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Dice Fun with Joyce Herzog Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2013 #hsreviews

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       We are always on the hunt for fun educational games, especially now that Camping Season is underway. Small portable games are best, which was why I was delighted to be chosen to review a game that is all that and more from Joyce Herzog. We were sent the Educational Dice Bag for our reviewing pleasure.

    Now you may be wondering who is Joyce Herzog, like some of you I had never heard of her until I was offered this review opportunity. Joyce is an educator with over 25 years of experience and expertise. She has taught in both Public and Private institutions and has also had the opportunity to work with learning disabled students in these settings. On top of all of this she has served the Homeschool community for over 25 years as well, through speaking engagements, books she has written, and consultations. Her goal is to help students reach their full potential by helping them learn by how they each learn the best, their own unique learning style. Her website has all sorts of unique learning tools to help accomplish just that. So now that we have established the Who and the Why and the What, here is the Where as in where you can purchase all of these amazing learning tools. Head to the Joyce Herzog Store to experience all she has to offer. Just be sure to follow the directions as you have to create a user account first.

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3 sets of Dice all wrapped into one, plus the numbers operations Die for the price of $23, Now you might be thinking $23 for dice? Well I am here to tell you these are not just ordinary dice. These are Math Games and Grammar and Spelling games. You get Alphabet Dice Delight. Rolling Math Games and Deca Dice Fun. These dice games are geared for children and adults of all ages from wee ones up to adults. I love items that have such a broad range of diversity like the Educational Dice Bag. 

The packaged arrived and when we opened it we found a Sandwich Size zipper bag and it were 3 smaller jewelry size ziploc bags,each one containing its own set of dies, and the instructions and tips for how to use them and games to play. We immediately paired the directions for each set of dies up, and then folded the directions smaller to fit in the individual corresponding bags, this way there was no confusion. 

The Alphabet Dice Delight bag contained a 30 sided Alphabet Die, one side for each letter and then 4 wilds, and a vowel die A,E,I,O,U,Y and the tips on using the dies and game directions.

Rolling Math Games this bag included one die with numbers, another with number words and 2 dice with colored dots, like traditional dice and a sheet with instructions and tips for using them.

Deca Dice Fun this bag was full of the most fun dice of all, included were a Deca Die with numbers,(as you can probably guess it is 10 sided) and 1 dotted Deca Die, 1 number word Deca Die and 1 Double Deca Die, this was the boys favorite die besides the 30 sided alpha die from Alphabet Dice Delight, the Double Deca Die was a clear die with numbers on it with another smaller red Deca Die inside of it, so when you roll it, you get two numbers at once. This was great to use for Multiplication for Taylor along with the Numbers Operations Die. A sheet with tips and explanations of the games came with this as well.

The Math Operations Die was a multi sided die that has signs for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as well as less than and greater than symbols. This particular set is extremely helpful for Math drills and practice. Something Taylor really struggles with.

There are many aspects of the Educational Dice Bag to like.
1. Organization: I like organization so for me this is important and something to really like and appreciate. The way each set is in its own bag and then all of the bags put into a larger bag. All of the bags being see through so you can see their contents. Also that the directions are printed out for you and included within each bag. Nothing I despise more than to have to run to a website or email to obtain the directions. I want them right there so when someone wants to use them they have them accessible.
2. Portable: I enjoy taking educational fun on the go, whether it be playing in the car, in the waiting room of a doctor's office or up at our camper I like small games that can be tossed in my purse or small tote bag and we can be off to go do whatever we need to do, and if the kids get bored I can pull it out and they can play. One of the wonderful tips included with these dice was to put them in a small container so when you are rolling them you are not having to go off chasing them off the floor. Small plastic containers, you know the cheap, somewhat disposable kind you can get at the grocery store. I just happen to have a small rubbermaid one so this is what we used, but ideally something you could see through the lid would work best.  The small ones work great and still allow them to be portable. I took the small bags of dice games and popped them into the container and then we just use the container for the one we want to play with at the moment. This also makes it so easy to play these games in the car. You do not have to worry about flying pieces or them getting lost. 

3. Hands On: My boys love anything that does not involve just sitting and listening to me talk or them having to read. They want to learn hand on and this delivers just that. Anything that is fun but you are learning what needs to be learned or skills that need to be enforced is A+ in both my book and my kids. 

4. Reasonable: Now you may think that these are pricey. In reality they are not, if you break them down by game, they are less than $8 each and you have to admit you cannot buy many educational games for less than $8. Remember you are getting 3 Games for the price not just one and not just random dice, these dice have function and are educational and fun. We have been having a blast refreshing and mastering multiplication facts with the Deca Dice Fun. Building their vocabulary and using the dictionary with the Alphabet Dice Delight.  There are so many things to do with the dice and you would be amazed at the games the kids create themselves. These are a must have for any classroom. I did not know what to really expect but they exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds. 
Be sure to click on the crew banner banner below to check out all of the products the crew got to pick from for review, there is something for everyone. 


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