Sunday, July 21, 2013

It has happened!! At least according to Alyx! #girlygirl #momsflipped #kidsthinkimnuts

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   It all started with this statement from my middle son Alyx who just turned 15 yesterday. "Mom, what are you turning into a girl or something?"
This was said while browsing for nail polish in the store the other day. You see my boys obviously do not see me as a girl unless I wear any kind of make-up. I was always a tomboy growing up and when I got married and had 3 sons I was surrounded by boys and dirt and bugs. Along the way though something has been transforming in me and as Alyx puts it I am turning into a girl. OH MY GOSH, AS IF!

     When I was in a Red Hat group as a pink hatter(because I was and am under 50) I wore pink hats with lavender clothing, I used to put my pink clothes on and go out acting like a girl. The boys thought it was hysterical and at first I hated that part of it, the dressing up and bling part of it. Although somewhere along the way I started to like the color pink, ok like is not a strong enough word. LOVE! PINK! I also quickly found out that if it was pink the boys would not lay a hand on it. So I very rapidly started choosing everything pink. Even my gym bag and overnight bag....

    My iPod is pink, my iPhone case is pink as well as my arm band that holds my iphone when I run or bike, and my earbuds are pink as well. It doesn't just stop there, I was given the gift of my scooter painted pink for Mother's Day and guess what they do not want to take it for a spin anymore.

Also My first pair of bright colored tennis shoes were HOT PINK! Then I quickly realized I did not just like PINK I liked all bright colors, hence my new shoe obsession of one pair of gym shoes in just about every color of the rainbow. When I purchased my new bike, guess what color? Yep You guessed it I searched the web for a non expensive pink bike. I found it on walmart.com and I love it. I also have a pink tennis racket and pink tennis balls. I love pink, in case I forgot to mention it.

  So to get back to the nail polish, yep I bought fushia nail polish, when my son made his statement about me turning into a girl, but it was cheap nail polish so the next day I went and splurged on some cool acrylic fake nails that are neon tie dye and have silver bling to them. I absolutely love them.

   This epiphany of Alyx's got me thinking, Have I really changed that much and when did it really happen? I have been pondering it the last few days and it finally hit me like a ton of bricks. The major change of me "becoming a girl" happened in February after I had lost about 40lbs since October and started to lose many inches and needed new clothes, a whole bunch of new clothes because nothing I owned fit me anymore. I had dropped from a 26 waist to a 18 and my shirts had gone from a 3x to a 1x. What was it that changed the most, I found myself feeling proud of my accomplishments and did not want to hide behind frumpy tshirts that were 2 sizes too big to hide the bulge within. I found myself not feeling self conscious and accepting compliments when they were given to me and knowing I deserved those compliments.  

    This Summer I actually enjoyed shopping for my new bathing suit, yes of course it is shocking pink. My new Beach towel is pink with polka dots and I love my pink Thirty One Purse. I cannot say it enough I love pink. I am starting to branch out a bit into other colors, but they need to be bright. I find my disposition is always cheerful when I am wearing bright clothes and it always boosts my confidence when people comment on my shoes or outfit and I know they truly mean what they say.

  Recently I went to the thrift shop and are you sitting down? I bought a DRESS!! It is denim and it can be worn as a sundress or with a shirt and it is long. Me a dress without reason, who would have thunk it. Now I am toying with what to do with my hair, I am thinking of growing it ou tlong again, so I can OH MY GOSH do girly things to it, like style it and wear fun clips in my hair, like those Lilla Rose ones everyone is all abuzz about. I am jealous cause I want one too, but my hair is still to short. I will need to work on that. I am even thinking of dragging my make up out of wherever it is hiding GASP!

  Whatever will the boys think then?? We will just have to wait and see.

     I think I am going to like this new me, the me that is a "girl", seems like it could be a ton of fun. There are so many things out there for "girls".

    Here is a picture of my nails I took yesterday! I just love them and cannot wait to get some more, if I could get my nails to grow myself I could get some of those fun Jamberry nails... Oh the possibilities, I may need a second job to support my girlish new looks.
I cannot wait until I lose some more weight and get to my goal, OH BOYS Look out your Momma is definitely turning into a girl!!

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Jennifer aGlimpseOfOurLife said...

Be sure to let me know when you want a Lilla Rose flexi clip. We even have a few styles with pink beads! http://www.lillarose.biz/PrettyHair