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Knowledge Quest brings Technology to your homeschool. Schoolhouse Review 2013 #hsreviews

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  We love to use technology in our homeschool and everyday life as well. We are a fully plugged in family. From laptops to videogames to Kindle Fires and iPads and iPhones. So we are always up to try out an app that will add fun, functionality and knowledge to our life using one of our techy tools. Knowledge Quest is one of those companies that has a fun app to add tech to your maps and timelines, using their TimelineBuilder iPad APP.  

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  Whether you are using timelines in History, Bible or Geography for your homeschool projects or maybe you are studying Genealogy like we are. You are sure to benefit from this handy dandy APP. This is also useful for mapping out timelines for vacations or events. I know we have started one for what needs to be completed for Graduation requirements so we can see right out in front of us what we have left to accomplish and what we have already conquered. Nick is using the timeline to see what he needs to get done to apply for College. Next year is his Senior year. There are many forms that need to be filed and tests that need to be taken and this way it is all mapped out right in front of him.

   Alyx is using the timelines for a History paper on Ancient Egypt. Alyx is also using it to his advantage to line up all the projects he wants to get accomplished now that the weather has finally turned nice after a very long snowy Winter here in Michigan. That boys is always up to his neck in projects, his last was building our new coffee table but he has so many he was having a hard time keeping them straight the Timeline Builder App is helping him to keep on an organized path.

   You can see screenshots and a video tutorial on the Knowledge Quest TimelineBuilder page.
You can also go there to purchase it from the iTunes App store for $6.99. Many people think that iPads and iPods are for music and books but there is so much more to be done with them and technology like it or not is the future of America. Why not put it to good use in the classroom.
  TiimelineBuilder App is a fully interactive, fully customized and fully functional App that is jam packed full of fun and education, fit for ages 10+ but I feel could benefit children younger with help. Seems to me the kids know how to use all of this technology more than us adults anyway.

   When you fire up the App you have to first decide what you are going to use it for, History, Geography, Art or for a project or family Genealogy project. Then once you decide what you want to do with it the real fun begins. You have all the capabilities to edit, add photos, beginning and ending dates and all the dates in between. You can also delete events or rearrange them. This is not all though, this App also helps you gather facts, say you want to find out about the Roman Empire, you can use the Wiki button and it will help you quickly retrieve facts about that topic.  You have the ability to control the size of the photos and info boxes and you can also change the background colors to suit your project or mood. Your timelines are autosaved to help prevent frustration of lost information or work you have completed. You also have the capability to share your timlines with friends and family by emailing it to others or sharing via your image library or shared iTunes account.
    This aspect has been especially nice for us as we have been working for several years with my Husband's family to gather facts about the Kasprzak Family and have many things stored in a binder, but this makes it hard to share. So we have been steadily building our family tree using the App and when it is completed or at a point where we want to share we can email it to our family and friends to share our family's story. The boys are super impressed with how easy this App is to use and how much more fun it makes learning about something.  They love the interactive capabilities. Someone is always playing around with this App in our house. It may lead to a second iPad in our house. Well maybe....The kids hope at any rate. Our Family gives Knowledge Quest and their TimelineBuilder App A++ in our homeschool and family. Technology is here to stay why not use it to educate your kids in a constructive manner. Give it a try today, I guarantee it is one of the best Apps on the market with multiple functional uses and a great buy for only $6.99


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