Friday, April 19, 2013

eMeals Iphone APP for meal planning and shopping on the go REVIEW

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Meal Planning at your fingertips

I love eMeals but one thing that was always getting in the way of us putting it to it's full potential was having to print out the list each week and remember to take it shopping with us. I felt bad because I was always forgetting to do that. So imagine my delight when I got an email a few days ago announcing the brand new Free eMeals app for my iPhone. The App itself was free, but you do need to have an active eMeals account to use it. You just simply install the app and login and away you go. You can view the recipes and shopping lists for the current week and the week before all while in the grocery store aisle. No more excuses, it is right there at the click of the button. I loved using this for the first time yesterday it sure made shopping for the week so much easier than before. 
Meal Planning at your fingertips

  I do not know what I did without this App before, oh wait yes I do, I wasn't using eMeals to its full potential. Well that will not be an excuse any longer that is for sure. I will always have the menus and shopping lists with me whenever I am at the store. No more excuses to cook easy to prepare meals and fight mealtime boredom. 
   You can find out all the info you need about eMeals and their new iPhone App by clicking here

This is an ad for eMeals, I was not compensated in any way other than my membership to their eMeals program in exchange for my honest opinions of their products and promotions. I am however trying to win an iTunes gift card for my efforts in sharing this wonderful new App with you, my readers. My family loves eMeals even if I had to purchase our membership, it helps make meal planning effortless and painless, and helps prevent meal planning boredom.

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