Monday, May 27, 2013

Pink Blessings and a little fun too. #pinkscooter #MS #blessed #greatkids #awesomefriends

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OK I have to brag on how lucky I am to have the kids I do, makes up for some of the garbage I go through on a daily basis. I have a mobility scooter due to my MS because in the Summer and anytime I am not in remission it is the only way I get to do anything, well last Summer my scooter took a beating at the campground, so we brought it home and it has been slowly getting repaired by my son Alyx and his friend Eric the car guy. Like they took it apart down to nothing and repaired everything and upgraded some things.

   Well I knew they had to order a new fender and they were repainting some parts because of chipping and things, there was a joke about painting it pink in the beginning. Now those that know me know that I LOVE PINK. I was disappointed to learn that it would not be feasible to repaint the whole scooter therefor they had the paint shop color match the previous orange sherbet color it was.

    Well on Mother's Day I was told I could only have half of my Mother's Day and Birthday presents, since my Birthday was the next day Alyx got me a combined gift. So I opened my gifts and it was Pink Breast Cancer tennis balls and a brand new breast cancer pink tennis racket... I was so excited. Then he told me I would have to wait until I got home for the rest. So Tuesday Night last week I went over to see what they were up to and low and behold my other surprise is that they did indeed repaint my whole scooter as a gift for me, and guess what it is ???

    Breast Cancer Pink and Shiny Silver accents. It looks soo cool, I was speechless.  we even found metallic pink aluminum valve stem covers to go on it too.  We are in the process of looking for some vinyl graphics or maybe have it airbrushed to add a little more personality to it.
    They have been in touch with EV Rider, the scooter company and a picture of my custom scooter is going to be put on their website when it is all done, it still has some work to do on it, like some new front tires, that were ordered but have not come in yet. I am so excited and so blessed. God is good.
                                     Here is some pictures of my new Pink Baby!!

                                             Partners in Crime, Alyx and Eric

 So because of the whole Pink thing, the guys have been saying they have to hurry and finish my scooter, because they have to get the Pink out of the garage, it is sucking the testosterone right out of their man cave. Good Grief. So for a joke, Alyx took a piece of wood and sprayed it pink, and went down while Eric was at work and screwed it to the front of the work bench drawer. I thought Eric would get mad, but instead he made laughed and made Alyx and I both sign it and he is going to clear coat it and leave it on the drawer front as our little mark on the garage and a reminder of how much fun the two of them had working on my scooter. I thank God everyday for putting Alyx and Eric in each other's lives and our whole family's as well. They are like two peas in a pod and Eric is such a positive role model for Alyx and has taught him so much, and Alyx has even taught Eric a thing or two. We have become such good friends with Eric and his wife Jan and it is nice that they are now are neighbors too.

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