Thursday, May 9, 2013

Weightloss Update Mid May #weightloss #journey #success

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   This month seems to be flying by, maybe that is because we are relaxing up at our camper and keeping busy and exercising. I am finally feeling back to my energetic self and I am amazed everyday how much more I can do since I have lost weight. I am no where near done but I am proud of myself. I weighed in at WW last Saturday and was down -1.8lbs and today I weighed in again and was down another -1.3 lbs Wahoo. I am back on track I need to lose 3.4 lbs to get to my 10% and I am hoping to do that this week or next at my regular meeting at home.

   We leave to go back home Tuuesday morning, we will be home for 2 weeks and then back up here for 2 more weeks. We have had some minor repairs to do from the Winter on our camper but that has not stopped us from enjoying the gorgeous weather and being active. We have been swimming almost every morning for at least 1 hr. and riding our bike and walking every day. It is 1.5 miles around the lake from our camper and back and many hills to climb. I have friends up here  who love to walk so it has been nice, my friend Renee' and I walked around the lake 2x the other night and when I plugged my BodyMedia in that night I had done over 12700 steps that day. I blew myself away. I am surprised everyday and how much I can accomplish and am no longer in agonizing pain that night or the next day. Many times when we stop I could keep going. Alyx and I are walking in the MS Walk in Frankenmuth, MI this Saturday and it is 3.1 Miles. I hope the weather holds out for us.

    I am enjoying my new found energy and I look forward to making new goals as soon as I reach my 10% hopefully in the next week or two. I will most likely just go with another 5% and 10% and keep plugging along until I reach my goal. It is funny how I used to think I would never even reach my 5% or 10% and now I know I will someday soon reach my end goal weight. It is still hard to envision what I will look like when I reach that goal, as I am ecstatic already with the changes my body has gone through. I cannot remember when I was this confident about the way I looked. It truly has been that long.

  I hope you all are rewarding yourself as you go along your journey and allow yourself small treats as well. If we deprive ourselves of all things that made us once happy it will leave us wanting more than we should have. I have learned to weigh the pros and cons of all the food I eat and I was very proud of myself yesterday when Alyx and my Mom stopped for ice cream when we went to town for the Farm Market as I just chose to have water since I knew we were going for a fruit smoothie that evening. I have learned to make healthy choices out of some of my treats I enjoy as well. For instance Tropical Smoothie Cafe, I can enjoy any smoothie for half the calories by asking for it to be made with Splenda and for an additional .75 I can add weight management to it which helps boost my metabolism and burn fat. My other indulgence is Starbuck's Frappacinos, while I love all the added fun like whipped cream and such I have learned that the little bit of whipped cream is an added 200 calories and if I have it made with Skim milk that cuts additional calories off and it is just as good and a much healthier treat. Now even though these are healthier options I still only do them once in a while. The smoothies I can only get when we are at camp so I limit them to 2x a week. Starbucks is only about 1x a month.

  So you see you do not have to give up all the treats that make you happy or do without when your family wants dessert, you just need to find a healthier alternative or version of your already favorite treat. Since I have been doing this I have found I have much more determination to keep going where in the past I took these things away from myself while I was on my "diet" and then when I would cheat I just had it the way I always had and it made me crave it that much more. With the way I have been doing it this time and since this is not a "diet" it is a lifestyle change I have learned to adapt and make healthier choices so I will know what to do always and not just now. I want to live healthier for always not just until I get to goal, because obviously when I get to goal I do not want to gain all the weight back and throw away all of my hard work, because lets face it this is hard work. We all know when we work hard at something and it does not come easy we appreciate it that much more and this should be no different. So in closing I can still enjoy some of my favorite treats just made with healthier options and they taste just as good and then I do not have to have that guilty feeling and I find that I am enjoying walking and biking and swimming and I truly do not see it as exercise but more of a stress reliever and healthier lifestyle. I have more energy and crave physical activity instead of junk food, it is amazing how small changes make your body crave better things in life.

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