Monday, April 15, 2013

Where in the world have I been??? Mid April Update!!

Pin It Now!    April is rushing by in a blur and I am looking forward to warm weather and camping come May 1st. I am sorry I have been MIA the past couple weeks to a point, but things have been nuts as usual. On April 4th I headed down with my oldest Nick to Cincinnati,OH, dropping him at a good friends's house and me I headed to The Great Homeschool Convention at The Duke Energy Center. I was so excited because I was meeting up with some TOS Crewbie friends that I talk to online and have gotten to know pretty well. We all roomed together from Thursday to Saturday. We did not get much sleep but had so much fun, we giggled like school girls until the wee hours of the night.
                             Dawn,Mary, Sarah and myself waiting for Tim Hawkins to start.
   The convention was wonderful, we took some classes, learned about many products I had never even heard of, some of which I was fortunate enough to bring home to review with the boys. We also went to brunch with a whole group of TOS crew, it was so much fun to put voices and personalities to names of bloggers that I talk to almost daily. It makes them REAL friends now. We were going for those 3 days from morning until late at night and it was exhausting. We even got to see Tim Hawkins, he is so much fun in person, I cannot wait to see him with my family the next time he comes to Michigan. I came home with a few of his CDS and DVDS. I love the new Pink Tractor CD it has God Bless Chick Fil A on it. I was so excited to go to lunch with Nick at Chick Fil A on the way down there, we do not have them in MI and the last time I had it was on our trip South in the Fall. Nick had never been, he liked it but was not as impressed with it as I am. LOL teenagers.
                                        Our Crew photo opp at the TOS booth
 We were in the first row at Tim Hawkins right in front of the door he made his entrance through...

                                                      Vendors, and more vendors.

  Saturday we all said our goodbyes and headed home, me to pick up Nick and catch dinner, and then we continued to Bowling Green to stay with my good friend Sherrie until Sunday. Saturday night I started to not feel well. I knew my body was run down. I have been sick ever since. This past week was the most unproductive week I have had in I cannot tell you when, and this week is not shaping up to be much better from today's perspective. I am on my 3rd round of antibiotics and 2 nd of steroids, which included shots at the clinic.  3 trips to the clinic last week and I am still not better. I am getting very frustrated, I cannot do the things I need to do being as sick as I am. Being the only one who drives in my family makes it hard for me to just sit and do nothing. I have made a couple small trips to the store but always seem to leave something behind that I needed or wanted  because I cannot focus being so sick.

   Alyx has been away all week at camp with my Dad putting a new wood floor in their camper, and making some improvements and fixing some things. He also checked in on our trailer as we have not been up there all Winter since we moved and the weather was very snowy this Winter.
 He is also bringing my Sizzix home since it got left up there on accident. I have missed him and his help this past week so much. I cannot wait for him to get home and I am planning one of his favorites for dinner being his first night back home. I cannot wait to hear all about his week. I have talked to him a little bit since he was gone, but being sick I cannot talk too much without breaking out into a giant coughing jag. So it has been difficult and texting is just not the same.

   I have many reviews coming up and some giveaways too. I just feel like I am so far behind with being sick. I am hoping to work on some of them this week to get them ready to begin posting next week. So be sure to be on the lookout.

   My weightloss is still on a roll even in spite of being sick. I have been trying some new products and cannot wait to share my results with you all. I am so proud of myself. I earned my -25 lb lost charm for my 10% key chain which I am hoping to earn this week. I need to lose -1.9 pounds to make my 10% goal which was set Jan 3rd. It will be 16 weeks this coming weigh in on Saturday. I will also earn my Stay and Succeed charm on the same day. It is such a great motivation for me to earn these achievements, looking back I can see where I had given up long before now, I only earned 5% once and the other times nothing, because I was not ready. I have a great post to write about change and weightloss that I took notes on from my meeting last Saturday. I cannot wait to share with you, I think it will help many of you that are on the same journey as I am.

  This coming Saturday is going to be fun, I am sure hoping I am better by then, it is a regional event for Thirty One and we are going to Flat Rock,MI for the day. I am riding with a new friend from Thirty One named Jennifer too.

   The new Catalog is being released May 1st and I have already gotten a sneak peak and it is amazing as always. I am so excited to see where my Thirty One business is going to go to this year.

  Well there you have it that is what has been going on in our lives the past couple weeks, a whirlwind that ended up with me getting sick. I pray I am better by the end of this week and life can return to normal. Look forward to some fun posts coming up and some giveaways too.

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