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Computer Science For Kids Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2013

Pin It Now!     Like it or not we live in the day and age where technology reigns supreme. Now that does not always have to be a bad thing. Why not teach our kids to make quality computer games with a Christian perspective. You can do just that with Computer Science For Kids. They sell programs such as the one we were given to review Computer Bible Games For Microsoft Small Basic that helps to teach kids with basic computer knowledge how to write programs to make games for the computer. Even better they are Bible Games like Noah's Ark, Daniel and the Lions, and The Lost Coin among others. This is set up to be a semester long class working on one chapter a week with 3-6 hours of study put into it. Now you may think that is a big chunk of time to invest, well I thought so too, but after thinking about it computers are the future of the world and if my son really likes this it may open up to a career in programming in the future. My 13 year old son Taylor fell right into the age range of who this program is suited for, the recommended age range is 10+, geared for Middle School, High School and adults too.
    Taylor has always been interested in computers and video games and we have had endless talks about appropriate content and using computers and video games for good. We have also chatted about how you can use your passion in something to create your career and actually get to do something you love for money. I can see Taylor being a computer programmer or video game designer and if this course helps to show him that this is the right path for him or not and help him get a jump start on basic programming knowledge then that is wonderful.

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There are 13 chapters in Computer Bible Games, they do have an advanced version as well that would continue on for another semester. They also have other programming courses that you can check out, most are of a secular nature, that does not mean they are not good, it just depends on what you are looking for as far as content for your kids. 

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  I will say that even with Taylor's vast computer skills he did struggle with this some as he is not strong in Math at all. What I did find valuable even in his frustration was that he saw that you do need Math to do things in life that he did not think crossed over. I am hoping this helps spark him to try a little harder in Math. He always says he won't use the Math skills we are trying to learn, but if he wants to go into computer programming he now sees he will need these Math skills, that give this program an A+ right off the bat.

  This is set up to be an independent work program, although I needed to help Taylor with certain portions when he got stuck because of Math that he did not quite understand. He did learn that being just one number off in an equation can throw the whole program off. This led to much frustration on his part but it certainly is not the fault of the software. Just the user !

    Taylor is enjoying the course but his lack of patience is starting to show as he wants to be able to create a game right off the bat, and this does not happen until lesson 10, we are only in the 5th Chapter. I told him that people that create X-Box games did not create them in a day or week, and certainly had lots of practice and studying to do, this seem to help him a bit.

   Now you are probably asking what do you get and how much does it cost?? Well I have the answers for you as well as a Sale...

   We received the digital download version of this program which sells for
Option #2
Single User License
Digital E-Book "Download Only"
Item #104-DL  $59.95
Sale Price!
 (SALE PRICE) this sale is said to run through the 4th of July.

You can also get the printed version for
  Option #1
Paperback Textbook Plus
E-Tutorial  Digital Download
Item $104-TB $59.95 + 9.95 S&H
Free Shipping Inside USA***

  All in all I think this is a valuable program that can be used as an elective credit. I think basic computer knowledge is a must for all in this day and age and this takes it one step further by teaching kids programming skills. Once you know programming the possibilities are endless. I think this would be an asset to any homeschool classroom. Some of us reviewed the Bible version of this program like we did and some crew members reviewed the Secular version, be sure to stop off at the crew blog to check them all out, you can do this by clicking the banner below. 


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