Monday, June 10, 2013

Our first 5K ended with Exciting results...... #couch25K #5K #firsttime #1stplace

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 As I continue my weight loss journey I have been walking several times a week for 3-5 miles and have even started running, using the couch 2 5K app on my iPhone. Alyx and I have been anticipating running our first 5K in the Fall, after training some more over the Summer so we are prepared to compete. We have done some fun walks but never a timed race so this is something I felt we needed to prepare and train for.

   Little did I know in the matter of a couple of days of coming up to the camp for this last time that this course was going to change drastically. While we were browsing along on the internet one night we came across a running club that meets up here locally near camp, and they host several 5K and 10K races a month all season long. The money from the entrance fees always goes to a good charity of choice and the fees are kept reasonable enough. You sign up, you get a t-shirt and there is always a theme. So we happened upon one that would take place while we were up here and the weather has been unseasonably cool so I thought why not take advantage of it and try this out. So we originally intended our first 5K to be a run, but decided that we would go as walkers just to test the waters.

    So sign up we did! For the Diplo Dash Ice Cream Bash, so you sense the theme? Yes there was ice cream involved, at the finish line there was ice cream treats courtesy of Baskin Robins. YUMMY! So of course that was all Alyx needed for motivation. I explained to him ahead of time that this was not like our other walks we had participated in, where we walked together and chatted with folks along the way. This was every man or woman for themselves and we were not going to stick together, knowing he is longer legged than I, he would walk faster when given the opportunity. So when we lined up I told him just to walk, as fast as he could without looking back to see where I was and to not stop until he crossed the finish line, and I would get there eventually.

   Now there were many categories, 19 and under was Alyx's and 35-39 was mine, Then they were sub divided into Men and Women and there were timing chips in our Bibs so they knew our official time for our category and overall.

I thought we would do ok, and being our first time my intention was not to place very high but mainly for the experience of how an official 5K was run. Little did I know just how well Alyx was going to do. He ended up in 1st place in his division and  24th Overall. WOW! was I excited and proud of him, and he is now officially hooked.
MALE AGE GROUP: 1 - 19 Place Oall Name No. City Ag Time Pace ===== ==== ====================== ===== ================= == ======= ===== 1 24 Alyxander Kasprzak 6441 St Clair Shores 14 45:31 14:40 2 34 Kyle Gillie 8163 New Lothrop 6 47:47 15:23 3 48 Ethan Wells 6449 Davison 11 51:21 16:32 4 54 Jacob Hickey 6394 Flushing 7 51:29 16:35 5 58 Grant Healy 6389 Flint 17 51:54 16:43

FEMALE AGE GROUP: 35 - 39 Place Oall Name No. City Ag Time Pace ===== ==== ====================== ===== ================= == ======= ===== 1 28 Ellen Ruddock 6456 Flint 39 46:12 14:53 2 38 Melissa Cureton 6368 Flint 39 49:35 15:58 3 53 Sarah Wurts 6435 Linden 35 51:27 16:34 4 60 Christine Healy 6388 Flint 38 51:56 16:44 5 68 Sue Dennis 6373 Grand Blanc 35 54:16 17:29 6 75 Monica Parker 6414 Owosso 38 56:17 18:08 7 82 Jaime Grant 6383 Holly 36 57:22 18:28 8 84 Jennifer Kasprzak 6447 St Clair Shores 37 58:34 18:52 9 98 Leanna Mason 6406 Swartz Creek 38 1:05:01 20:56 10 99 Monica Mason 6407 Swartz Creek 36 1:05:07 20:58

All it took was the bait of the ice cream to get him started but winning has created a running monster. We are signing up for our 2nd 5K that will take place on June 19th. It's the Flushing 5k and kicks off the Flushing Annual Family Festival.
                On another note, I have been putting all of my spare change in an empty tennis ball can to save up and treat myself to something when I accomplish a goal of mine. For me completing a 5K race and not being in last place was a huge goal of mine and I did just that. So the next day Alyx and I took my change to the coinstar machine and I had over 40 dollars in change. Off to the outlet mall we went in search of a pair of good running shoes, he had money of his own to spend so he wanted a pair too. We spent all day going in every shoe store there was. Alyx bought a new pair of Under Armors. Regular price $119 and they were on clearance for $35. I bought a new pair of Nike+, I was on the hunt for a while of a bright coral color and in the very last store I found just that, ironically the last store happened to be the first store. We were in that store 3 times total that day, I am sure they thought we were a little bit crazy.
Oh well, the first time we went in Alyx found his shoes but had them hold them, he wanted to look around. The second time after 6 other stores and several hours later he went back in to buy them. Then we went to two other stores and I was feeling like I was going to go home empty handed I decided to head back into the store where he bought his and look around some more. Low and behold there were my shoes on the clearance rack and I swear they were not there the first time. I tried them and a few others on and I fell in love. The price was awesome too. Originally $139 on sale for $37.50 Then to top it off went to Walmart and found a cute running outfit on clearance for $10 for the shorts and the performance shirt, the kicker it matched my new running shoes. I was so happy, I cannot tell you how much fun I am having actually shopping these days. I love when I find things on the rack at the thrift store and they are too big and I have to keep looking verses the other way around, it used to be everything was too small and I had to keep looking and I would get frustrated.
     Here are my new shoes and me in my new running outfit, matching from top to shoes.

    I immediately started saving my change again, so I can save up for something new for my next big accomplishment, running a 5K instead of walking, walking a 5K and placing in the top 3 for an award or running a 5K and not coming in last or losing 50lbs whichever comes first. Only time will tell.  What do you do to award yourself for a weightloss accomplishment?? What motivates you to keep going and not give up?

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