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Let's Travel the World With Memoria Press Geography! Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2013 #hsreviews #hsgeography #homeschool

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        We were recently sent Geography I from Memoria Press, as our next Schoolhouse Crew Review. My boys really enjoy learning about other Countries and Cultures so I was thrilled to have been chosen. Geography I is geared for grades 4+, with a realistic age range of 4th -8th, but having used it for my 8th and 9th graders I can see where this can go into High School as well.

    We were sent the entire Geography I package that includes for $48.00
                          Geography I Text
                          Geography I Workbook
                          Geography I Teacher Guide
                          United States Review Student
                          United States Review Key, Quizzes, and Tests

   Now we are not a classical homeschool by definition, but we dabble in just about anything that catches our eye or peeks our curiosity. Memoria Press is a traditionally classical curriculum company that incorporated Biblical learning into their curriculum. Their curriculum is very basic looking on the outside but packed full of information on the outside. At first glance my opinion of this was that it reminded me of traditional classroom learning materials. Upon opening it I was pleasantly surprised by the Biblical mentioning that is sprinkled throughout the readings. I appreciate any company that incorporates the Bible into their studies.

     The books focus on the Middle East, North Africa and Europe, there is a text portion for each country within the area. We read the text together this covered the ancient and modern histories of each country and then the boys did the coordinating workbook lessons. There were some questions to answer and some fill in the blank worksheets, the boys had to write the Country's capitol, it's ancient name, and some fun facts and then they were asked to label important places on a map. The United States review is intended to review what students would have learned in the previous course from Memoria Press. Even though we have done our fair share of studying our home country the good ole USA we did the review to just make sure we were keeping our facts straight. In my opinion you could use Geography I without doing the review for the United States and your kids would do just fine, in other words it could serve quite well as a stand alone product.

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          We covered about a country a day and worked on this 3 days a week since our load is lighter now that it is Summer. The curriculum shared all of the information we needed to learn about the countries covered in their books, my boys only complaint is that it is just book work and no hands on learning, can you tell they are totally used to our homeschool life and now expect all of our work to include hands on learning. Boy are they in for a rude awakening as we dig deeper into High School and it is more work and less playing(hands on). I am glad we got to use this curriculum as it helps us keep a little classical in our more eclectic homeschool array of curriculum. There is so much offered by Memoria Press, for instance Prima Latina which some of the crew picked as their choice, you can see all of their classical offerings on the Memoria Press website as well as check out the crew reviews by clicking on the banner below.


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