Sunday, March 31, 2013

Weekly Weigh In Week 9

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  Ok so I have been slacking about keeping up writing the last couple weeks, but that definitely does not mean I am slacking off in my weight loss journey. I am doing so well and I surprise myself each week at the scales.  This week I was down -1.9lbs. The biggest Surprise was when I was measured on March 9th. It was my month one measurements from MWL I lost 4.5 inches just off my waist.
My measurements on February 7th were as follows.
Chest 53
Waist 53
Hips 55
My New measurements on March 9th were the following.
Chest 52  -1
Waist 48.5   -4.5
Hips 51   -4

   For a total of -9.5 inches lost.
I was being optimistic and went and purchased some new clothes for Spring and the beginning of Summer, well I was in a size 24 jeans when I began this journey in January. As I have been moving along I have noticed my jeans getting very loose. So I thought ok by the end of May I hope to be in an 18 so that is the size I purchased. I got home and tried them on to see how far I need to go to get into them, and to my shocking surprise I could not only fit in them, button them and breathe, but I had room to spare. HOLY COW! I was so excited. So off to take them back to the store I exchanged them for 16 instead. Those did not fit I needed about two more inches to get them to button, but they looked amazing everywhere else. That was about 10 days ago. Well guess what I tried those 16s on yesterday and with a struggle I actually got them zipped and buttoned. So another 2 weeks worth of hard work and I will be wearing them with pride. I have also gone from a 3x/larger 2x shirt to a larger 1x/smaller 2x so it is definitely a step in the right direction. I also went down a bra size too.  I am having so much fun shopping for clothes these days. I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Well the first stop  in my journey is 10% of my original weight. That is 27 lbs for me and I am almost there. My second stop is my newest goal I have set for myself, My 37th birthday is coming up May 13th and so my very fitting goal is 37lbs by my 37th Birthday. My goal after that is to not have to shop in the plus size department. I would like to accomplish that by the first day of Summer. I am longing for warmer weather.

   I did get my bike and I love it. I went for a 2.5 mile bike ride yesterday, we rode to the YMCA. Then I walked the tredmill for 1.5 miles and then did some circuit training. We then rode to my parents. I had reached my limit and my Dad drove me home. I have learned that admitting I have limits is not admitting defeat. So I am trying to decide if I am going to throw on my iPod and walk to get my bike and ride it home or just drive over and get my bike and bring it home. I am half waiting for the weather to perk up and the other half is me getting motivated.

I wrote the following excerpt in the online weightloss group I am part of with some of the TOS crewbies, it explains my process over the years and where I am at now.

   I will let you in on a little secret, for the last several years I have had this dream that I was going to get skinny, This is the year you know the drill, back to weight watchers as soon as the holiday is over. lasts till February lose about 10 lbs and as soon as I stopped losing, (a gain two weeks in a row) I would bail. Usually it was when my period happened for the first time in my "weightloss" journey. This year however something changed in me, I stopped seeing my weightloss journey as a diet, and more of a life changing journey. I have equipped myself with knowledge about eating right, instead of just following the plan of whatever diet I chose. I have armed myself with supportive friends online and off. I have made a conscious effort to exercise a few times a week. I am not kidding myself I cannot physically do it everyday. I have MS and I am not in perfect health but I am seeing positive changes in myself and that is a big motivator. I used to take pain pills everyday and muscle relaxers just to go to sleep. Now I only take them maybe once every week or two when I have done a lot of exercising. I have learned that I do have limitations, I can push through some of them but not all. I have the power to change but I had to truly want it. The point I am trying to make is I thought in years past that I wanted this for myself but in reality I was caught up in the new year hype, all the commercials for weightloss centers and gyms. This year for me is different. I will conquer this come the end of the year, maybe not to my goal but close to it and I will keep going for as long as it takes to be the me I have envisioned for myself. There are bumps and hiccups. I heard a line from my meeting coach at WW yesterday "To be Healthy you DO NOT need to be Perfect!" This is my new slogan. We all try to be so perfect when we are trying to lose weight and all it sets us up for is failure. This is what I was doing in years past. I would be so good, fall of the wagon during that time of the month and then let myself believe that I was not capable of this goal for myself because I could not follow a program without fail. I have learned this year that being perfect during a weightloss adventure makes it a DIET, being Imperfect makes it a life journey. Some of you are struggling and I am hoping that reading this will help you realize, your time may not be everyone else's time. Do not give up, your mojo will come soon, just surround yourself with people who make positive choices. Pray and keep making small changes and don't focus on the weightloss. that will come in due time.

  So hopefully by next week when I report on my weightloss journey I will have gotten to my 10% I am going to work my tail off this week and drink my water everyday and follow my diet plan to get there. Today I am challenging myself to a no cheat week. I want this so bad and I can see it in my reach. I will let you know how I did and I will let myself know that it is ok to Fail. It is human and a part of life.

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