "our" geese and other animals and studying the behavior patterns between them.

    I enjoy just sitting by the lake around my campfire pit and blogging away, It is so relaxing and peaceful, it makes me dream of when we will move out of the city and retire out in the country after Nick is out of school, he only has this school year left, he is Officially a Senior. The more we are out here the more we are thinking of moving out this way rather than where we originally planned. Time will tell it is all in God's Plan...

On another note we did make that sausage and potato and pepper foil dinner that I shared with you yesterday and it was tastier than I could have ever envisioned. We will definitely be trying it again. 
I am sorry to see this week end I have truly enjoyed sharing with you, This past week has inspired me to join in the future TOS Crew Blog Cruises so be sure to stop back and see what exciting topics will be shared.
God Bless and Happy Camping.

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