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The Hobbit Study Guide from Progeny Press Schoolhouse Crew Review 2013 #hsreviews

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  Sometimes homeschooling with a Biblical perspective brings about certain challenges, especially when it comes to Literature studies. Progeny Press realizes this and has come to our rescue. For the past 20+ years they have been creating Literary Study Guides from a Christian Worldview viewpoint. Michael & Rebecca Gilleland have been doing this since 1992 when they struggled to find such for their own children, they created their own and have been doing so ever since, now with over 100 titles to choose from, there is something for everyone in 4 age categories from Lower  Elementary (1-3), Upper Elementary (3-5) and Middle School (5-8) and lastly High School levels (9-12).

           We were super excited to be chosen for this review for The Hobbit Study Guide as we were just getting ready to Begin The Hobbit and were looking for a supplement to go with it and study guides are a perfect addition to a Literary read in your homeschool classroom. We try to often read the book together as a family and then work along in a lapbook, or study guide to give it depth and then we treat ourselves much of the time to the Movie when it is all over. This was especially true in this case and it was hard to not see the movie before we were done. We just rented the movie this past weekend, because we finally finished our study of The Hobbit.

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   Progeny Press study guides are designed to go along with you as you read the book, we received their download version of an interactive PDF file, which sells for $18.99 but there are other options as well, the CD version which is $18.99 and the printed version for $21.99. The Hobbit Study Guide is geared toward High Schoolers, I myself used it with my 8th grader and 9th grader and they both handled it very well.  The interactive PDF is pretty neat since the kids can fill out the worksheets on the computer by just typing them in and then saving them as they go along. My boys particularly liked this aspect of this study guide as they are lacking in their fine motor skills and writing is a challenge to them. This made the study guide go smoothly without much griping from the peanut gallery.  The study guide breaks the book up into sections so it is easier to study and work along. The guide begins by giving a synopsis of the book, a biography of the author and gives suggestions for pre-reading activities, then it breaks the book into the suggested reading zones.

    For each section of reading there are several activities to be completed, these are as follows. Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary exercises, Literary Analysis, also included are application questions and discussion questions related to Biblical themes. There is also a handy answer key included too. There are some items you will need to have on hand for your students to properly work through the guide and get the full experience from it. These items should already be on hand but if not you can get them from your local library, so there should be no additional costs involved. First and foremost you will need the book you will be reading through as you work on the study guide, we purchased ours for our Kindle Fire on Amazon but you can purchase it on the Progeny Press website when you order your study guide or you can check it out at your library. You will also need a dictionary, a thesaurus, and A Bible (NIV is used in the guide) and some sort of Encyclopedia, we use the internet for that purpose but you can use whatever you are comfortable with.

   Typically the suggested pace of the Progeny Press Study Guides are one guidebook page per school day, this would lead you to take 8-12 weeks to complete the study. My boys really got into this study and we typically did 1-3 pages per day and will be finishing up our study this coming week, taking us about 6 weeks to finish it up. I think next time I would work at the slower pace but I always try to take the lead from my boys, when they get passionate about something we roll with it and follow their direction. The High School titles such as The Hobbit study guide can be counted as 1/4 credit for High School transcript purposes. This is particularly important knowledge for me as it makes my job as the (High School teacher) a little less complicated because the credits have been figured out for me and there is no guessing or extra work on my part. In closing I highly recommend Progeny Press and their study guides, especially with the new Interactive PDF version, my boys found it easy to follow along and really liked the depth it added to their study of The Hobbit, and we all enjoyed the Worldview approach the study guide offered.

    Visiting the Progeny Press website there is sure to be a study guide that fits into your current Literary lessons, and also be sure to check out all of the Schoolhouse Review Crew Reviews by clicking the banner below as we all chose the one that was perfect for our family and homeschool. 


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