Monday, July 22, 2013

ACE your Weight with Deana Frettinger WAHM REVIEW

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   I was recently given the opportunity to review a bottle of Ace with Consultant Deana Frettinger, it is an appetite suppressant and energy booster in capsule form. You can take up to 2 capsules daily and it gives you a boost of energy and helps control those hunger cravings. You know your body's way of telling you to eat what you are not supposed to. Each bottle contains 60 capsules and can last either a month or two months depending on how many you take I took 1 each day so it lasted me 2 months. They retail for $40 with wholesale pricing after you purchase the starter kit for $59.
The start kit includes..

$59 Natural ACE Starter Pack

  • 1 - 60 count Bottle of Natural ACE Weight-Loss
  • 7 - 2 count Natural ACE Weight-Loss Trial Packs
  • The Ability to Get Natural ACE at the Wholesale Price of $40 per Bottle (plus tax & shipping)
You can order straight from Deana's website, http://deana.lovemyace.com/

   Deana was friendly and curteous and offered to answer any questions I might have. She also has a Fan Page on Facebook that offers to much support and you can get questions answered there as well. You can find her facebook page by going here... https://www.facebook.com/acemazingenergy
By liking her fan page you will have access to contests and inspirational messages as well as get first hand information for upcoming sales and new products, sometimes there are recipes shared as well as exercise and fitness tips. It is definitely the full package. 

   Saba which is the main company offers a plethora of other products as well you can get in touch with Deana and ask her about them, since I did not try them I cannot be of any help but I am sure she will be happy to assist you, be sure to tell her Jenn sent you. 

   I took the Ace over 2 months, the months of May and June and let me tell you I felt so full of energy when I was taking it. I have definitely noticed a depletion in my energy and vigor since stopping after I ran out of pills. The mornings I took ACE with my breakfast and I was off and running, I always had energy to go for a walk or run or bike ride and the best thing about ACE, it helped me lose 11 pounds and over 15 inches in the 2 months I took it. For optimum results you can take an additional capsule in the afternoon as well. Next time I try it I am going to try that and see how much my results differ. 

Here is a before and after photo from when I started ACE in May 1, June 1 and  at the end of my two months on July 1st.

I received this product in exchange for my honest review as being part of WAHM Reviews. The fact that I received the product for free did not sway my review in any way, I truly did enjoy the results of this product and look forward to trying it again. 

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