Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Delight-Directed Teaching 5 Days of Teaching Creatively Blog Hop #HSREVIEWS

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5 Days of Teaching Creatively Day One

   When I first started homeschooling I had this vision of being in our classroom with a set schedule and using all books for our learning. Boy was I in for a big surprise as the years have gone by, we do a lot of Delight=Directed Teaching in our homeschool. The boys have such unique interests and learn best when they can learn about what they love.

  For Taylor his is Art and Japanese and Chinese Culture. He is also into Archery and loves to make his own bows and arrows and studies how different materials cause better flight then others. He is always testing his newest creations. He can tell you just about anything about guns and the wars from History, he especially loves the Civil War time period. and finds their weapons fascinating. His Art has been a huge area of his learning this year and he is starting to get some pieces finished for the Genesee County Fair this Summer. I have seen him blossom and grow so much this year, and it is so fun to see him get excited when he is learning about what interests him most. 

  For Alyx his interests are completely different than his brothers, he likes to build things and fix things and his biggest passion is working on cars. He amazes me the amount of knowledge he has when it comes to tools and cars. At just 14 years old he knows more than a great many adult men I know. He works on building hot rods with our friend Eric Sunday through Thursday evenings and he is always chattering on about what he learned and what he did. I do not understand half of it, but I listen intently as any mother would. I am very proud of how much he has learned about cars this past year and he continues to amaze me. He also enjoys any type of construction project, recently he learned how to put insulation and drywall up when they renovated Eric's Garage. I was able to snap a few photos of Alyx up in the rafters putting up ceiling boards. He scares me to death being up so high but it does not seem to bother him in the least. He refinished an end table for his older brother for Christmas, he sanded it for hours and put several coats of varnish and sealant on it. It turned out absolutely beautiful. He is forever fixing and tinkering with anything that needs fixing or improving, whether it is at home here or at my Parent's house or Eric's. He never wants for a job to do and he makes money sometimes too. Either way he is just happy to be busy and working with his hands.  I recently got a bike for the first time in a long time and he helped me get it all adjusted just right for me, he adjusted the seats, checked the tire pressure and properly inflated the tires and then adjusted the fenders so they did not rub, I do not think there is anything he cannot do. If there is he will research and learn how to do it. 

   I love watching my children learn by doing, and learning about what they love, this is what homeschooling is all about. 

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