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Paper Jungle Art Time with See the Light Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2013 #hsreview #homeschoolart #homeschool

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 Art is an important component in our homeschool. I am as people call me ARTSY as is my son Taylor. We both were given a gift from God and we like to use it. So I was so excited when we were chosen for the review from See the Light, a homeschool video based Art curriculum. The specific one we were chosen for was Paper Jungle. I thought this would be a perfect match for Taylor as he has a knack for Origami and paper Arts.

   See the Light is a curriculum that uses DVD teaching instruction to help a child explore their hidden, or in our case with Taylor not so hidden Artist within. This worked so well with Taylor as he likes to work on his Art on his own and at his own pace. He is also a visual learner so DVD teaching helps him tremendously. This also helped with giving him more Independence for his studies. Giving him the power to complete the work on his own time, faster or slower whichever he needs. In this case he worked at a faster pace than some subjects because it is a subject area that he is passionate about. The DVD we were sent is called Paper Jungle, and it sells for $14.99 and is geared for kids 10 and up. All of the See the light DVDs are $14.99 but have different age specifications and suggestions. You may also purchase a Bundle Pack for $99.99
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   See the Light is the product born from Dave and Pat Holt who have teamed up with Artists and Musicians to bring Biblical Art in a fun and exciting way to your homeschool day. The Paper Jungle lesson DVD we received is part of the Art Projects Collection and they are all taught by Master Artisit Pat Knepley who has been drawing since she was able to hold onto a crayon. I love Art but I am not a Master Artist by any means so it gives me comfort knowing Taylor was being taught by a true Master of the Arts. The DVD was arranged by 4 step by step video tutorial lessons that last in length from 22 - 27 minutes and then lead to the creation of a 3-D Art collage that is based on the works of French Artist Henri Rousseau.  The idea is to watch the lesson and then do the project portion that is slated for that lesson. You can have your child work along with the lesson and complete it in less time but for Taylor what he did was watch it once and then watch it again while he worked on the project portion for that day and this way he could pause it as he worked and restart it when he was ready to move on. This helped keep him on task. Now you of course can run them whatever way works best for your young Artist, that of course is one of the many benefits of homeschooling, doing what works best for your child.

    Being that we are an Art inspired classroom we had all of the materials on hand, many of you probably would too, as there was nothing super difficult or odd needed to complete the project. You can find a list of materials for any of the Art Projects DVDs on the website in the description of each one so that you can make a list and gather all of the supplies before your shipment comes. This was helpful to have it all on hand in one place so he was ready to go. The main supplies needed was colored art paper, like construction paper or in our instance card stock, in a list of colors, scissors, a black marker and glue, we used glue sticks and some liquid glue for the smaller pieces. Crayons, colored pencils and other colored markers are needed as well to add detail to your piece. One thing Taylor hates is that an Art instructor talks like you are not there! Which this was not like that at all so he was pleasantly surprised. The instructor teaches in a very conversation manner so it made it pleasant to listen and engage, There was also Art History and the story of the life of Henri Rousseau and demonstrated examples of techniques and art terms giving this a very well rounded Art class. Another key point in Taylor's opinion was that he liked how he was allowed to choose what animal he wanted to do and not simply told do this. For his project he chose a Monkey, which just happens to be his nickname.  He had attended an art class in the neighborhood for a while and his biggest complaint was there was no freedom of expression. This was not the case with Paper Jungle and See the Light. There is instruction and guidance but still freedom to make your art project your own. That is a big thing for Taylor so this majorly scored points for Taylor.

     You could set this up on any schedule that fits into your homeschool day. We typically have a group Art class once a week but the boys are free to work on Art if they choose for their free work time. This is what Taylor did so he worked on 2 lessons a week for two weeks and then tweaked his final project. He is a perfectionist by nature, maybe it is his OCD but he reworked his project a couple times and is still not happy enough with it for me to share it all over the internet. He told me I could share it when it is complete and perfect. This is not because the program failed in anyway it is just his perfectionistic ways.  We would both highly recommend See the Light and especially the Art Projects DVD lessons. I can see us adding them to our homeschool curriculum library one by one for a fun fresh Art lesson. The overall age ranges for any of their programs is 5-18 so there is bound to be something for everyone. Be sure to visit the See the Light online store and also visit the other Schoolhouse Review Crew Members as there is a large assortment of reviews to be read as we all chose the DVD that interested our individual child. Just click on the banner below to find them all.

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