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iPad fun with Dig-It Games and their Mayan Mysteries Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2013

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  Wherever we go you are sure to find our iPad close by. I should say my iPad but I do share it with the kids with supervision. I never thought I could love an electronic more than my phone but I surely do love my iPad. What I love about it the most is really how versatile it is, you can play games, check facebook and even do some schoolwork or blog from the iPad. We are always on the hunt for learning games that we can take on the go. So when we were offered the opportunity to review Mayan Mysteries iPad APP from Dig-It Games is was so excited for something new for the boys to do on the iPad since camping season is in full swing and we are on the road a lot or cooped up in the camper when it is raining.

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       Designed for kids ages 9+(recommended for kids 5th-9th grade), because of some themes that may instill fear, now my boys being 13 and 14 this was not an issue for us but may be for some younger kids, so always use your own personal judgement when choosing games and apps for your kids. My boys love adventure and after recently studying the culture of the Mayan people I thought this would fit right in and continue on with the learning. The APP sells for $9.99 and you can purchase it in the itunes APP store. There is also an online program for Mayan Mysteries that sells for  $21.99 for a single user or $299 for a classroom edition for up to 30 students if you do not have access to an iPad.

    Not only is this game fun but it is engaging set in a novel format it draws the player into the game and you learn about Mayan culture along the way while trying to solve the mystery. You learn about the Mayan people and land, their calendar and currency, as well as Math. My boys have not solved the mystery yet, but play it everyday. They love the adventure and learning about the Mayans, they are tracking the looter along with Team Q to find the artifacts and find the thief.

   You can get a feel for the game by trying out the free trial on their website. You will be hooked into the plot as soon as you begin, I find myself enjoying it as much as the children. I am anxious to see which one of us solves the mystery first. I am hoping it is me but am pretty sure it will be Taylor, as he gets the opportunity to play it much more than Alyx or I do. I told them I have a special treat for the one that solves the mystery first, the winner will get a bag of gold coin chocolates(my own loot so to speak).  Shhh! Don't tell them what the prize is I want it to be a surprise.

   Dig-It Games also has another game called Roman Town that is all about the Roman Empire and the Roman People, maybe that will fit in with your studies more than the Mayan Mysteries. Even if you are not studying the Mayans, you are sure to enjoy Mayan Mysteries and learn a little or a lot too.
   Be sure to check out the reviews from the Crew by clicking the banner below, there were 15 of us that reviewed the iPad APP and 85 who reviewed the online version of Mayan Mysteries.


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