Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Commitment of Weightloss and the Levels of CHANGE.

Pin It Now!    As promised I am here to share some insight from a recent Weight Watchers meeting I attended, I was hoping to get to it sooner but being sick has me way behind in the blogging world.

               CHANGE, CHANGE, and more CHANGE

During our weightloss journey we usually experience POWERFUL Change Phase...
   There are 3 phases of Change....
1. Not Ready to Change(been there done that)
excuses,denying there is a weight problem

2. Attitude Plateau(been here too)
Cop and Attitude, Not willing to change

3. READY to CHANGE(this is where I am now, finally)
Actively making Healthy Changes, Committed to making the change permanent.

  It is important to remember that all of these phases are NORMAL
There is no right or wrong.

A BAD attitude is the WORST thing to have in the WORLD.

  What happens to your motivation when you find yourself on an Attitude Plateau?
Common Causes of Attitude Plateaus...
       1. Tired of your weightloss routine... "I do not want to do this forever!"
             A. Stop Living the DIET, It is a LIFE CHANGE!
             B. Lots of Fears
             C. Become too comfortable with who we are.

1. Environment- Clean up your fridge and cupboards
2. Behavior- We do what we always do and have excuses why we cannot change
3. Capabilities- How we guide our behaviors: Many believe they cannot change!
4. Belief- "I will always be heavy!" "My Family genetics make me predisposed to being heavy!"
  FORGET the Myths!
5. Identity-Who You ARE !!  "I am not a thin person" Leads to Self Fulfilled Prophecy.



  I know this for a fact to be true over the last several years I have gone through the first two phases repeatedly with little or no changes taking place because I either A. Gave up too soon. or B. Made progress and then got comfortable and gained it all back and then some. For me something in me changed this year and I have made it farther than I ever have because I am not seeing this as a diet anymore but a lifestyle change I am committed to meet my goal and maintain for my health's sake. I want to be fit and healthy. I have had weeks where I gained but I recognize why I gained and I do not let it defeat me. I keep on trucking and I look to the future of a new week and I do not dwell in the past of last week. I am keeping myself motivated by surrounding myself with friends both in real life and online that are all committed to make a healthy lifestyle change. I think this is a key component of my continued success. I set myself up for challenges and reward myself when I meet those challenges. I have been taking lots of pictures to track my progress, because the scale does not always show the whole picture. With that also goes I measure myself weekly to see the true progress. You can gain muscle but lose inches due to fat loss. I keep moving, I have found that I truly do like to walk, even if it is by myself, I throw my ipod in my pocket, plug my headphones in and away I go with uplifting music, an eclectic Mix of Contemporary Christian, Country and some Pop, and even some comedy from Tim Hawkins in for good measure. I find that when the sun is shining and music is in my ears and a water bottle in my hand I feel motivated and refreshed and ready for anything that comes my way. I do not always no where I will end up but I always come home in a great mood, with a smile on my face and energy to accomplish anything I want to do. It is true that exercise helps boost your energy level. I always thought I would be exhausted if I exercised and some times I am if I over do it. I am trying to find my niche of what I can do without over extending myself I am thinking right now 4-5 miles walking briskly or 2-3 miles mixed with another form of working out. I have tried 4-5 miles with working out and it was too much at this point. You just have to know your limits for you. What is good for your friend may not be good for you, and vice versa.

   So in conclusion I was up again this week, I am not sure if it was because of residual effects from all of my steroids while I was sick, or muscle gain from all the exercise since I made up for lost time this week. Either way I know I am doing everything right, I do allow myself treats now and then but I know what is an acceptable portion and do not feel deprived. I am making conscious choices to be healthy and I do not say I am dieting. What phase are you in and what keeps you motivated??

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Sara @ Embracing Destiny said...

Love this post! Very motivational and so true. Thanks for sharing it. Keep on going -- you can do it!

Leah Courtney said...

Thank you for sharing! I struggle with this- not just for weight loss- but for needed changes for health. I want to, but do my priorities show that I want to? Hmm.