Monday, May 20, 2013

I finally hit my 10% Milestone in my weightloss journey!! #WW #weighloss #gettingskinny

Pin It Now!   WOW! It feels so good to finally accomplish this big goal that I set way back in January. My 10% was to lose 27 lbs and I would have probably hit it a month ago but I got sick and it set everything back a bit. In the past I would have let my setback stop me and I would have just quit and gave up. Not this time, this Momma has this!! I needed to lose -3.4 lbs this week to meet this goal and I ended up -3.5 lbs down so I squeaked by with the skin of my teeth. I was so excited. Here is my keychain I earned by making this goal with Weight Watchers, along with my -25 lb charm and my 16 week stay and succeed that I earned a few weeks ago.

It has been a while since I posted some updated pics so here are my 10% -27lb photos.

One thing I find myself having to do as I go down in sizes for shirts is having to layer as the shirts are too short for my liking, so I either throw a tank top underneath like in the above photos, or I am going to start using my new favorite find.
They can be worn so it makes your shirt longer or on top to cover your cleavage with low cut tops to maintain a more modest appearance. I found them on clearance at Meijer for just over $7 so decided to take the plunge, I am going to go get some more and in a smaller size when we get paid this week. 

I did my monthly measurements and I was down again.... 
from April 15 - May 16 I was down -5 inches in my bust,-1 inch in my waist and -1 inch in my hips. for a total monthly inches lost in just those 3 areas of -7 inches.
My 3 month total inches lost is -9 inches lost in my bust, -10 inches in my waist, and -6 inches in my hips, for a Grand Total of -25 inches lost in just those 3 areas.
I also lost a total of -20 lbs in those 3 months. 

I cannot stress how much energy I have and how motivated I am to keep going on this journey. Sure there are days when I do not feel like exercising and may take a break but the next day I get up and get moving. I find now that I actually crave exercise and feel deprived when I cannot get out and walk or my new hobby run(yes I said run) I love how it makes me feel. Now I cannot hardly run as far as I can walk, but it is a work in progress. I am hoping by fall I will be able to Run the entire 5K that I am going to be signing up for. Hoping for a color run of some sort but we will see. I just subscribed to Runner's World Magazine thanks to the motivation from my friend Sarah. I went out and bought the current issue, since the cover was all about color runs. I just could not wait the 4-6 weeks for my first subscription issue to come, I also ordered a couple books from the same company. Those should be here this week. 

I ended up having to order a new charger for my iPod Shuffle since mine got dropped out of my laptop bag and eaten by one of the dogs. UGH. I ordered it from Amazon with a gift card I had and it was only $2.84 with free shipping, it should be here this week and I still have some money left on my gift card so I am on the hunt for what I might need or want next. I really want a pair of under armour running shoes but I will have to save my pennies for them. 


photo from www.Underarmour.com
I bought the cutest little piggy bank for all of my spare change it is actually a magnet, I found it at the thrift shop up at camp and I could not resist for only $.60 I just had to have it. I also got a cute pair of Capris that are my new clothing goal. They are a size 12 and I hope to wear them by at least the Fall before the weather turns cold. 

I did get a new pair of red tennis shoes to add to my collection while we were away at camp, they were a birthday gift to myself. Did I mention I am now 37, Yikes I am getting old, but you know what I feel younger than I have in years. It is amazing when you eat healthy and exercise regularly you feel younger, who would have thunk it?
Here are my new shoes....

I have been searching for Red shoes that were not an arm and a leg and I finally found them, they were on sale for $14.99 that price I can handle, because like Alyx keeps reminding me, I NEED another pair of tennis shoes like I need a hole in my head, Gee I think I may have said something similar to him when he wanted a new pocket knife?? It always comes back to bite me!
Well I think that is all the news I have to share this week, I am hoping and praying for a -2.9 lb loss this week at the scales to get me to that -30 lb weightloss Mark and then It will be onto making new weightloss goals.  Have you reached a major weightloss milestone recently?? 

I would love to hear your goals and achievements please share and I will help you reach them by cheering you on. 

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Michele said...

So incredibly proud of you and your journey. Honored to be a little part of it. Keep up the good work! You are doing great things!

Emilee Roberts said...

Congrats!! How exciting! :)

Sara @ Embracing Destiny said...

You go, girl!

Lisa Marie Fletcher said...

You rock! Way to go!! :D I love that you are getting rewards for accomplishing your goals. Great motivation and encouragement. Keep it up! :)