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A Reading Adventure with Susan Marlow and Kregel Publications Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2013

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    Being the Mom of 3 teenage sons, I want them to love reading but I am also cautious of the content they are being exposed to. I want them to read books and I want them to read books that do not have objectionable content, yet still be intriguing and exciting. Susan Marlow and Kregel Publications deliver just that type of reading material with the book Badge of Honor which is part of their GOLDTOWN ADVENTURES series.
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    I have to say my 13 almost 14 yr old Taylor who is entering 9th grade is my child that I really have to entice to read, finding books that really hold his interest has been a challenge to say the least. The one thing I can count on is he loves History, so maybe a book full of adventure and historical fiction may be just the thing we are looking for?

    Badge of Honor is the first in the Goldtown Adventures Series, and sells for $7.99 plus $2.50 S&H or 13.99 for the set of books one and two. The third book is due out this coming November.
Badge of Honor is set in 1864 and centers around the adventures of a 12 yr old boy named Jem and his Sister and his cousin. Taylor loved that these books were centered around children as it was easier for him to relate rather than it being all about adults. The kids set out to learn why Cripple Creek is losing water, and end up being trapped in a mine! Will they be rescued? I should let you read it to find out but common sense is if there are other books the kids are probably safe and sound. No peril here, but the most important lessons to be learned in these books is that you have to trust in God. The book teaches how to cope with change, something we seem to know a lot about. Jem's cousin moves from back East, Jem's father gets a new job as Sheriff, these are all hard things for kids to deal with but with the help of God and Faith Jem learns to adapt.

     The book was hard for Taylor to put down, he could not wait to get to the end, and of course begged me to order the second book, I am doing that next week and it will be his first day of school gift. I am hoping the third book is out in time for his Birthday at the beginning of November otherwise it will be a stocking stuffer for sure at Christmas. Yes you heard me right, I am already thinking ahead to stockings and Christmas. It is closer than any of us want to admit. I hope he can wait that long because he talks about the book all the time, and has lent it to a friend, who needs to find a relationship with God, and Taylor is hoping this will help him to think about trusting God, in his times of need. I love that my kids get excited about things and then want to share them with others. Especially so when it is Christian in content. I think this a great ice breaker for kids to share the word of God with their friends.

   Adventure with a Bible twist, you bethcha and it really doesn't get better than that. I grab every opportunity I can to give my children Christian material to read, these books are perfect for parents like me that want their kids to have a love for reading but still long for adventure.  The cool thing is the learning has just begun, as this is just not a book. Susan K. Marlow is offering FREE downloads of study guides that go with each book. The study guides are 24-25 pages long and can be accessed by clicking here.   Study guides have been a hit much to my surprise in our homeschool this past year, and this was no exception. The guides are well thought out and very in depth.  Taylor's favorite part of the study guide was studying more about the tools that miners used. He even went further and researched some on the internet. I enjoy watching my children get ignited for a topic and this was a new avenue for Taylor as usually he migrates to the wars of History and to me I am happy to see him get excited for something other than War and Peril.

    If you are looking for Christian Fiction for your kids, both suitable for boys and girls that are packed with adventure and sprinkled with Faith then you should head over to Susan Marlow and Kregel Publications and order both of these books for your kids, if you order just one you will just end up going back to order the second one like me, so why not save on shipping and get them both now. Be sure to check back in November for book 3 as well. Be sure to click the link to learn more about both books that the crew reviewed.


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Andi Carter said...

Hi Jenn,
Thanks for your fun-to-read and enthusiastic review. I especially loved reading how your DS is sharing the book with his unsaved friend. Wow! Sometimes an author of kids' books wonders if she's really "ministering," but if one of my books plants a seed that can one day be watered into life, that would be so wonderful. thanks for sharing that part.

Susan Marlow

(my blogger account is linked to the blog "Andi," from my girls' historical series, writes. But it's really me, so don't let the label confuse you.)