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Couponing with Christi the Coupon Coach Molly Crew Review 2013 #couponing #everdayliving #frugal #hsmommas #homeschool #mollyreview

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   I do not know about you but when I think of coupons I envision Extreme Couponing. I tried that and it just did not work for me, but I really want to save my family money. So when I was presented with the opportunity to learn how to coupon for the normal everyday family I jumped on it like a bunch of crazy extreme couponers jump in the dumpster diving for coupons. Christi the Coupon Coach and her handy book Couponing Made Simple

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    So let's get serious for a minute, you know you are just like me, you watch these shows and think are these people for real? I know I tried and failed to be just like them, don't get me wrong I did "score" some great "hauls" and the thrill left me begging for more, but it was also way more time than I had to give to achieve that and honestly do we need enough toothbrushes until the grandkids graduate from high school, absolutely not. Do I need to save money for my family so I can afford to continue to homeschool? Absolutely! and I knew there had to be somewhere in the middle. Well the good news is there most certainly is a right way to coupon for the average family to save some money and be frugal without spending every free minute clipping coupons and shopping. The answer is simple Christi the Coupon Coach and she is here to help us do just that, simple couponing with her book Couponing Made Simple. Step by Step she guides you through being savvy and frugal and finding deals your family will love and use in a normal amount of time, not 10 years from now.

   This small book has more to offer than those the shows you see on TV, it is full of knowledge and funny little stories of her family's different adventures in savings. Ten chapters, 123 pages of reading with a few extra pages left for you to write down noteworthy things you might want to remember, maybe some couponing sites. Now there are no actual sites listing in the book, as they are subject to come and go, if you do a search you are sure to find some. I have a few of my own and I will share them at the bottom of my review if you would like to check them out to help you get started. They are surely not hard to find in today's economy. Now Christi teaches 8 simple steps.
1. Buy Newspapers( I personally buy mine from the dollar store, see saving money already, and the neat thing about the dollar tree is they sell the Sunday paper all week long, they always have plenty. So no need to skip church to grab your coupons, they will be there after church or on Thursday on the way to homeschool co-op)
2.Sort Newspapers (The first thing I do is sort the papers, I flip through a few of the circulars, pass a paper onto my parents and the rest is recycled or repurposed. I then stack like coupon circulars together and keep the craft store coupons Like Michaels's and JoAnns. )
3.Find the Deals (This is where your search for good coupon match up sites comes in handy.)
4. Make Coupon Matches (This takes some practice and with the help of Christi it becomes easier and easier.
5.Organize for Coupon Run (Being organized at home saves you time and money(so no mistakes are made) and frustration.
6.Shop and Save (You know the fun part)
7.Wrap Up at Home (This includes taking a photo of your great bargains, getting any rebates ready to mail, putting your items away pulling older like products forward and putting new ones in the back. Nothing like wasting money when you find expired product because you did not rotate your shelves.
8. Celebrate and Share (Use the products you got for free or cheap and celebrate and enjoy them with your family, donate them to charity or bless family and friends by sharing.

    Here is a photo from a coupon trip we did recently, we combined a clearance sale on the below dishwasher tabs, fabric softener crystals and air fresheners with coupons we had in our coupon binder. Also the toothbrushes and toothpaste were on sale for $1.00 and we had coupons to make them all FREE. Our total out of pocket for this trip was $3.75

     There is also a chapter on couponing etiquette. Bad couponers give all couponers a bad name. Play fair let's not ruin it for everyone. I have seen some people abuse the system in our area and it has made redeeming coupons not so fun anymore. If we want to continue to reap the benefits of coupons let's play by the rules.

   Some of my favorite chapters were not even about coupons, they were just about being thrifty, and thrifty is my middle name, it was nice to know I was not alone in my love of garage sales and thrift stores. Also you may have heard me talk about my addiction to school supplies and how this is my favorite time of year, I mean how can you go wrong with crayons for 1 cent. I do not care if we need them or not this is one area where I may be a tad extreme but my kids will tell you I share my deals with friends all but my glue sticks, in a homeschool that loves lapbooking cheap glue sticks are sacred and cannot be shared.

   I love "curb shopping" as well and I am not ashamed to admit it, we love to pick up discarded furniture and repurpose it or give it a facelift and make it beautiful and add it to our home. Here is a table we found on a curb and look how beautiful it came out. It now sits next to my bed and I love it, it is also storage as it opens as well. Makes a great hiding spot... SSHHH! Don't tell the kids.
Not only that you can fix up discarded items and give them as gifts, like Alyx did with a table a neighbor threw out in their garbage, Alyx sanded it and restained it and it turned out like new and for less than $10 he gave his brother a gift he will cherish for years to come.

 Or how about that pallet he redid and made a great addition to my Mom's Patriotic decor at her house, for a few dollars of paint it is craft show worthy.

Christi teaches us in Couponing Made Simple that being frugal is not all about coupons. She also teaches how saving money can be a family affair and it can be load of fun too. I hope I pass on my penny pinching nature to my kids, I cannot wait to continue following Christi's book to add more money saving knowledge to my family.

     The final chapter is about a Free gift for everyone no coupon needed, but I cannot share this secret, but do know that my family enjoys and treasures it immensely. If you want to know what it is you will just have to buy the book. You will be glad you did, and it will save you so much more than money. For the price of  $18.00 and free shipping or on your Kindle for the bargain price of $4.99, you will make your money back in no time flat so it is an investment that will return bountiful harvests to your family over and over. So visit Christi the Coupon Coach 

    As Promised here are a couple of my favorite coupon matching sites... Just a note these were current at the time I published this review but may become inactive over time, the best way to find the current ones is to ask your friends or search the web. Now these are only a few that I follow and they all have facebook pages as well, and post coupon deals all the time, but there are so many more you will have to find your own favorites.

       1.Coupon Cousins  
       2. Bargains to Bounty

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I love the review and that you did take the chance to start to save money by couponing. I do think sometimes on tv they get a little extreme. The great part about the tv and books like this is, It shows people they can shop and save money or even pay their utilities.As a mother who had a great job ,to be laid off and go to 1/3 the income,couponing helped me survive.