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Never too early to Prepare your Homeschool High School Student for College(College Prep Genius) Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2013 #hsreviews

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These days there is a buzz in our house and topic always seems to fall on College, Nick is going into his Senior year in a few weeks, Yikes I will be a Mom of a Senior, how in the world did that happen and when? Alyx is starting his Sophomore year and my baby, Taylor he is going to be a Freshman, I will be officially a Mom of ALL High School students in a few short weeks. How are we preparing, well before I was offered this review we were stumbling around a bit, but then I was sent HIGH SCHOOL PREP GENIUS; An academic Guide to Excellence from College Prep Genius. 

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Now this is no tiny book, it is a glossy 440 page paperback that is overflowing with information on how to successfully plan for college, even while you are in High School or even Middle School. Now High School students can do this on their own with parental guidance but younger students that are in Middle School, the parent will have to be more hands on or work on some of it for their children, although I still see it as a valuable resource even at those younger levels. 

High School Prep Genius is a tool to help parents and students navigate through all the prep work that is needed to insure a healthy, easy transition to college. Giving you all the tools to be successful in an organized fashion. Packed into 18 chapters you will be given information,explanations and guidance all for $29.95. You are given all the instructions on how to create a college and career notebook and how to organize it as well. This will follow student timelines from 9th to 12th grade and then continues on with how to lay foundations for the student to accomplish personal successes with both college and life. 

There are topics that are covered such as personal development, living a healthy lifestyle and being physically fit, building and maintaining a support system and lastly gaining financial independence. 
There are like I said 18 chapters, some of the topics  in these are test taking, academic development, being organized and going beyond the basics are covered in the section titled Foundation for Academic Success. There was another section that was called, Foundation for Future Success and had chapters covering preparing for standardized tests such as the SAT, choosing your school(something we are going through currently with Nick), and completing the college applications and paying for school as well. There is so much more to discover in this book, we have been working on it once a week and using it as an elective so we have not covered everything with the boys yet, Although I did go through the book on my own to see what we would need and what would be expected of the boys. The main tools needed to complete this book is a notebook or in our case we used a 3 ring binder. Of course you will need pens and pencils and we used a highlighter as well. You will need information for certain sections like the transcripts. Other than that there is no need to run out and buy anything to go along with this, you open the book and begin. 

There are many other supplemental topics such as recommended High School reading, talent search tips, definitions of common terms used in college admissions and how to relax and reduce test anxiety which is a big problem in our younger boys due to their Asperger's Syndrome, I am hoping some of these tips will be successful for them as they are nearing the age to take tests such as the ACT and PSAT and then onto the SAT.

The most beneficial information that I as a homeschool parent got out of this was how to build my boys' homeschool transcripts this has been something I have been worrying about for while, now I can rest easy as there are easy to follow steps to complete it with ease. 
Now my boys would tell you this is not the most fun they have had with a review item, but they did feel it was useful and important and want to finish it up in the Fall, but begged me to not make them work on it this Summer, as our Summer is reserved for FUN topics and studies and review periods only, but we will be starting back once a week as a elective again in September. My opinion is this is a must have for any family that is beginning High School or beyond, or even Middle School to help them navigate the sea of information that is needed to weed through to get to College and for their kids to feel comfortable heading off to college and beyond in their Adult Life. I am glad my boys take this seriously and I wish growing up I would have had this valuable tool to help me navigate college and life beyond, I may have fared better than I did. So be sure to check out College Prep Genius and all they have to offer, but especially High School Prep Genius, you can thank me later... Also be sure to click on the banner below and check out all of the reviews from the crew for High School Prep Genius. 


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