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Math you will actually use in everyday life with Math Mammoth! Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2013 #hsreviews #mathinreallife #homeschoolmath

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""I used Grammarly to grammar check this post, because my life is chaotic and sometimes my brain thinks much faster than my fingers type and even Mom's who homeschool make mistakes, we are both teacher and mom but we are not even close to perfect." 

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               If your kids are anything like mine they have probably asked you this question. "When are we ever going to need this Math in Real Life??? Well now there is a concrete way to answer that question for you and your kids. Make it Real Learning from Math Mammoth. We were excited to once again be offered the opportunity to review some of the wonderful workbooks from Math Mammoth. This time we chose a few titles from their States by the Numbers series.

    We took a road trip in the Fall and visited many states and we have been working on digging deeper into what each state is really all about and what it has to offer and the history of the state. We spent more time in some states more than others because we had family to visit in those states. I was allowed to pick 3 titles from any of the workbooks offered by Math Mammoth and since we enjoyed their Math in Real Life selections we got to review last year we headed in that direction again. We decided to go with 3 States from the States by the Numbers series,which sell for $2.99 each or all 50 of them for $19.99, the first was Michigan our home state, next was Texas where we have family and friends a plenty, and lastly North Carolina where our family lives on a mountain top. We added these to our unit studies about the states. They are sent via PDF file via email so you can download and print as you go along.
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   Math Mammoth and the Math in Real Life books make teaching kids Math easy, as it is in a manner that concretely shows them how Math is used in life everyday. Now these books are recommended for grades 4-6 but can be used with most likely 3-7 or in our case when your child is struggling in areas of Math and you just need something that will make it click. Taylor is in 8th grade and this is his problem, he needs things to be concrete and be shown that he really needs to learn this stuff. For Alyx this was simply refreshers as he was already done with his Math work for the school year, he is in 9th grade.In these particular workbooks you will learn and practice Math concepts such as place values, rounding, estimation, and fractions and percents. There is a handy answer key in the back of each book so it makes it easy to check their work. We received the PDF download version which is handy because then I just printed off what I needed for that days lesson. It took Taylor an average of 3 days of work time to complete each lesson, Alyx could easily complete a lesson each day or two as he works much faster and Math comes easy to him.

    All of the State books are pretty similar in the concepts they teach but the information it uses to teach is different in the fact that it is using the facts from the state, for instance Michigan to teach the concepts. We talked about the US census and the population of Michigan, and the amount of energy consumed by folks in MI. This fascinated the boys, the love information like this, especially since we are trying hard to reduce our ecological footprint this Summer. One of the questions was "The Population of MI is projected to be 10,428,683 in 2010. Round this number to the nearest thousand."
  There was talk about estimating the BTUs of energy used from both Petroleum Gas and Natural Gas and then estimating the usage for the year by rounding the numbers and then adding them together to get the estimate. Another fun topic was percentage of adults living in our state that were High School Graduates. There are 38 pages in each of these books, including the Table of Contents and Answer keys.

    Each lessons starts out by explaining the Mathematical concept that is going to be talked about in that chapter and then their are "try-its" for the student to practice the concept and then it moves onto the actual lesson with the problems they need to complete. There is the explanation, 4 "try-its" and then 20 problems per lesson. Each state book is set up like this, and like I said earlier they are teaching the same concepts, but because they are using statistics from the state the book is based on the numbers and information you are using is going to vary. It helped Taylor to keep practicing the concepts being taught and they learned facts about Michigan, Texas and North Carolina all at the same time. This also helps instill the math concepts they are learning really do apply to real life, and that Math is used everyday in many ways.
   Be sure to head over to Math Mammoth to check out all of their Math programs as they have something for children from 1st to 12th grades so there is bound to be something to fit your homeschool needs and that of your children, also be sure to head over the Schoolhouse Review Crew Blog by clicking the banner below so that you can read all of the reviews as we each chose what would interest our children and fit our individual needs so there is a wide arrange of products that were reviewed by the Crew.


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