Monday, April 22, 2013

Finally feeling better after two long weeks of being sick... #weightloss

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  Whew!! After two VERY LONG weeks I am finally done with my medications and feeling somewhat like my old self again. Saturday I went to a day long Thirty One training and it was the first day in two weeks that I felt up to doing anything. Then Saturday night Alyx and I walked 1.5 miles to the Video Store and back. It was the first time I had exercised besides walking at the convention in almost 3 weeks. It felt wonderful and I could tell my body had been craving activity. It left me feeling invigorated and motivated. So much so that on Sunday I started a 30 day Squat challenge that I found on Pinterest. The first day was 50 squats. I also walked 5 miles total, I walked to my parents and back home again. I definitely started feeling the burn and pull in my thighs last night and continuing into today. I am not letting that slow me down though. I am also discouraged with being sick since because of 2 weeks of steroid pills and shots I was up 2.8 lbs at my weigh in this week. So to jump start my metabolism again I am doing the 3 day Military Diet that I also found on Pinterest. I am hoping to stick with it, it is only 3 days. I am seeing such progress in myself that it is really keeping me motivated and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel I am 1/4 way to my first goal of 160 pounds. It took me 4 months to get there but that is OK. I know I will more than likely not be at my goal of 160 by January 1st 2014 but I will not let that discourage me I will just keep plugging along. I think my new goal is by My Birthday May 13th  next year in 2014 to be at my final goal weight of 145 lbs.
    That gives me a little over a year to lose 100 pounds. I know I can do this and I will be so thankful that I am much healthier so heading into turning 40 I will be living a much healthier lifestyle.  I already notice how much more energy I have on a daily basis and how much mroe healthier I feel. I used to have chronic IBS and I hardly ever have stomach issues anymore. For that alone I am very thankful already. I love the way my clothes are fitting and I am enjoying shopping for the first time in I cannot remember when. I can actually just pull clothes off the rack and know they will fit or fit very soon. I started a 30 month regimen of ACE for a review and I am feeling good while taking it. I have also done 2 It Works Body wraps and I am signing up to be a distributor this week. They really do WORK. I have lost many inches from using them. Next is to do my arms, I need to lose the chicken wings. It is one area I am still very self conscious about.

     I want to be able to wear sundresses this summer and not be worrying about my arm flab. I am looking forward to Summer this year so much more than usual. I am excited to go camping and be able to swim everyday and walk the whole park this year and not depend on my scooter so much. I am also taking my bike up with us. Alyx and Eric are putting a hitch on the van for the bike carrier tomorrow. We go camping for the first time next Tuesday. The weather is finally starting to cooperate and I am now getting excited for camping season to start. I look forward to an active Summer. The big deal right now is what to do about a bathing suit. Mine from last year is way to big but I don't want to have to invest in a new suit this soon. I wanted my new suit to be in the ladies dept this year and not the women's dept. I may go to Salvation Army and see what I can find. I have not bought any shorts yet either, Just Capri's. We saw some friends from Camp on Friday for breakfast and they had not seen me since October and it was so nice for them to compliment me on my weightloss. I love hearing it and it keeps me motivated. I have never been told I look skinny but now I am hearing it all the time and It is definitely a confidence booster.

   I am going to be creating a weightloss vision board this week. When it is done I will share it with you all. I want to keep myself motivated with positive images and quotes. Today was day 2 of the 30 day Squat Challenge and it was 55 squats. I thought I was going to die from pain but I pushed through it and feel proud of myself for not giving up. This afternoon a friend of mine and I are going to the school track to start Couch 2 5K. I installed the App on my iPhone. I love using technology for good purposes. I am finally going to put my BodyMedia to use now that I am feeling better too.

   On a different Note Nick cut his hair short for the first time in 4 years, Wow does he look different, here is what he looks like now.

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